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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 44 Recap

Jiang Zheyang felt that Qian Xixi and Duan Ran had nothing to do with each other, but Qian Xixi liked Duan Ran so firmly. Qian Xixi persuaded Jiang Zheyang to take a good look at the fans around him who like him. Jiang Zheyang thinks that no matter how many fans there are, no one is Qian Xixi, but Jiang Zheyang knows that Qian Xixi’s favorite person is Duan Ran, and Qian Hexi agreed to be a good buddy.

Duan Ran took some photos and sent them to Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi smiled happily, but he was already planning to leave. Old Qian had already started to look at the house in order to welcome Qian Xixi. Old Qian watched Qian Xixi cry. She looks distressed and fears that she will be hurt. Qian Xixi knows that Duan Ran has just found a new job now and is still adapting, so she doesn’t want to tell Duan Ran that she is going to leave at this time. After Duan Ran adapts, she will leave, hang up the phone and look at Duan Ran’s photo of Qian Xixi Cry.

Qian Xixi took the initiative to look for Duan Ran. Duan Ran also knew that Qian Xixi had been emptied. He also took Qian Xixi to buy a ring. Qian Xixi lied that he was in a bad state and that he would be in a mood later. Pick a good one. Qian Xixi also brought Duan Ran what he likes to eat, and feed Duan Ran as if there is nothing wrong with him. Qian Xixi thinks that Duan Ran is here as a floor manager to escape. If he can be in QE, he can at least give her strength. Yes, but now she can’t find her direction. Duan Ran persuaded Qian Xixi to give him time and let him adjust slowly. Now Rui Things has refreshed Duan Ran’s cognition.

Qian Xixi proposed to go abroad and asked Duan Ran for a short start, and thought that Duan Ran could help her out when he encountered difficulties before, but her girlfriend who was Duan Ran felt a failure. , When Duan Ran encountered something, she couldn’t do anything.

Zhang Jiayun also came to help Chen Lang as a god assist. First, he helped Chen Lang sign some anchors, and let Chen Lang arrange the next work and the training of these anchors. Chen Lang wanted to make an appointment with Zhang Jiayun for dinner on the weekend. Zhang Jiayun wanted to decline, but agreed again. Chen Lang was very happy about that.

Qian Xixi planned to go abroad to buy some gifts for Duan Shengyun and his wife. Duan Shengyun was reluctant to part with Qian Xixi, thinking that she suddenly went abroad because of work. Qian Xixi thought that Ding Ding was a good person and had his own opinions on the company. It will get better and better, but Ke Duan Burns does not recognize this. Qian Xixi thanked Duan Shengyun and his wife for their nurturing. Duan Ran offered to take the old money back, and the two took care of the three elderly people. Duan’s mother prevented Duan Ran from continuing. Qian Xixi hurriedly hid in the kitchen for fear of tears. , Duan’s mother also went to help, she knew that Qian Xixi’s heart was full of grievances.

Duan’s mother thanked Qian Xixi for leaving, and also worried about Qian Xixi from the bottom of his heart. She also specially transferred a sum of money to Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi felt very uncomfortable watching Duan’s mother cry. Duan Ran guessed something must have happened in the middle. A few days ago, when Qian Xixi was going to go abroad, his mother took Duan Shengyun mysteriously and said it for a long time. Qian Xixi didn’t tell Duan Ran what happened. Duan Ran held Qian Xixi’s hand again and begged Qian Xixi to stay, but Qian Xixi cruelly refused.

Chen Lang took Zhang Jiayun to go shopping, but the proprietress misunderstood that they were a couple. This time shopping made both of them very happy. Zhang Jiayun also realized through recent events that his previous lightness is actually an escape. At the same time, she also told Chen Lang that she had agreed to Duan Ran Qurui because she wanted to study abroad. Chen Lang promised to wait for her no matter how long Zhang Jiayun was there. Zhang Jiayun was moved to tears, but he also felt that being a man is to grow up in constant choices. At this time, Zhang Jiayun has obviously fallen in love with Chen Lang and is reluctant to leave, but he has to pursue his dream.

When Qian Xixi left the house, Duan Ran could not hold back, but in the end he was reluctant to give up Qian Xixi and told Qian Xixi to take care of herself. Qian Xixi secretly put the bank card given by Duan’s mother in the flowerpot at the door. Alongside, his eyes were filled with dismay. Looking at Duan’s family, especially dissatisfied, bid farewell to Duan Ran. Duan Ran almost shed tears several times.

Jiang Zheyang asked Ouyang to come out to share his thoughts. There are still too many resentments and regrets for Qian Xixi, but Ouyang believes that Duan Ran and Qian Xixi have gone through a lot of things. Others can’t walk in, so they should give up. Have to give up. Jiang Zheyang hopes that Ouyang can continue to go back and start his own business. Now his team is a mess. Many things need to be taught by Jiang Zheyang. Jiang Zheyang knows that Ouyang and his mother have different opinions and left, so he plans to have a good talk with his mother and promise in the future. Let Ouyang be the master.

Qian Xixi told Zhang Jiayun of her own affairs, and planned to leave the emotional matter to time to resolve. She didn’t know how Duan Ran would choose when she knew the truth, and she didn’t want to look at Duan Mu’s uncomfortable appearance.

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