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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 5 Recap

In order to stop Wang Hang’s mouth, Deng Ziang invited him to eat barbecue. Wang Hang told him that his dream was to save money, buy a second-hand house near Tongxin Hospital, and walk to and from get off work every day. Deng Ziang asked who the hostess in his room was, and finally found out that Wang Hang’s favorite was Fang Man.

As soon as Jiao Jiaren returned to the apartment, Fang Man said to her angrily that she was the one who was involved and pretended to be poor all day long. Jiao Jiao was anxious to take out her mobile phone and let Fang Man look at the photos casually. To check if he was a related household, Fang Man wondered, if Jiao Jiaren was not a related household, why Dean Gu arranged for Deng Dashen to teach her, but Deng Dashen was not willing to take her, and later asked Teacher Xu to take her?

Jiao Jiaren asked her to think carefully about what kind of person she was after spending so many days with herself. Fang Man carefully thought about Jiao Jiaren’s help to break more than 3,000 bottles. This could not be an act. The two of them reconciled. As in the beginning, Fang Man had heard Wang Hang say about it.

The next day, they confronted Wang Hang. Wang Hang said that everyone in Tongxin knew about the incident. Otherwise, why Jiao Jiaren didn’t go to the outreach training. Dean Gu personally gave her a newcomer to ask for leave. Maybe Jiao Jiaren is really Gu. Jiao Jiaren, the dean’s illegitimate daughter, turned around when she heard it. She asked Xu Bingze if it was also because she was Dean Gu’s family member that she taught her. Xu Bingze said that she has advantages that others do not have. She is famous as “Jiao Sanqian”, Jiao Jiaren relieved herself. Xu Bingze arranged for her to follow her to the clinic to study,

Deng Ziang saw that Gu Jiaren had learned to tease her children in the outpatient clinic and praised her progress. But Jiao Jiao in Xu Bingze’s clinic was very busy. She was inexperienced when she helped the child to do the examination. The child cried and did not cooperate. Jiao Jiao tried her best to deal with these naughty little guys. She blamed everything. Xu Bingze has to rely on Xu Bingze to help her deal with all the troubles. It seems that she can do nothing but trouble. Xu Bingze comforted her that children are more energetic than adults, and she will get better if she adjusts slowly.

At lunch, the frustrated Jiao Jiaren confided to Fang Man about what happened in the morning. Tong Xin’s patients are several times more than her previous hospital. She must control the child’s emotions in the shortest time. It is really bad. Cheng Zhitao and Fang Man comforted her and said that many of Tongxin’s patients are intractable diseases from all over the country. Parents bring their children here with the last hope, so there is not so good communication and a process of adaptation is needed. The three of them were talking, and Wang Hang came over and comforted her and said that fortunately, her tutor is now Xu Bingze. As soon as he spoke his words, he realized that he could not say anything. He quickly took out two candies and gave Fang Man a good luck. Cheng Zhitao saw this move. The relationship between the two is very unusual.

Director Sun held an emergency meeting for general surgery. A 10-year-old boy was urgently transferred to Tong Xin. His liver has begun to fail and is in urgent need of liver transplantation. But now there is no liver source. Deng Ziang suggested using a bioartificial liver. Xu Bingze reminded him of this. The technology is currently in the clinical stage, and there may be rejection, but Deng Ziang believes that this can buy time for liver transplantation for the child. Director Sun finally decided that the most important thing during this period is to find the liver source. If the child’s intracranial pressure rises again during this time High, use bioartificial liver.

Back home, Xu Bingze fought all night to check the information to prepare for the liver transplant operation. He told his wife Xia Yongning that if the operation can be taken down, his salary and qualifications will be fine. Jiao Jiaren, on the other side, received a call from her senior at Yunnan Hospital when she was on the night shift. She told her all of her experiences in the past few days, and the senior mysteriously said that she wanted to surprise her.

Xu Bingze stayed up all night and did not sleep. He was afraid that there would be no parking space and would rush to work early. His wife Xia Yongning was angry that Xu Bingze had worked in Tong Xin for more than ten years, and he did not even give him a parking space. Xu Bingze said that he would only be within 2 months. There are parking spaces. In the eyes of everyone, Xu Bingze is a good doctor who works hard, is a good brother of Deng Ziang, and a good master of Jiao Jiaren. Under such an identity, he has gradually lost himself. He needs an opportunity to prove that in addition to being conscientious, he also He has superb medical skills and ideals, and this liver transplant operation is such an opportunity, he needs this operation too much.

Due to lack of physical strength, Xu Bingze fainted in the office, Jiao Jiaren quickly gave him a drip. Fang Man on the other side forgot to take his card when he had lunch, Wang Hang generously lent him his card, Cheng Zhitao was surprised that the king turned his mind.

After Xu Bingze woke up, Jiao Jiaren wanted to apply to Director Sun to arrange the surgery for others in the afternoon. Xu Bingze disagreed and asked Jiao Jiaren to keep her fainting secret. At this time Jiao Jiaren received a courier. After she opened it downstairs, she did not expect that it was the wedding invitation sent to her by Senior Brother Yunnan. Jiao Jiaren wept sadly. She had a crush on Senior Brother for so long and thought he would like it too. I didn’t expect that now there was no chance to confess. She returned to the office lost and was about to throw away the pot of cacti that her brother gave to herself. She happened to be hit by Fang Man who was passing by after the meal.

Jiao Jiaren told Fang Man that she always felt that the brother was very special to herself when she took turns. She often took herself home and brought her food. She was very considerate. Fang Man analyzed that this kind of person is actually a central air conditioner, and the spring breeze sent them to thousands of families. Jiao Jiaren realized that she was being sentimental, and Fang Man slowly solved it. Because of her heart knot, she decided not to throw the cactus.

In the afternoon operation, Xu Bingze asked Jiao Jiaren to work as an assistant. The patient’s name was Lu Zhengyu. He had peritonitis caused by appendicitis. It was a minor operation. After the operation was completed, Xu Bingze encouraged Jiao Jiaren to say that although her current level is still a bit worse, she is already very good. Not bad. The two ran into Deng Ziang and Gu Jiaren who had undergone another operation. Deng Ziang told them that this was a minor operation. He let Gu Jiaren perform the operation, and Jiao Jiaren was envious.

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