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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 11 Recap

Shao Mingzhe turned on the projector and watched the bit by bit with Su Mo on the screen. Shao Mingzhe felt bitter. Lin Xiangan and Su Mo came to see the wedding dress and met fans. Lin Xiangan said that the marketing manager of Hongyuan Group called him and said that he wanted to invite Su Mo to be the spokesperson. In fact, he also wanted Su Mo and Xia Ranran to reconcile, so I hope Su Mo think about it. The egg roll tells Xia Ranran that Grandpa Shao has already spoken to prevent Shao Kai from participating in Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe’s affairs. Unexpectedly, the Shao family’s incident is also a drama of seizing a concubine.

Shao Yunping, the head of the Shao family, took over after Shao Mingzhe’s father retired. , But Grandpa Shao doesn’t like him very much, so Shao Yunping is still only an acting president. It is said that Shao Mingzhe was squeezed out of the Shao family by Shao Yunping. They are vying for succession. Xia Ranran is their biggest bargaining chip. Omelet also heard that the Shao family has a very important weekly meeting, and Grandpa Shao will personally attend it.

During the week meeting, Shao Mingzhe did not show up, saying that he was on a business trip to Kunming. Chen Luo came to Xia Hongyuan, and Peng Jing said that he had gone out and asked Chen Luo to report to her. Chen Luo told Peng Jing that the spokesperson Xia Hongyuan had a new candidate, and Peng Jing was a little surprised to see that it was Su Mo. As for the project, Peng Jing approached Mrs. Qiao many times, but it was still useless.

Lin Xiaodong is an upright person, if he wants to be friends with him, he can only do things well. Shao’s weekly meeting, Shao Kai proposed a different strategy for new products, and Shao Mingzhe suddenly came back. Shao Kai said that she wanted to invite Su Mo to be her spokesperson. When Shao’s mother heard the name, she interrupted firmly. Shao Kai said that she has millions of fans on Weibo. The most important thing is that her future husband is Lin Xiang’an. The father-in-law is Lin Xiaodong. When Shao Mingzhe heard the words, he was stunned for a long time.

Lin Xiangan told Su Mo that the children of cadres at Lin Xiaodong’s level have specifications for marriage, and that they can’t go to five-star hotels. Su Mo feels that it doesn’t matter. Su Mo has no relatives or friends at home, and she does not plan to tell her father, and there is no bridesmaid candidate. Shao Yunping took Shao Mingzhe to the design department. Shao Mingzhe wanted to revise the plan, but the manager raised objections.

He was running on Shao Mingzhe. Shao Kai took the contract to block Su Mo from discussing cooperation. Su Mo saw that he wanted to get through Lin Xiaodong’s relationship by himself and refused decisively. Shao Kai denied this statement and persuaded Su Mo to think about it. The conversation between the two was filmed by someone with interest and sent to Mother Shao.

Shao Mingzhe was frustrated at the meeting, and Shao Yunping played the role of a good person to comfort him. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Ranran and asked her to wait for him at the golf course in an hour, regardless of whether she could be there or not. Xia Ranran and Eggroll were repairing the computer, and Chen Luo came and helped them install the computer. Omelet knew that Chen Luo had something to say and left. Chen Luo told her that Han Yun’s clues are not yet available. He has not told Xia Hongyuan that Xia Ranran wants to move back.

Although he will be very happy, he will also. I am very worried about the relationship between Xia Ranran and Peng Jing, so Xia Ranran’s performance during this period is very important. Chen Luo told Xia Ranran that Hongyuan Group wanted Su Mo to be the spokesperson for its new products. Of course, part of it was because of Lin Xiaodong. Lin Xiaodong recently met with the bosses of all sports brands, except for Hongyuan Group, Xia Ranran expressed willingness He came forward to find Lin Xiangan, but was not sure that he would give Chen Luo a satisfactory answer.

Lin Xiangan happened to call Xia Ranran, and she went to the shop that Lin Xiangan was renovating. Before that, she agreed to Lin Xiangan to design a white wall for him, and the two had an appointment for dinner together at night. Shao Mingzhe didn’t wait for Xia Ranran to call her again and asked her to appear as a boyfriend. Xia Ranran refused to say that the agreement clearly stated that they had private space and time. Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran broke up for a long time before Xia Ranran won an exemption, at the cost of unconditionally answering a request from the party. Lin Xiangan took Xia Ranran to eat barbecue. When talking about the project, Lin Xiangan said that Lin Xiaodong was a very upright person, but Xia Ranran felt that he had some misunderstandings about Hongyuan Group. After all, he met many bosses and never saw them.

Lin Xiangan also made an appointment with Su Mo, and the atmosphere of the meeting between Su Mo and Xia Ranran became embarrassing again, and Lin Xiangan played the role of peacemaker. Su Mo and Xia Ranran satirize each other with each sentence. Lin Xiangan gave Su Mo some meat. Both of them were obviously not satisfied. Xia Ranran satirized Su Mo thinking about the dishes in other people’s bowls. Su Mo attacked and implied that she was jealous. For herself, in her world, Su Mo is a stray animal who was alms of her. Su Mo hated being pitiful, but Xia Ranran hated her for not telling herself the truth, otherwise their relationship would not be like it is now.

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