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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 9 Recap

My mother felt very strange seeing Chuchen on TV, so she called Chuyao and her brothers to go home. My father paced anxiously by the door. When he saw them entering the door, he hurriedly made gestures at them. Mom heard When the movement said, did you come back early in the morning? I asked again when no one should answer, and my wife quickly answered yes. Li Chuyao and Li Luoshu walked into the living room. Mother watched her son not speaking seriously. Luo Shu couldn’t help but smile and asked her why she stared at him. His mother asked him where he had gone. Before he could answer, his father pretended to ask the teacher and said that he didn’t take the exam and went to the exhibition. He actually learned to skip class.

Luo Shu cooperated with his father to say that he changed the time of the exam temporarily, so he made an appointment to go to the exhibition to take a look. Chu Yao also helped to say that his brother was too good. He took the results of the school research to the stage. The experts liked it very much. After hearing this, his mother was very happy and relieved. In the evening, Chuyao read Luoshu alone and drank beer and asked him what’s wrong. He felt that today was too dangerous and shouldn’t be interviewed by those reporters. Chuyao asked him not to blame himself too much. Didn’t it all go away? , I would be proud of him when I saw him in the early morning. She asked Luo Shu to do whatever she wanted, and she and her dad would support him.

The next day Luo Shu came to the company and saw that everyone was busy answering the phone, so he asked Niu Siyi what’s going on. Niu Siyi told him that they don’t lack investors. Now they don’t know how to choose if there are many investors. Everyone is morale. Cheer each other up. After reading Chuyao’s report, Mr. Han asked her to come into contact with Xinyi Technology again and probe their tone.

Chuyao went to pick up Luoshu from get off work. He said that he hadn’t been a reliable investor for a day and couldn’t help but congratulate him. Luoshu complained that she was really his sister. At this time, she was still making fun of him. She is the last investor representative he will meet today, and she also said that Zimo is also here, so let’s talk together. Next to Zimo’s car, Luo Shu looked at their quotation sheet. Zimo comforted Luo Shu that his dad’s conditions were indeed harsh this time, but he would persuade his father to invest more, and Chuyao asked Luo Shu to wait. Look.

Mr. Wu, who helps each other socially, has a company called Feiyi Technology in Hangzhou. He looked at the computer excitedly at the company, and he looked at the winning ticket. He felt that Li Luoshu worked hard and finally made him a wedding dress. He let his subordinates use the USB flash drive. Give it to the technical department for them to quickly make a copy. He wants to make Xinyi Technology completely collapse.

Zimo ran to his father’s office and said why his offer for Xinyi Technology was so low, and persuaded him to make additional investments to take down the project. At this time, Chuyao looked in at the door, and Mr. Han asked her to come in to introduce the exhibition. Chuyao said that the fitness software of Xinyi Technology is a disruptive product with huge market potential. No similar product can surpass it in a short time. Suddenly, President Han was very interested in Luo Shu, and wanted to see what he actually made his son speak for him so heart-and-heartedly. He asked Chu Yao to help him meet Luo Shu.

When he got home, Chuyao told Luo Shu about the matter, and then Luo Shu took Chang Dale to Longxiang to see President Han. Han is always surprised when he sees Luo Shu being so young. He thinks Luo Shu is a person who does great things. He will ask his subordinates to draw up the contract as soon as possible. When Luo Shu has any ideas, feel free to mention it.

After that, Chu Yao went to the supermarket to buy food with Luo Shu and Daqing and went home. He didn’t expect to see He Junzheng chatting with his mother as soon as he walked in. Chu Yao wanted to go back to the room but was stopped by her mother. He Jun told Li’s mother about the exhibition and also said that a kid named Han beat him. Li’s mother asked Chu Yao and Luo Shu if they knew this person named Han. Chu Yao didn’t say a word. Luo Shu shook his head and said that he didn’t know him. He Jun got up and left when he saw that they were ignorant of him.

Luo Shu told her mother that He Jun was running the train with his mouth full, and he was not worthy of his sister. However, his mother felt that He Jun was very caring for his sister and that he was very honest. She advised Chuyao not to have too much prejudice against He Jun. At this time, Chuyao received a call from Zimo to ask her to watch a movie, and she said that she could not go today. Hearing that He Jun had just left Zimo from her house and was very angry, he called Lin Yu and Li Yun out to give him advice. Lin Yu saw that Zimo was most worried about Chuyao’s mother and He Jun now, so he asked him to act as a couple in front of them, that is, not a couple is better than a couple, and when Chuyao gets used to them, they will naturally be together.

Early the next morning, Zimo picked up Chuyao from work and was still with her in the office. He was playing games while she was working. Chuyao looked at him with a big head and helplessness. At the beginning of the day after get off work, Zimo woke up the dozing Zimo, and Zimo wanted to take her home. She said that He Jun had come to her home to file a complaint. Now Zimo is a violent person in her mother’s heart. She told him not to Appeared near her home. Zimo was very annoyed when he heard that, so he ran to Luo Shu and begged him to find a way to drive He Jun away from Chuyao. It happened that Luo Shu was also annoyed by He Jun. He checked He Jun’s details and found that he was a hard man. The insurance salesman in the year had an idea, so Luo Shu asked Zimo to do something for him.

When Luo Shu came home, he saw He Jun again. He went to the kitchen to see Chuyao choosing vegetables. The two looked at each other helplessly. Mother asked Chuyao to speak with He Jun. She put down the vegetables in her hand very reluctantly. Walked over.

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