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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 43 Recap

Although Qian Xixi felt sad and blamed Duan Mu for treating Qian Xixi from her standpoint everywhere, but when Duan Mu asked Qian Xixi not to torture her with a pleading eye, Qian Xixi still did not have the heart to refuse. Qian Xixi returned to the old house alone, and whispered softly as he watched the painting of the growing tree left by his mother on the wall.

Duan Ran came to Rui to look for Qian Xixi. Everyone was off work. Only Yu Shi was there. Yu Shi chased Duan Ran to apologize and promised to repay the debt he owed Duan Ran in the next half of his life. Yu Shi had already paid off all his debts after voting for Ding Ding at that time. The reason why he wanted to serve as the CEO was to stay and protect Qian Xixi to protect Susu and the people he wanted to protect. He also said that he would be unconditional. To cooperate with Duan Ran, Duan Ran persuaded Yu Shi to raise his legs. Only when his legs were good, he could cooperate with him, and Yu Shi watched Duan Ran leave.

Ouyang formally proposed to resign. She also intends to hand over the work to Yu Shi and hand over her own brand of rattan to Qian Xixi. That is because she has the right to be independent, and Ding Ding knew that she could not retain Ouyang and had to agree.

Ouyang handed the Teng to Qian Xixi and persuaded Qian Xixi not to head-on with Mr. Ding. If the emotional matters are not cleared, you don’t need to worry too much. Qian Xixi was reluctant to leave Ouyang, and hoped that the two would have a chance to cooperate.

Chen Lang has cleaned up Yun completely since he was prompted by Zhang Jiayun last time. He wants to use Yun as a safe haven, and believes that Zhang Jiayun’s god assist must refer to Duan Ran them. Coke and Little Yellow Duck once again betrayed Chen Lang and were poached by Mr. Ding. Coke proposed to Ding Ding to give them the brand of pineapple.

Chen Lang could also understand that those people in Coke were like whetstones, constantly sharpening him, Zhang Jiayun seemed to be a place where the scabbard could hold the knife. Zhang Jiayun asked Mr. Wu to see Chen Lang and taught him how to win Mr. Wu, so that Chen Lang could find out what he had in common with Mr. Wu. Therefore, Chen Lang did not directly talk about cooperation when he met Mr. Wu this time, but talked about a lot of the similarities between the two and experienced some childhood things together, which also won Mr. Wu’s approval.

Duan Ran was fishing with Duan Shengyun, but accidentally kicked the kettle into the water. When the two people were too thirsty, they ran into a popsicle seller. Duan Ran wanted to buy more popsicles, but the other party persuaded Duan Ran to buy less. After eating a bad stomach, Duan Ran couldn’t help but praise the honesty of the popsicle seller. He learned from the popsicle seller that he is not actually making money, but hoping to let everyone taste the old popsicles. Duan Shengyun praised this popsicle seller, and felt that this sales method would be truly attractive and considerate. Duan Shengyun persuaded Duan to set off his lower figure, and go to QE as a floor manager to sharpen it. Duan Shengyun believed that Mr. Shen would not be difficult for Mr. Duan. There was no contradiction between him and Mr. Shen. It was just a difference in business philosophy.

Duan Ran took the initiative to ask Mr. Shen to apologize. Although Yu Shi’s leg was not the one he pushed down and injured, he also had certain responsibilities and made some adjustments to his unpragmatic mentality. He wanted to start from QE to temper himself. Mr. Shen was very pleased and immediately agreed. Originally, Manager Liu wanted to give Duan Ran some specialization so that he would not work so hard, but Duan Ran asked for the same treatment, which also made Manager Liu admired.

Mr. Shen and Ding Ding specially applied for bonuses for Qian Xixi. On the surface, they encouraged Qian Xixi’s current independent brands to do well. They also set up a special independent brand department for Qian Xixi to be responsible. In fact, they wanted to separate the vines for Under Yu Shiguan, Qian Xixi turned around and left the office, knowing that it was rising and falling. Qian Xixi was aggrieved and wept and was seen by Jiang Zheyang. Jiang Zheyang was coaxing Qian Xixi while his mother called and answered Jiang Zheyang. Jiang Zheyang was very angry and told her mother seriously no matter who said today. will not go.

When Duan Ran was patrolling the floors, he found that a perfume store was selling goods live, and the courier also pulled a lot of goods away. Duan Ran realized that their live broadcast in the store can make people intuitively see the products, so they are more popular Up.

Jiang Zheyang took Qian Xixi for a walk on the beach. The last time he learned about the change of CEO, he wanted to comfort Qian Xixi, but he was afraid that Duan Ran would be unwilling. At this time, he accompanied Qian Xixi to relax. Jiang Zheyang hoped that he could The person who brought Qian Xixi warm and happy.

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