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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 4 Recap

In the early summer of 256 BC, an old rain rain did not enter Luoyi into the vast haze. Together with the fate of the emperor Ji Yan, he constantly interprets to the world what it means to be “under the fence”. This has experienced eight hundred years of prosperity and decline. The Zhou Dynasty will eventually be precarious and completely withdrawn from the stage of history.

After Qin defeated the Zhou Dynasty, King Qin’s grandson Ying Yan and the general of the State of Qin won Jiuding back to Xianyang. They unexpectedly encountered violent winds and waves when they passed through Surabaya. The boat they were on was overturned, causing Yuzhou Ding to fall into Surabaya. They all contracted the disease suddenly, and were subsequently escorted back to the city by Qin Jiang Heng Luan.

Jiuding means that the gods conferred the emperor, but now Jiuding lacks one, and with the sudden death of Yingji, Wang and Sun are seriously ill. Even if Yingji succeeds in winning the week, it is still a bad reputation. Perhaps because of this vision, since Bading was sent to the Taimiao Temple, Ying Ji has never waged a large-scale war against the six countries of Shandong. The person who can truly succeed him to complete his unification ambition is still on the verge of life and death, fighting against fate. test.

In the Handan prison of Zhao State, Yingzheng was drowned and killed by the jailer and was on the verge of dying. He then entered the dream of Yingji and walked towards the Zhangtai Palace with two shanks. He was seen sitting in the upright position. The two great-grandparents did not know each other. Ying Ji heard that he called himself a surname and threatened to take a big crown. When she woke up, she suddenly felt that the dream was pointing out and hurriedly called Taibu.

At the same time, Zhao Sheng ordered people to go to prison to pick up Zhao Ji’s mother and son. He originally planned to let him live in Handan, so that Qin Wugong Zhao Kushi could also be used in the future. He never thought that such an accident would happen. Zhao Ji mistakenly thought that Yingzheng was dead and knelt down in front of the body, but when Shen Yue arrived, she realized that Yingzheng was a suspended animation and still had a breath.

After days of treatment by the attendant, Ying Yiren woke up leisurely, and Lu Buwei finally let go of his heart. Based on the combination of dreams and celestial phenomena, Taibu deduced that the Qin country was full of vigor. According to Taishi’s prediction a hundred years ago, it means that there will be descendants of the surname to unify the world. Yingji learned that this person had already been born, and couldn’t help being very happy.

In the first half of the year, five years have passed in the blink of an eye. Ying Ji’s body is getting weaker and weaker. It is also known to all people in Qin State. When he was dying, he still called Yingzhu and his son. First, they should not forget to “go out”. , And immediately mentioned the previous dream predictions. Looking at all the descendants under his knees, only Ying Zheng is the most consistent, so he must be taken back to Xianyang.

Accompanied by the full house of “No Clothes” singing, Old Qin Wang Yingji ended his seventy-five years of life. Even if he failed to fulfill his ambitions until his death, he overthrew his foreign relatives in his forty-five years in power and continued to expand. The territory of the State of Qin strengthened the state of Qin, making it the most powerful country in the Warring States Period.

After Ying Ji passed away, he pursued the posthumous king Zhaoxiang, and the secret agent planted in Xianyang quickly spread the news to the Longtai Palace in Handan. Zhao Dan heard the news and was pleasantly surprised. He immediately joined the various ministries to discuss against Qin, taking advantage of the fact that Qin’s dragons had no leader, and the kingship alternated in one fell swoop. Break through Hangu. Zhao Sheng was worried that Qin Bing was still alive, and if he suddenly attacked, he might cause trouble, but Zhao Dan decided not to listen to his uncle’s advice.

In recent years, Zhao’s strength has gradually increased. Even if it did not show a strong desire to reintegrate the Three Jins in diplomacy, other countries are still afraid of it, especially Yan Guo has sent Prince Ji Dan as a pledge. Because Ji Dan and Ying Zheng are in the same situation, the two have become friends who talk about everything. Every time he returns from martial arts, he always goes to the Prince Dan’s house to stay for a while.

Coincidentally, Yingzheng picked up the wolf cub from the mountain, and originally wanted to ask Ji Dan for raw meat, but unexpectedly met the descendants of the Zhao family passing by by car. Zhao Yan is arrogant and domineering, and he hates foreign protons. In particular, Ying Zheng is not as good at flattering as others, so he often troubles him, including this time.

Prince Zhao Tu didn’t like to do evil and didn’t participate in it. Instead, Guo Kai relied on Zhao Yan’s identity as a fake fox and insulted Zhao Ji. This caused Ying Zheng to become angry and rushed to beat the two. Zhao Yan was embarrassed in public, snatched the wolf cub and threw him to death. As the scene fell into chaos, Zhao Sheng stopped drinking and took Zhao Tong and others away. After this incident, Ying Zheng learned a lot of truths from Shen Yue’s indoctrination, and even made his determination to return to China.

Now that Ying Yiren is registered as the Crown Prince, Ying Zhu will formally take the throne after the end of the funeral. Since the previous prime minister did nothing, he wanted to ask Ying Yiren’s attitude and whether there is a suitable candidate. Ying Yiren intends to recommend Lu Buwei, but Qian Chen also has this idea, hoping that Mrs. Hua Yang can come forward to make peace for him.

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