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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 27 Recap

Guan Yongnian and his neighbors showed off the photos taken with the drone. Xu Xiulan took out the photo album that Lan Qiaoqiao had repaired, and showed it to the neighbors in the neighborhood. She also repeatedly claimed that Xu Qingfeng’s girlfriend had helped to repair it, and also turned out Lan Qiaoqiao. Guan Yongnian ridiculed Xu Xiulan and reminded her to see the true face of Lan Qiaoqiao. Xu Xiulan praised Lan Qiaoqiao so much that Guan Yuqing came in time to call her parents away.

The more Guan Yongnian thought about it, the more something went wrong, worried that Xu Qingfeng would step on two boats. Guan Yuqing advised him to relax. Xu Qingfeng only helped Lan Qiaoqiao’s father Lan Shuanzhu perform the operation. Guan Yongnian still did not dare to take it lightly, Guan Yuqing agreed to find Xu Let’s talk about Qingfeng.

Xu Qingfeng and Zhang Ran discussed Lan Shuanzhu’s surgical plan. Zhang Ran reminded Xu Qingfeng to beware of Lan Qiaoqiao. Lan Qiaoqiao bowed to her knees on the surface. If she fails to achieve her goal, she will turn her face, and Zhang Ran heard that Lan Qiaoqiao spread her everywhere. With the news that Xu Qingfeng fell in love, Xu Qingfeng only wanted to help Lan Shuanzhu perform surgery.

Xu Qingfeng called Lan Qiaoqiao to discuss the operation plan. Lan Qiaoqiao deliberately told the nurse that she was Xu Qingfeng’s girlfriend. Xu Qingfeng gave Lan Qiaoqiao the precautions for the operation and repeatedly emphasized that his girlfriend is Guan Yuqing. , Advise Lan Qiaoqiao not to be affectionate. Lan Qiaoqiao was unwilling to give up. After get off work, she came to her home to find Xu Qingfeng and brought fruits from her hometown. She hid a wad of cash in it. Xu Qingfeng hurriedly caught up with her and returned the money to her.

Lan Qiaoqiao was unable to do anything but came up with a trick. She secretly waited in the underground garage, and when she saw Xu Qingfeng driving over, she deliberately fell in front of the car. Xu Qingfeng thought she was ill and hurriedly carried her to the car. Lan Qiao Qiao wanted to agree with him, Xu Qingfeng once again declared that he had a girlfriend, Lan Qiaoqiao took off his clothes to seduce Xu Qingfeng, Xu Qingfeng took out an X-ray film, clearly stated that Lan Qiaoqiao looks like this to him The film is as cold as it is.

When Guan Yongnian saw this scene, he admired Xu Qingfeng’s character and kindly invited him to eat at home. Lan Qiaoqiao touched her nose in front of Xu Qingfeng, and came to Xu Xiulan to complain. Xu Xiulan promised to give her another chance to get close to Xu Qingfeng. At this moment, Xu Xiulan suddenly received a call from Guan Yuqing’s ex-girlfriend, Shen Hao. Erhu went out to see Shen Hao without saying anything. She inquired in detail about his relationship with Guan Yuqing and suspected that he was still in love with Guan Yuqing. Shen Hao refused to answer. , Xu Xiulan went to the Internet to search for information on Shen Hao.

It turned out that Shen Hao heard that Xu Xiulan had repeatedly inquired about him at the company, so he had to go to see Xu Xiulan. Unexpectedly, Xu Xiulan wanted to inquire about Guan Yuqing’s love history from him. Shen Hao flatly refused and called Guan Yuqing the first time. Guan Zhenlei returned a monthly supply of 6,000 yuan to Guan Yuqing and threatened that he was a money printing machine. Guan Yuqing felt that he was abnormal. Guan Zhenlei took the opportunity to offer to transfer the house to him. Guan Yuqing flatly refused and asked him to wait three years before talking. Guan Zhenlei was furious. Gritting teeth.

Guan Yuqing asked Xu Xiulan to meet, so that she had something to say in person, and don’t be sneaky behind her back. Xu Xiulan pulled out the wedding photos of Guan Yuqing and Shen Hao and condemned Guan Yuqing for deliberately concealing her love history. Guan Yuqing suddenly burst into tears and couldn’t help but low Sobbing, and quickly found an excuse to leave, Xu Xiulan became more suspicious.

Guan Yuqing wiped away her tears and forced a smile to go home. Guan Yongnian talked about Xu Xiulan’s arrangements for Lan Qiaoqiao to seduce Xu Qingfeng, and Xu Qingfeng’s course of sitting still. He was full of praise for Xu Qingfeng’s character, but Guan Yuqing had no face. Expression, quietly returned to the house. Guan Yuqing couldn’t help but think of taking a wedding photo with Shen Hao. Guan Zhenlei followed along. On the way home, Guan Zhenlei received a call from her companion and learned that all the funds recommended by Shen Hao had been lost. Guan Zhenlei was furious and forced Shen Hao to pay compensation. For his loss, Shen Hao’s unsteady steering wheel caused the car to roll over. All three of them were seriously injured. Guan Yuqing still has lingering fears when she thinks about it.

Xu Qingfeng went home from get off work and hurriedly sent a message to Guan Yuqing. She never answered, Xu Qingfeng looked around. Finally found her sitting on the stairs in a daze. Xu Qingfeng could tell at a glance that she had cried. Guan Yuqing suddenly fainted because of excessive sadness. Xu Qingfeng rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, Guan Yuqing was not in a serious condition. Xu Qingfeng persuaded her to The pressure in her heart was released, and Guan Yuqing summoned the courage to tell about the car accident.

That year, Guan Zhenlei and Guan Yuqing were sent to the hospital in a car accident. Both of them were dying due to excessive bleeding. The hospital did not have so much plasma. Guan Yongnian finally decided to save Guan Zhenlei first. Guan Yuqing heard this when she was in a coma. Fortunately she did not. Missing the best time to rescue her, she was so worried about Guan Yongnian’s choice. After the car accident, Shen Hao also broke up with Guan Yuqing. Xu Qingfeng did not expect Guan Yuqing to have such a big secret in her heart, and she was kind to her.

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