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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 12 Recap

Xia Ranran and Su Mo met again with swords and swords. Lin Xiangan quickly stood up and apologized. It was because of his indecision that the two had such a deep misunderstanding. Lin Xiangan and Xia Ranran said sorry. He meant to go to the UK with Su Mo alone. Su Mo didn’t know, and Su Mo didn’t do anything to damage their friendship behind her back. All this was Lin Xiangan’s fault. Xia Ranran saw the ring on Su Mo’s hand and asked Lin Xiangan to say that this ring had nothing to do with him, so they would become good friends.

Su Mo was very dissatisfied. Who wants to be good friends with her? The two quarreled again, and Su Mo even alluded to Xia Ranran’s private appointment with Lin Xiangan, and guessed that she came to Lin Xiangan because of the project of the Southern Suburb Problem Center. Xia Ranran’s face was ugly upon hearing this, and Lin Xiangan couldn’t stop him when he got up to leave.

Lin Xiangan chased out to find Xia Ranran. At the airport four years ago, Lin Xiangan held Su Mo’s hand to Xia Ranran and said that he only liked Su Mo from beginning to end. At that time, Lin Xiangan wanted to pull Su Mo as well, not Xia Ranran. Su Mo has been preventing Lin Xiangan from speaking, and wanted to explain to Xia Ranran, but she already knew what could happen to this incident. Xia Ranran was very sad at the time and felt that Su Mo treated herself as a fool, and the two proud girls were therefore Go in the opposite direction.

Xia Ranran was not pursuing Lin Xiangan, and left stubbornly. On the way home, Su Mo recalled the relationship with Xia Ranran four years ago. At that time, Su Mo was captured by Shao Mingzhe to do coolies. In order to help her, Xia Ranran opened a room and invited Shao Mingzhe over. Shao Mingzhe knew Su after a little thought.

What Mo wanted to do, but he was not that kind of erotic, and even guessed that Su Mo still had an accomplice in the opposite room. That night, Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo had a quarrel, and Shao Mingzhe also deeply hurt Su Mo’s self-esteem. People with money and troubles can take care of them, but Su Mo has nothing! Withdrawing from the memory, Su Mo told Lin Xiangan that he couldn’t apologize with him, and that the marriage would not be necessary. Lin Xiangan hurriedly explained, but Su Mo was too lazy to listen.

Su Mo didn’t go home, but got into Shao’s mother’s car and told Lin Xiangan that he had an appointment with an elder. Shao’s mother knew that Shao Kai had come to Su Mo. She didn’t want Su Mo to accept Shao’s invitation and urged her to put more thoughts on the wedding and cherish the hard-won future. Then Shao’s mother took out a check, but Su Mo would no longer be bought by her. Even though Shao’s mother gave her the money to have her current education, it’s not difficult for her to make money. The self-esteem pledged here will definitely be taken back. Su Mo told Mother Shao that it doesn’t matter what she sees now and what she does! Shao mother gritted her teeth, turned around and called Shao Mingzhe to ask him to take Xia Ranran home.

Xia Ranran came to the golf course to find Shao Mingzhe, and she seemed to be in a bad mood. Shao Mingzhe played the ball for more than three hours here, and he obviously lost. Xia Ranran didn’t know that the one Shao Mingzhe couldn’t forget was Su Mo, and she told him a story about Miss Dinosaur, Miss Fox, and Lord Fawn.

Miss Dinosaur is her, Miss Fox is Su Mo, and Mr Fawn is Lin Xiangan. Xia Ranran would protect Su Mo, feed her, and take her in. After Xia Ranran fell in love with Lin Xiangan, she began to study hard, just to get into the same university as him. Xia Ranran was the happiest day when she received the admission letter.

Day. Xia Ranran, Su Mo and Lin Xiangan were admitted to their favorite universities, but Su Mo suddenly wanted to study abroad. When Xia Ranran wept to see her off at the airport, Lin Xiangan told her that he always liked Su Mo. , The reason why I am with Xia Ranran is because I can see Su Mo, who should Xia Ranran, who is heartbroken, choose to hate. Shao Mingzhe said that if you want to bet on love, you have to admit defeat. If you have to choose right or wrong, Lin Xiangan is the culprit.

Xia Ranran was drunk and Shao Mingzhe also told her a story, naturally the story of herself and Su Mo. Xia Ranran was called Mr. Lion and Miss Hedgehog. When Shao Mingzhe first met Su Mo, she was only 18 years old. Later, when she learned that her family was not well, she decided to help her enter the university, but then they drifted away. Xia Ranran said don’t bring the previous relationship into the next relationship, just thinking about drawing and not giving, that’s not love. Shao Mingzhe sent Xia Ranran home and saw her drunk on the seat. Shao Mingzhe took a few photos, but Xia Ranran vomited on him.

Xia Ranran vomited in the toilet and drove away Shao Mingzhe. After Shao Mingzhe got in the car, she discovered that her mobile phone had fallen. Lin Xiangan sent an apology message and Xia Hongyuan called again.

Shao Mingzhe quickly said that Xia Ranran drank too much and said she Maybe she met someone who was unhappy. She had a bad stomach, and her stomach hurts when she gets angry. After listening to Xia Hongyuan, Xia Ranran was very distressed, and Chen Luo took the opportunity to ask Xia Ranran to move back.

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