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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 22 Recap

The left side could not prove his innocence and was taken by the three princes. In the dark, Feng Xi offered incense to the gods of his mother and concubine. Today, he has settled down and made him suffer the fear of being coerced by his relatives before his death, to comfort his mother and concubine in the sky. Back then, Yin Shi brought General Ming’s head to force her to die. Now a tablet with Yin Shi was thrown into the fireworks and burned.

Dongyue was walking on the street thinking about it. Now the only way to stop everything is to go to Liyun to kill Lu Yuantong, but she saw Daole leaving the city with a coffin. She followed all the way to the outskirts and saw many people digging pits and burying them. The name of Yang Liu’s family is engraved on the tombstone that has not yet been erected. Dongyue came to ask the imperial physician and learned that Feng Xi brought a Yang Liu who was pregnant for February to see a doctor. Not long ago, Feng Gui concubine opened the coffin for an autopsy in February. Dongyue did not dare to think about it, and found the outskirts all the way.

Feng Xi was worshipping at her sister’s grave. She didn’t expect Feng Xi to make up the story that she was pregnant in February in order to reverse the case for her sister, and that it cost the lives of a mother and her son. This person is really terrifying. From the country to the relatives, and even his lover, he knows that Feng Xi must be planning something, but Feng Xi is determined to conceal her. Dongyue was extremely disappointed and heartbroken, and swung his sword to cut off the xi-character jade sign.

The third prince had been sending people to inquire about Dongyue’s whereabouts, but now she finally had her whereabouts. Someone saw her riding to Liyun on horseback, thinking that Dongyue must be single-handedly to assassinate Lu Yuantong. He immediately summoned all the soldiers of the Yufeng Pavilion to rush towards Liyun. The winter moon passed the Liyun realm, and a man next to the station pretended to be watching a horse, but he was actually staring at the winter moon. Murongyi’s men also rushed to Liyun with a cart of ordnance, staggering one after another with the three princes.

Lu Yuantong was stationed in the barracks, Dongyue mixed in, and had already led the line of fire. Suddenly the flute sounded, why did Feng Xi come at this time. He didn’t know that Feng Xizao had discussed the plan with Murong Yi, the date of action was advanced, and he had to try to rescue Dongyue. Feng Xi came to take refuge in Lu Yuantong this time, but he didn’t do anything about it, and came to take refuge in him as a prince, how convinced people would be. I knew that Lu Yuantong was suspicious, so Feng Xi prepared a gift for him. Here Dongyue’s line of fire was about to burn to its end, but Feng Xi was still here, she could only step on it first, and the next moment a cold blade reached her neck.

Feng Xi’s gift is of course the Gyeonggi defense map, but sincerity this kind of thing naturally requires Lu Yuantong to investigate. He just caught a female assassin. As long as Feng Xi kills her, Lu Yuantong believes in his sincerity, no need to say more. ,

This female assassin is naturally Dongyue. With the long knife in hand, Feng Xi looked at him without any burden. Seeing the broken jade medal in Dongyue’s waist, he knew that Dongyue still couldn’t let go of him. The handle of the knife cut the rope that bound her, but did not hurt her skin in the slightest. Murong Yi and the group of people who had been inserted in advance surrounded Feng Xi to protect Dongyue Feng Xi, but after all they were outnumbered, and a desperate fight began.

Swords have no eyes, deaths and injuries on the battlefield are commonplace. Murongyi was hit by a knife, and Feng Xi also worked hard for Dongyue, with an arrow in her body still fighting for her life, watching the blood flow in front of her, Dongyue regretted it. . She shouldn’t doubt Feng Xi. Although both of them planned to kill Lu Yuantong, she intervened to disrupt Feng Xi’s plan, and now they both had to die. She failed in the same way in the previous life, nothing could stop her, Dongyue closed her eyes with tears and said goodbye to this life.

Dongyue came to the lotus pond again, and Er Yu was still waiting there. She wants to go back, no matter what the price is. Eryu plays the flute, asking her to think about where she is going back. The blood lines on the flute are spreading, which means that the spiritual power is slowly weakening, and the spiritual power expended every time through time and space will directly affect the lotus root of Winter Moon. body. This time she was not only Wenxin but also Dongyue, and loved Feng Xi. The most important thing was that she chose to believe in Feng Xi this time, so she rode the horse to Liyun Station and turned back. The man next to the station immediately reported the news. Feng Xi finally knew.

Because the carriage that Murongyi’s escort for the ordnance was stuck in the pit, the three princes’ men and horses did not stagger with them this time, but they have all come. How can they let the evidence go, so they easily took the crowd and opened the carriage Looking at the box in the middle, it turned out to be an ordnance. This is evidence of the collusion between Feng Xi and Lu Yuantong.

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