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The Stage 装台 Episode 8 Plot

Yang Bo rushed forward to find a job, but he was a nanny to take care of the elderly, and a group of elders could only wait for the hard work of carpenters. People have different choices in life. Dundun was playing with computers in Internet cafes. Da Que’er rode on his tricycle and continued to earn money.

Seeing that there was an old refrigerator on the roadside, he moved to earn money by himself. A drop in money. Shunzi rode his tricycle and made some work with Big Que’er, but the road was forbidden to ride. Not allowed to ride, Big Que’er picked up the tricycle and walked over. Shunzi sighed that this kid was really two.

Sufen was drying the quilt at home, and looked up to see Yang Bo who lived across from her home. Yang Bo liked to stare at Sufen when he was fine, which made Sufen very uneasy. This former student has done the dressing again and lives across from his home. What exactly does he want to do?

Sufen came to the market to buy vegetables, and Yang Bo followed up to say hello. Sufen and Yang Bo started talking along the way. Yang Bo’s mother left early, and Sufen only remembered that his father had come to him. Yang Bo didn’t shy away, as long as he could see Sufen, he could eat any bitterness. Yang Bo followed himself stubbornly so Sufen’s heart began to guard.

Shunzi and Da Que’er were doing odd jobs to carry the nitrogen bottle. After taking the wages, Shun Zi saw that Da Que’er was worried about the money she owed him last time, so they returned the bulk of the wages to him. Da Que’er smiled and asked Shunzi to eat noodles on the side of the road.

He was frugal and bought some crystal cakes and kept some for the children. Shunzi laughed at him for saving money every day, really like raising a mistress. Where did Da Que’er have that thought, all his money was given to his wife and children at home. Shunzi’s money was taken out by the chrysanthemum, and he couldn’t go back empty-handed. Helplessly, Da Que’er could only lend him the money he just paid back.

The eighth sister-in-law went out to find her second aunt, and the storefront was handed over to Uncle Scar to watch. The idle Uncle Scar was curious, so he followed to listen to the second aunt’s lecture. The second aunt talked about the meaning of the five blessings. This is the first time Uncle Scar heard a theory completely different from his own philosophy of life, and he suddenly opened up, seeing the new hope of life in the dimness.

Uncle Scar saw the sneaky Dun Dun at the entrance of the Weijun Clinic. Just after he said a few ruthless words, Uncle Scar remembered the Five Fortune Theory he had just heard, and began to persuade Dun Dun to cultivate the Five Fortunes. Dundun made up his mind and came to the clinic to have a circumcision for a thousand and two. After figuring it out, he decided to treat himself well. He came to Basao’s supermarket and bought a lot of things that he usually reluctant to eat. Since he can’t marry a wife, he can live his life.

It was another day and new day. Shunzi pedaled his three rounds, carrying Sufen to work. Sufen and Shunzi talked about Yang Bo, but Shunzi wasn’t familiar with Yang Bo at all. He just felt that the boy didn’t know much about Yang Bo. Shunzi took a job of delivering furniture, and happened to be able to pull up the old furniture that others didn’t want and sell it for money. It happened that an old wooden chair was left by him. Sufen recognized at a glance that it was an official hat chair in her early fours. Her grandfather had two in his family, and she was a good person. The couple happily carried the baby home, and today is a fruitful harvest.

A car drove into the crowded village, and Uncle Scar, who had always advocated justice and repaired Wufu, stepped forward and stopped. At first sight, it was the old army of the Diao family, and the two chatted about the army’s shares in Macau. Chrysanthemum lowered the window silently, and Uncle Scar hurriedly helped drive the people in front of the car away.

As soon as he received a call from the army to let him go home, Shunzi couldn’t even bother to make a living and hurried home. The army went to the South in the early years and went back home in such a beautiful manner. Looking at Shunzi’s new wife, he didn’t prepare in advance and took the diamond ring from the secretary’s hand to Sufen as a meeting gift. The army took out two stacks of money and left them for Chrysanthemum and Han Mei. They turned around the old house and looked up and down. The army would spend half a billion to buy a villa for Shunzi. Shunzi laughed like brother Hei at the entrance of the village. Billion transactions.

The army had been away for so many years, so he was thinking about a bite of mutton pao-mo. The Diao family decided to eat this mutton-pao-mo at night.

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