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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 13 Recap

Brother Shan saw the bad boys bullying Luo Shu and Chuchen, so he rushed to fight them. He was outnumbered and was knocked to the ground. At this time, the police car came, and the bad boys hurried away by motorcycle. Big Brother Shan smashed the stick in his hand at one of the boys, who was stunned to the ground, Big Brother Shan ran over to help the boy’s tilted motorcycle, rode up and chased the rest of the bad boys, and finally he came with him The police subdued them together.

Chuchen and Luo Shukan Shan did not come back for a long time, and his car key was still with them, so they pushed his motorcycle to Chuchen’s father’s public security bureau, and waited for Shan to return to him. Until the evening, Big Brother Shan hadn’t come out, early morning, fearing that he would be scolded by his father too late, he left first, Luo Shu stayed and waited. At dawn, Big Brother Shan walked out of the game. He woke up the sleeping Luo Shu. Luo Shu returned the car key to him and told others that he was in the car.

Only by listening to what my brother said, did I know that Luo Shu, who was not a talkative child, turned out to be such a responsible person. Shan Yi’an told his sister that Luo Shu is not only responsible, but he will try his best to do well as long as he wants to do. Sometimes investment is not just an investment project, but more importantly, investment talent.

In the evening, the full-time driver Han Zimo sent Li Chuyao home. Chuyao was about to get out of the car. He asked her for a kiss as usual, and Chuyao kissed him on the cheek. At this moment, Li Luoshu was passing by the car and couldn’t help but see this sweet scene. Somewhat lost. Zimo’s meaning was still not exhausted, pointing to his lips, Chu Yao was embarrassed and quickly got off the car. She saw Luo Shu and asked him why he came back so late. Luo Shu said that he had gone out to eat.

The next day Luo Shu went to work at the company, and received a single call on the way to ask him to watch her rehearsal, and also wanted to see their product bracelet. Luo Shu went, and the two chatted about their childhood. They just remembered that Luo Shu and Chuchen always liked to run to the car repair shop where her brother worked. Thanks to Chuchen, otherwise the two of them don’t know when they will be boring. Talking. Luo Shu remembered that in the early morning, he would only teach him to play the trumpet. He thought that if he could play the violin, he would definitely play the trumpet. She didn’t even listen to any explanations to him at the time, she was going crazy by Early Morning.

In the early morning before leaving the country, they said that she would definitely become a famous violinist. They also agreed that when she was on the stage in the future, he would come and present her with flowers. It’s a pity that she is about to realize her dream, but Chuchen can’t fulfill her promise. Luo Shu said that he would do it for him if she couldn’t complete it in Chuchen. Luo Shu gave Shan Shan a hand ring, and just smiled and said that this can’t send her away, she also wanted Luo Shu to present flowers, Luo Shu agreed.

When Luo Shu returned to the company, Dale heard that he had gone to listen to the Shan Shan rehearsal, and felt that Shan Shan was very enthusiastic about Luo Shu, and said that the female chasing the male compartment gauze, Luo Shu told him not to gossip, and the money arrived immediately. They were busy Now, he didn’t have time to think about it. He distributed the tickets for the violin concert alone to everyone.

On the day of the concert, Luo Shu bought flowers and brought them to him. When the colleagues saw the flowers, he couldn’t help but make him feel interesting about Shan. Luo Shu smiled and said that since he came, he had to express it. The performance alone was very exciting. She also specially drew a piece of her own composition to the friends of Xinyi Technology, and raised her arm to show the guests the smart bracelet of Xinyi Technology. After the concert, Vena’s friends all praised the list. Looking at the list surrounded by reporters, they felt that the interview alone was like their product launch. This night alone saved them a lot of publicity. fee.

Luo Shu was in a meeting with his colleagues this day, just carrying things to see them. Watching Shan Shan and Luo Shu go out, Dale tells Si Yi that they are quite suitable, and he encourages Si Yi to bring them together. Then Luo Shu followed Shan Shan to her studio. She wanted him to listen to the music she wrote for him. Luo Shu was surprised. Just tell him that since her brother told her about him and Chuchen, she wanted to write a song for him and Chuchen, hoping to express their feelings.

Luo Shu expressed her gratitude to Shan Shan, because she wore their products, and now many customers are rushing to cooperate with them. Since she could only compose music, he hoped that she could help them make a sound design, and he readily agreed.

Zimo took Chuyao to the restaurant downstairs in the company. Chuyao didn’t want to eat here, because he was afraid that his colleagues would not have a good influence on seeing them together. As she said that a colleague came here, she hurriedly lowered her head and blocked her with Zimo. Zimo was very happy to see Chuyao being so close to herself. He gently stroked Chuyao’s hair with his hand, and asked Chuyao. Zimo told her whether the colleague had left, and Chuyao asked Zimo to take her away quickly.

Chang Dale took the opportunity of matching Luo Shu and Shan Shan to go further with Si Yi. He asked Luo Shu to cooperate with him. In the evening, he invited Luo Shu to call Shan Shan, and he called Shang Si Yi and the others to eat together. I was saying that Zimo was here, because Chuyao refused to let him go to the company or her house, and she was so busy at work. He asked Luo Shu to ask Chuyao out for dinner at night, and Luo Shu was entangled with them. Reluctantly agreed.

In the evening, Zimo called Chuyao, and he wanted to make an appointment with many people on the weekend to let her call Luo Shu. Chu Yao felt that they were all in pairs. Her brother was not very good to go alone. Zimo told her that she had been very close to Luo Shu recently, but Luo Shu refused to take her and asked Chu Yao to persuade him. After hanging up the phone, Chuyao called Luo Shu, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, and asked him to take him to the weekend party. Luo Shu did not want to go. Their words were heard by her mother, and she hurried over to persuade him to go, saying that he could not stay at home for a long time.

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