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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 1 Recap

In the prosperous city, workers from all walks of life are racing against time to deal with their jobs. Gao Gao, the candidate for investment vice president of the Fertian Group, met with Fangda talent headhunting consultant Tang Yao. Tang Yaofeng did not show up within the agreed time. He was five minutes late. Gao Shan was dissatisfied. On the other side, Fangda talent headhunting consultant Lin Wo warned Skyscraper. Sun Miao, the candidate for vice president of group investment, if the Skyscraper creed arrives late, it is automatically out of the game. Time is life. No step is to be missed. Both companies have a strong aversion to each other’s attitude.

Lin Wo feels that the Skyscraper Group’s confidentiality work is done very well. The entire company does not know who the candidate is. The Skyscraper Group believes that everything must be played fairly. Whoever takes the job next month will be promoted to director. There were two candidates for the interview. Lin Wo encouraged Sun Miao and hoped that she could apply for it successfully. Gao Shan was late at this time and allowed Sun Miao to seize the opportunity. The candidate had been finalized. Gao Shan was very unconvinced and felt that it was Lin. Wo deliberately found someone to stop him and tried every means to prevent him from participating in the interview, but Lin Wo didn’t admit it. He felt that Gao Shan hadn’t planned it and had nothing to do with him. But in fact, it was indeed that her subordinates deliberately delayed Gao Shan’s time and caused the interview.

After learning of the failure, Lin Wo felt very self-blame, so he found Gao Shan and apologized. He felt that everything was an accident. I hope he can take a look at the electronic version. Dinghe and Kunpeng are both strong and future development prospects. It is a top investment company in the industry that is almost the same as Skyscraper. I can help him ask if he is interested in hiring senior positions or contact Skyscraper executives to arrange another interview. However, Gaoshan thinks Linwo has deliberately arranged everything for her people. Pin aroused great suspicion.

At this time, Wan Jiahe, the managing director of the second group of the skyscraper investment department, appeared. He happened to be absent from the morning interview to solve the problems of the project plan. Gao Shan hurriedly followed up and used his ability to analyze data to help him solve the problems. For the question, Wan Jiahe was very satisfied with his plan, but in fact, this encounter was calculated by Gao Shan in advance. He asked Lin Wo to follow the formal process and re-sign the contract to protect his rights.

Gao Shan felt that it was the mistake of the headhunting consulting company, which caused him great losses, and asked to change the person in charge. Tang Yaofeng had to admit that it was his own problem.

Tang Yaofeng and Lin Wo are lovers, but he had hooked up with his married boss in the company for a long time. Lin Wo didn’t know it, but was discovered by the clever Gao Gao. He deliberately reminded Lin Wo that she hoped her mind would be clearer.

The boss warned Lin Wo that although she allowed the client to enter the job smoothly, she had missed her colleague’s list and the promotion of directorship still needed to be considered. Lin Wo was helpless and left angrily.

Lin Wo came to chat with her friend Dongna Wu from Dinghe Investment Group. She plans to fight for qualifications, build contacts, and start her own headhunting company as soon as possible. According to her plan, she will be able to establish herself in three years. Please ask Dongna Wu to help herself get Wanjiahe. Contact information. Gao Shan wanted to enter the Skyscraper. Before he returned to China, he set a goal to use Skyscraper as his battlefield and didn’t want to be a deserter.

Wu Dongna knew Gaoshan a long time ago. The two of them are graduate students. Wu Dongna chased him before but was repeatedly rejected. This shocked Lin Wo. Wu Dongna said that many big investment companies threw olive branches to Gaoshan, but He refused, because there was a secret hidden behind him. He had been studying and investigating the Skyscraper Group in secret, because his father was forced to death by Skyscraper, and he was doing revenge.

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