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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 12 Recap

Listening to Han Zimo’s talk about how he impressed Li Chuyao to become his girlfriend, Lin Yu repeatedly lamented that it was too romantic and touching. She yelled for Qin Yun to confess to her again, Qin Yun hurriedly asked Zimo for help, Zimo smiled and asked them to solve it by themselves and then got up and left. When he returned home, Zimo excitedly told his parents that he and Li Chuyao were together. Mom was surprised that he was progressing so fast. On the other hand, his father said that it is not certain whether he can enter the Han family in the future. Zimo firmly stated that he will be in the future. Will marry Chuyao. He wanted Chu Yao to be the director. His father offered him a condition. As long as Zimo went to the business school, he would let Chu Yao be the deputy project director. Zimo reluctantly agreed.

The next day, Niu Siyi panicked and told Li Luoshu the bad news that the products released by Feiyi Technology were exactly the same as them in terms of appearance design and product functions. This was simply plain plagiarism. Luo Shu asked them to check the details of Feiyi Technology first, and soon colleagues found Feiyi Technology on the computer. When everyone heard that the company’s chairman was Wu Yajun, he was not just Mr. Wu who helped socialize. It turns out that Feiyi Technology is a subsidiary of Mutual Social.

Siyi wondered how Feiyi Technology got their technology, and Dale gave the answer. When they talked with Wu Yajun about the cooperation, the basic samples of the product were there for mutual assistance and social networking. Now Xinyi Technology has only made improvements and adjustments, as long as mutual assistance is provided. According to the news, the organization technicians can also make prototypes.

Luo Shu called Mr. Wu and was ridiculedly teased by the other party and said that he was inspired by their video. Put down the phone, Luo Shu asked everyone if they had talked about their technology in previous interviews. A colleague said frankly that the media had indeed asked him, and he was surprised that reporters could ask such profound questions. Others have also been asked. Luo Shu told everyone that these media were actually arranged by Wu Yajun, and everyone was very angry.

When Chuyao heard a colleague’s discussion about this matter, he hurriedly checked the Internet, and only then knew that Feiyi Technology was the ghost of Wu Yajun. She hurriedly called Luo Shu and told him that Mr. Han was very angry, and Luo Shu felt that this was something unexpected, so she didn’t worry about it. Immediately after Chuyao attended an emergency meeting convened by President Han, he announced the termination of all cooperation and investment with Xinyi Technology from now on.

After the meeting, Chuyao asked Mr. Han why he regretted investing in Xinyi Technology. Mr. Han mentioned Feiyi Technology, and Chuyao told him that Feiyi Technology was plagiarism, but Han is always an investor. No matter who he copies, Feiyi Technology takes the lead. He took out this product in the market, and Xinyi Technology is nothing now, he will not throw the company’s money into the water.

Luo Shu knew that as long as the investment was made and the product went online, there would still be a silver lining, so he asked everyone to find investors separately. Qi Yi was angry at Chuyao about his work, and immediately became gentle when he heard that Zimo had arrived. Zimo saw that Chuyao looked wrong and asked her what was going on. Chuyao told him that President Han had announced the termination of the cooperation with Xinyi Technology, because Wu Yajun copied the Luoshu project and produced exactly the same product. Zimo was very angry. Get up immediately to find his dad. However, Luo Shu called President Han but couldn’t get in touch. Chang Dale asked him to call Chu Yao. Luo Shu didn’t want to cause trouble to his sister. Other colleagues couldn’t find investors, all of them were very depressed.

Zimo asked his dad why he withdrew from Xinyi Technology. It was unjustifiable to do so. Han always felt that Xinyi Technology was completely cold tomorrow. I couldn’t persuade my dad, Zimo took Chuyao to Xinyi Technology, and Chuyao told Luoshu Longxiang Capital had decided to divest. Luoshu actually expected this result. In this case, no company dared to invest in them. Up. Zimo told Luo Shu not to be so depressed. When he turned around, he mobilized his mother to persuade his dad. Luo Shu told him to stop struggling. If his dad was so easily shaken, he wouldn’t be able to achieve his current position.

In the afternoon, my colleagues went out to discuss cooperation with other companies, but they all returned to nothing. Tired at night, they returned to Xinyi Technology and found that Luoshu had ordered their favorite meals for them, and he could cheer them up by filling their stomachs. work. Mother was worried that she didn’t go home after reading Luoshu. Chuyao told her that her brother was busy studying, and she went to Luoshu when she saw her mother was very worried. When she came to Xinyi Technology, she saw that Luo Shu was working attentively. Luo Shu heard that his mother was worried that he couldn’t help but blamed himself and he forgot to call as soon as he was busy. Chu Yao asked him if he was sad to see that his beloved item was robbed. Was crushed.

On this day, Dale couldn’t help but feel very happy when he received a call. He quickly told Luo Shulong Tian Capital to talk to them about investment intentions. Luo Shu and Dale rushed to Longtian, and was surprised to see that the general manager turned out to be an acquaintance Shan Yi’an. When they were young, Luo Shu and Chuchen saw a cool motorcycle on the road. The owner of the motorcycle was Big Brother Shan. He was a young guy at the time. Seeing that Luo Shu and Chuchen were interested in his car, they rode a motorcycle. The car took them around.

Shan Yian knows about the plagiarism of Feiyi Technology, and also knows that behind Feiyi Technology is mutual assistance and social interaction, he feels that Xinyi Technology does not have an advantage in competition with such a large company. Luo Shu believes that although Feiyi Technology has some resource advantages, once Xinyi Technology’s products are updated, they will not be able to compete with them, so their advantages will become greater in the middle and late stages. And Shan Yi’an also saw this before letting people contact them, he would let the legal affairs contract as soon as possible, and they could sign the contract later.

Just talking about Shan Yi’an’s sister came in, and then they chatted together to reminisce about the past. Just thinking that Luo Shu has become more cheerful and more like early morning, Luo Shu smiled and said nothing. After Luo Shu left, Shan Yian told his sister that he thought Luo Shu had not changed at all, so he talked about how he met Chuchen and Luo Shu. Back then, after taking Chuchen and Luoshu on a motorcycle, he went to buy books nearby and asked them to help him watch the motorcycle. At this time, a few bad boys riding motorcycles came. They not only sat in his car but also To push the car away, Chu Chen and Luo Shu tried their best to stop him. When he came back from buying the book, he fought with the bad boys.

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