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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 28 Recap

When Gao Jianling came to see Xu Qingfeng, he knew that he was on vacation. Gao Jianling was surprised that Xu Qingfeng had never taken a vacation. It turned out that Xu Qingfeng took a break to relax with Guan Yuqing. The two of them played happily all day. In the evening, Xu Qingfeng brought Guan Yuqing to the bar and took the initiative to give a song to Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing listened to Xu. Singing with a breeze and full of sentiment, I couldn’t help but think of the bits and pieces since the two of them met, and I felt mixed feelings.

President Su invited Li Bei to dinner, but he did not expect him to invite Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo together. President Su admitted that he and Li Bei were high school classmates and took out his fat photos at that time. Li Bei suddenly realized that he was the one. The big fat Su Cheng, Su Cheng repeatedly stated that he wants to wait until this day to pursue Li Bei when he works hard and loses weight. Li Beigang wants to say that he has a boyfriend. Li Aiguo hurriedly interrupted her and emphasized that Li Bei has a boyfriend. Zhao Mei also echoed.

On the way home, Li Bei was full of praise for his parents’ performance. Unexpectedly, the two of them were trying to get out of their hands. They just wanted to use this method to firmly hold Su Cheng in the palm of their hands. Li Bei was furious, repeatedly screaming for Guan Zhenlei. Li Bei immediately told Guan Zhenlei of what his parents had done, and Guan Zhenlei asked Li Aiguo for theories, and Li Aiguo explained in every possible way.

Guan Zhenlei learned that Dazhi was making more shoes and wanted to buy a stake in his company. Dazhi did not accept small investments, but Guan Zhenlei didn’t have that much money on hand, so Li Aiguo was eager to try, so he had to start his own small vault. Li Bei secretly took out the household registration book, held the registration book in his hand and took a photo and sent it to Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei happily closed his mouth from ear to ear, wishing to get the certificate at dawn.

Su Cheng asked Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo to help purchase furniture and bedding. They were all high-end furniture. A bed cost nearly 80,000 yuan. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo were reluctant to lie on the bed and repeatedly praised Su Cheng’s taste, Zhao Mei Called Li Bei, but Li Bei brought Guan Zhenlei with him. Li Aiguo hurriedly hid away.

Mr. Su came, Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei took out their marriage certificates in person and announced their marriage. Li Aiguo rushed over. Zhao Mei was so angry that he almost fainted. Su Cheng promised to send Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei a sofa. Guan Zhenlei decided. Reject, just let him send a big red envelope. On the way home, Li Bei begged Zhao Mei for forgiveness. Zhao Mei was very disappointed in her. Li Bei didn’t want to be a canary of the rich, but only wanted to be the princess of Guan Zhenlei. Zhao Mei severely criticized her. .

Guan Zhenlei complained that Li Aiguo shouldn’t pull his hind legs, Li Aiguo repeatedly argued that he and Guan Zhenlei were of the same mind. Zhao Mei called Guan Zhenlei over and forced him to give Li Bei an explanation. Guan Zhenlei called the two families together and announced his marriage to Li Bei in public. Zhao Mei urged Guan Yongnian to arrange the follow-up as soon as possible. Guan Zhenlei wanted to transfer the house in advance, so he could give Li Bei a stable home, Zhao Mei And Li Aiguo also helped. Guan Yongnian asked Guan Yuqing for advice, and Guan Yuqing promised to transfer the property to him next Monday.

Xu Qingfeng performs surgery on Lan Shuanzhu, and Lan Qiaoqiao and her grandmother ask Xu Qingfeng to treat Lan Shuanzhu with all their strength. At the beginning of the operation, Xu Qingfeng performed according to the pre-designed surgical plan. After more than seven hours of operation, Xu Qingfeng successfully stripped the tumor from Lan Shuanzhu. The next step was sutures. Xu Qingfeng just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief when Lan Shuanzhu suddenly bleeds heavily. Although Xu Qingfeng and the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Lan Shuanzhu died, and Xu Qingfeng was willing to take full responsibility.

Xu Qingfeng announced the results of the operation to Lan Qiaoqiao and her grandmother, and repeatedly apologized to them. Lan Qiaoqiao angrily reported Xu Qingfeng. The expert team asked the medical staff involved in the operation one by one to understand the situation. Zhang Ran learned that Lan Qiaoqiao had reported Xu Qingfeng to seduce her and tried his best to defend Xu Qingfeng. Zhang Ran immediately notified Xu Qingfeng that he was still looking for the cause of Lan Shuanzhu’s massive hemorrhage. Zhang Ran asked him to explain clearly to the expert team that Xu Qingfeng believed that the clearer should be clear.

In a blink of an eye, on Monday, Guan Zhenlei, Zhao Mei, and Li Aiguo came to the Housing Management Bureau early. Guan Yuqing came with her parents afterwards. They just wanted to go in for the transfer. Guan Yuqing suddenly received a call from Zhang Ran and learned that Xu Qingfeng had an accident during the operation. , Guan Yuqing hurried to the hospital despite Guan Zhenlei’s obstruction. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo kept talking cool words and complaining that Guan Yuqing was not reliable. Guan Yongnian tried his best to defend Guan Yuqing and asked them to find a place to drink tea first. When Guan Yuqing came back, they went to complete the formalities. Li Aiguo and Zhao Mei agreed to give up.

Guan Yuqing hurried to the hospital. Seeing Xu Qingfeng was still looking through the cases and data to find out the cause of the bleeding, Guan Yuqing asked him about the cold, but Xu Qingfeng didn’t take it seriously. She asked Guan Yuqing to find a place to sit while Guan Yuqing watched Xu Qingfeng busy. From the back, I felt very uncomfortable.

After hearing the news, Xu Xiulan came to Gao Jianling to inquire about the reason and begged him to intercede for Xu Qingfeng. Gao Jianling repeatedly emphasized that Xu Qingfeng’s operation was not a problem, but Lan Qiaoqiao insisted that Xu Qingfeng used her to treat her father’s ideals to fall in love with her, Xu Xiulan She regretted it and admitted that this incident was caused by her alone.

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