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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 45 Recap

Qian Xixi and Zhang Jiayun spent the night in Rui’s office. They were filled with too much resentment to Rui. Thinking that all the ups and downs of Rui were full of their entrepreneurial figures, the two of them even gave the same gifts to Rui. To each other.

Duan Ran thinks that the live broadcast at the perfume store is very good. They used to live broadcast on the ship. It can be regarded as an advanced form of live broadcast. It can also let people directly see the products in it and answer everyone’s questions. Duan Ranxinxi took Chen Lang to combine entities with e-commerce, and Chen Lang believed that Duan Ran could only do this. Duan Ran also wanted to have a good chat with Qian Xixi at night, persuading Qian Xixi to stay, but Chen Lang told Duan Ran Qian Xixi and Zhang Jiayun to fly away today, persuading Duan Ran to go find Qian Xixi, Duan Ran is right Without knowing this, after hearing what Chen Lang said, he drove to find Qian Xixi.

Along the way, Duan Ran kept sending WeChat messages to Qian Xixi, persuading Qian Xixi to stay for a joint venture, and also said a lot of his own ideas. These ideas could not be completed without Qian Xixi. But Qian Xixi never responded. Duan Ran stepped on the throttle to the maximum and rushed to the airport, but did not catch up with Qian Xixi.

The car was also issued a ticket for parking illegally. When Duan Ran was desperate, Qian Xixi appeared behind him. It was not Qian Xixi who was going to leave. Today, she came to send Zhang Jiayun. Qian Xixi also saw Duan Ran’s message and saw Duan Ran crying in tears. Qian Xixi rushed over and jumped into Duan Ran’s arms.

Three months later, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi have been contacting the people at the bottom to join the live broadcast, such as fishermen, fruit people, and agricultural products. Everyone can do the live broadcast, and they can also help people in the whole village to sell products. Wind engenders water.

On the other hand, Mr. Shen and his son are planning to open the night of QE. When the time comes, Ding Ding will prepare the process and prove that there will be no need for physical stores in the future. The most convenient way for people is online shopping, so no one will support the entity and let the board of directors. All members approved his proposal.

Qian Xixi and Duan Ran did not break up but they were afraid of irritating Duan’s mother, so they kept concealing it. Duan Ran also swore that his career would not be a family. Duan’s mother is suffering from insomnia and psychological pressure is also very high. In order to relieve his mood, Duan Mu Saw a psychiatrist.

Qian Xixi and Duan Ran have signed 30 to 40 amateur live broadcasts, but Qian Xixi feels that if he wants to make his career bigger and do a good job in cloud live broadcast, he must cooperate with a large physical platform. The first choice is QE. Only in this way Recover the lost face and ground.

Yu Shi sent Duan Ran and Qian Xixi the flow sheet of the QE Night, but Ding Ding found out. Ding Ding asked Yu Shi to state the purpose of Duan Ran and they wanted the flow sheet. But Yu Shi said Unwilling to say anything, Ding Ding was expelled from the world in a rage, but Su Su and the fifth elder brother objected, accusing Ding Ding of not being qualified to be expelled from the world, and Ding Ding became even more angry and expelled the fifth elder brother and Su Su on the spot. If the night of QE is successful, Rui can monopolize QE, and Qian Xixi persuaded Duan Ran not to lose QE completely for the sake of the current face.

The five brothers and others had been secretly helping Qian Xixi in fear, but now they are all resigning collectively for Qian Xixi. Rui who does not have Qian Xixi is no longer Rui. Qian Xixi feels a little sorry for everyone, but he is very happy. , Celebrate collective unemployment with everyone, and then start a business together.

The board of directors also learned about the departure of the fifth brother and others. First of all, the independent brand designers are gone, and Jiang Zheyang can’t come. The question is how to fill in forty minutes, but Mr. Shen is full of confidence. Said they had a better way.

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