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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 11 Recap

On the heights of Wanhe Real Estate’s construction site, Fang Zong and Li Chuyao quarreled again. Fang Zong was emotional and said that he must get the financing. Qi Yi was very worried below. She quickly called Han Zimo, and Zimo was anxious as soon as she heard it. He rushed over. He didn’t even wear a helmet, so he ran up the stairs. Chu Yao was surprised to see him, and he fought with Fang Zong without saying a word.

After that, the two of them were all painted, and Zimo’s leg was bruised. Fang always admitted that he wanted to scare Chuyao to such a high place. He really apologized to Chuyao when he was a little embarrassed, and said that he didn’t need to apply for additional funds. Qi Yi intends to go back and report the incident to President Han. Zimo also said to tell his dad that he can’t give them a penny, but Chu Yao felt that Fang is always not a bad person. A project involves many people, and she can’t be involved just because of this. For others, she will report truthfully to President Han.

When Li Luoshu was wandering outside, he saw three children running past him with a smile. He couldn’t help but think of him playing with Chuchen when he was a child, and beat the children who bullied Chuyao together. They were just like that. The same as my sister and brother. After returning home, looking at their childhood photo, he called Chuyao, while she was with Zimo in the hospital.

Zimo felt that his leg was scratched and didn’t want to get an injection. Chuyao was worried and said what to do if it was tetanus. The nurse came over with a needle to give him a skin test. Zimo deliberately pretended to be very painful and took Chu Yao’s hand and held her arm. After the skin test, the nurse asked them to go out and wait for the result. Chu Yao threw away his hand and said His hands were hurt by him.

While sitting in the corridor, Chuyao heard from the nurses that the security had found a seriously ill abandoned baby in the hospital lobby that needed surgery. The hospital called on everyone to donate money for the baby’s milk powder and medical expenses. She got up to donate. Zimo said that it happened every day, no matter how rich he was, he couldn’t help. Chu Yao felt like he could help, but when he was hospitalized early in the morning, fortunately, a kind person paid them medical expenses in advance, otherwise they didn’t know how to get through the trouble. Zimo asked her if she was found later. Chu Yao shook her head. She wanted to find him and say thank you in person.

After Zimo got home, he heard that his father had a classmate in the hospital. The next day, he went to his father and classmate to help find Li Chuchen’s files and found the address of the nurse’s home that was charging at that time. The nurse has retired. He came to her home to explain his intentions and showed her the pictures of Chuchen and Chuyao on the phone. She was hospitalized by a fire early in the morning. He asked her who paid for the medical expenses at the time. She said It was a child who took 50,000 yuan to pay. Because it was a child, I was impressed. Then she looked at the photos carefully, and when she saw Luo Shu, she couldn’t help being surprised to say that it was the medical expenses he paid, and Zimo couldn’t help being surprised.

After reading Luo Shu, Chang Dale chatted with him when he was unhappy. Through He Jun, Dale felt that Zimo was quite caring about Luo Shu’s sister, and Luo Shu also found that his sister had a good impression of Zimo. Dale asked Luo Shu if he recognized it like that. Luo Shu admitted that this feeling is really strange. As a younger brother, he should be happy when he sees a man taking care of his sister, but he wants her to be someone else’s. Girlfriend, all her joys and sorrows will not be shared and told to him for the first time, and there will still be some loss. But he respects her, if they are really together, he also hopes they can be happy. However, Dale said that as long as she didn’t agree, everything didn’t count. He persuaded Luo Shu to say if she liked it. However, Luo Shu was hesitant. All the motivation for his work came from this family, and he could not selfishly destroy everything in this family because of his feelings.

Niu Siyi called one by one, and finally a company agreed to cooperate with them to sign a contract to get the money. Everyone was very excited after hearing this. Luo Shu said that she would give her a bonus if she talked about achievements. At this time, he went out after receiving a call from Zimo. As soon as Zimo saw him, he asked him about paying 50,000 for medical expenses that year. Luo Shu admitted that he paid for the medical bills. Zimo wondered where he was a junior high school student at that time. Luo Shu said that this was a sum of money left to him when his mother left. He told Zimo not to tell Chu Yao about this. Their family felt that they owed him a lot, and if they knew about it, they would have a greater burden.

Chuyao went to the hospital again to donate money to the abandoned baby. The nurse said no, and the young entrepreneur Han Zimo helped the child cover all the medical expenses. Then Zimo told her that he had found the person who had paid for the medical expenses for Chuchen back then, but that person did not want them to know who he was. Chuyao thanked Zimo for his affection. Zimo confessed to her again, and she finally agreed to be his girlfriend. Sending her back to the door of the house, Zimo smiled and said that since she was already his girlfriend, let’s show something. He was a little bit shy but he kissed him on the cheek with a finger. Zimo was surprised It was sweet again, and this scene happened to be seen by Luo Shu who came back, and he was very disappointed.

After returning home, he confirmed from Chuyao that she and Zimo were together. Chuyao was very happy. He didn’t expect Zimo to do so much for her. She was very moved. When Luo Shu heard this, his heart was even more mixed. In the evening, Zimo, who was excited, ran to Lin Yu’s house to tell them the good news for his husband and wife. Both friends were very happy for him. Qin Yun asked him what killer he used, Zimo smiled and said that his true heart is the biggest killer.

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