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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 21 Recap

Yan Biao came to ask the God of Wealth again, but it was nothing. On the contrary, he suddenly killed many people who wanted his life. Fortunately, Feng Ziyuan protected him and took him all the way to the induction temple. The emperor in the temple just came to pay his respects. , The two sides collided. The person in Zuo Xiangyi’s opinion was Yan Biao. The person he sent didn’t stop him immediately, so he only needed a signal. His subordinate Chi Jinhai flew out and killed Yan Biao. He was also called a escort. .

Feng Ziyuan claims to be a subordinate of Feng Mansion and speaks bluntly to the saint and tells the truth. Wan Bi used the anti-zi medicine to frame the imperial concubine, and joined forces with the leftist to arrest Yan Biao as a perjury to bring down Feng Guifei and Feng Xi. The leftist denied this, but the emperor already had doubts in his heart. At this time, Feng Zi Yuan Yuan suggested that the coffin be opened for an autopsy. As long as it is found that Feng Guifei is pregnant, it is enough to prove that what she said is the truth.

Early in the morning at Zhuming Station, Dongyue went to the study to look for Feng Xi before he got up, but Feng Xi only left a note saying that he would help her find the jade medallion, but the person was missing. In the induction temple, the emperor still ordered the imperial physician to have a coffin for an autopsy. As Feng Ziyuan said, the imperial concubine died two months after her pregnancy. The guard sent to search the Wanmengong came to report, and Wanbi found the same avoidance pill as Feng Guifei’s.

Seeing Wanyi’s abandonment, he was also in danger. The left side had something to say, and Feng Xi rushed into the monastery at this time, saying that he would risk his death to see his sister to clear his grievances. The emperor only ordered the left and the third princes and Feng Xi to question the monastery. Feng Xi borrowed his sister’s death to win the emperor’s sympathy.

The third prince did not elaborate on the imperial concubine case, but recently he checked Beishan and found that Yin Shi seemed to be in collusion with Lu Yuantong. How did the Zuoxiang let go of this opportunity to explain it for himself? The matter must be that Lu Yuantong colluded with Feng Xi and finally used the imperial concubine case to shake the position of the Zuoxiang, causing the court to fall into chaos, and the wolf’s ambition was obvious.

Feng Xi first questioned the emperor, and it was actually the left-handed man who pulled him out, how could he do such an ungrateful thing. At this time, the third prince took out the Gyeonggi defense map as a proof, but the corner of the map was flatly signed by the left, and it was written as a birthday gift to congratulate the King of Beishan on his birthday.

But the three princes hadn’t signed the bottom line when they first got it. Someone must have had their hands and feet on the picture. No one knows that Lu Chuan usually looks inconspicuous, but imitating other people’s handwriting is amazing. At this moment, even the emperor can’t tell that this is an imitation. Zuo Xiang was once again imprisoned in the mansion and was really embarrassed. As for Yin Shi, he was sent to prison and handed over to Dali Temple for interrogation.

The elder sister had already been wronged, Feng Xi sighed to comfort the dead, the emperor felt ashamed of the Feng family, and immediately decreed that Feng Xi was right. Dongyue was too late to wait for Feng Xi, so she rode her horse back to the city’s Feng Mansion. The mansion was cold and dim, but he saw Xiao Wenxin, and he didn’t have time to become abnormal. Suddenly, fireworks burst into the sky behind him, rendering the dark night sky, Feng Xi He quietly appeared behind her, shaking a jade medal in his hand. The beautiful scenery of this good day happened to be two hundred days of their acquaintance. It was not easy to walk up and down all the way. Now he can still hug her.

Lu Chuan and Feng Ziyuan turned red with envy when they watched from the sidelines. With a lover in front of them, Feng Ziyuan thought that Dao Le would not return. While talking about Daole, he walked into the Fengfu courtyard. When he saw Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan talking and laughing, he couldn’t help being jealous. Lu Chuan only saw the two people in front of him busy explaining each other. Not interesting. It was the safety symbol again, and why did he drink and kiss? Lu Chuan on the side was shining brightly at the moment without knowing it. So the two drove away this ignorant person, and finally held hands together tacitly.

As soon as Dongyue fell asleep, Feng Xi, dressed in a brand-new official gown, came to feed her for breakfast. Then she learned that Feng Xi was already a righteous person, and everything was still developing as in the previous life. Eventually, Feng Xi met and died. In Lu Yuantong’s hands. She came to see the third prince, and saw the inscribed defense plan. This move can kill two birds with one stone. It can both overthrow the left and protect Lu Yuantong. Only Feng Xi can make such calculations. When Dongyue came back to question Feng Xi, he looked completely ignorant, and it was better to keep it secret before the time had come.

Zuo Xiangfu, Zuo Xiang and Chi Jinhai were eating at the dinner table this day. Suddenly, an arrow feather was nailed directly on the table, scaring Zuo Xiang to death. This was Feng Xi’s provocation, so Zuo Xiang ordered the people to strengthen their guard. Anyone who is suspicious approaching Xiangfu will be killed. Yin Shi is still in Dali Temple prison at the moment. It is easy for Feng Xitang to rescue him from the right side. He specially sent Dao Le to rescue him. Knowing Yin Shi was worried about his wife and children, Feng Xi arrested her family a long time ago.

The emblem was used as evidence, pointing the finger at the left, and then Daoraku pretended to be a gang to the end to help Yinshi sneak into the Zuoxiang’s mansion. Yin Shi just died in Xiangfu without knowing it. When the third prince received the news, he followed the bloodstains all the way to the Xiang’s mansion and saw that Yin Shi was dead, and the murder case was firmly planted on the left Xiang’s head.

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