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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 46 Recap

In fact, on the surface, Mr. Shen is full of self-confidence, but in fact he has no certainty. He promised to explain the plan after the change in 20 minutes, but he was not sure at all. Cut out the video and ordered people to call Ding Ding.

In fact, Jiang Zheyang was unable to engage in QE night because of the sudden arrival of typhoon and heavy rain. All flights were stopped and it was impossible to get past. The cargo was also stranded in the Fuzhou warehouse, and logistics was also helpless. Seeing that Mr. Shen’s QE night was about to open the skylight, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran thought that it was an opportunity to show them. Qian Xixi called Ouyang to authorize her to pick up the goods. To get the goods, Duan Ran also contacted Mr. Shen to discuss cooperation. I believe Mr. Shen will not refuse them despite the helpless situation. He took the opportunity to take the QE entity and integrate it with the cloud live broadcast platform. Chen Lang sincerely extended his great support to Qian Xixi. thumb.

Ding Ding is also in distress here. The typhoon made them unable to broadcast live, and there are no goods to sell. Today is the night of QE. Many people are worried about opening the skylight. Ding Ding is willing to take the responsibility alone to help Mr. Shen to get rid of his responsibility. I am almost mad, and I believe the board of directors will definitely not understand. While everyone was talking about it, Chen Lang and Duan Ran went to QE to turn all the people with strong expressive skills into broadcasters.

When Qian Xixi and his fifth brother Su Su rushed to Rui, everyone had already gone home due to the typhoon. There was no one at all. The three planned to broadcast live on Rui. Duan Ran took Mr. Shen to see the situation. Duan Ran has prepared all the goods and broadcasters, and the goods are also on the way. At the same time, Duan Ran also put forward a condition that Cloud Live becomes a QE partner. , Otherwise Duan Ran immediately led the people to retreat. Mr. Shen admired Duan Ran’s ability and admitted that Ding Ding was simply incomparable, and he agreed to the cooperation between the two sides on the spot.

QE night broadcasts live broadcasts and live broadcasts from various regions. The counter sisters in various physical stores also start live broadcasts. The amateur live broadcasts are also promoted. An amateur can wear elegant clothes. Although it is very lively, the traffic is very average. , This also caused the board of directors to start accusing Mr. Shen.

Yuanyuan is now filming in Xiamen and is now a big star. After receiving Qian Xixi’s call, he immediately agreed to help drive traffic. Even because of the serious traffic jam due to typhoon and rain, Yuanyuan was picked up by Qian Xixi with a triple jumper. Yes, I was exposed to rain, but I thought it was worth it for Qian Xixi Yuanyuan. If Qian Xixi hadn’t supported her, there wouldn’t be the current success Yuanyuan. Bai Siyu has also made his own coffee shop, which is very popular, and now she has also attracted Rui to help, and her popularity is rising.

Zhang Jiayun pulls foreign celebrities abroad to help gather popularity. The 28 live broadcasts have tens of millions of traffic. These real data make Chen Lang and Duan Ran excited. Chen Lang looked at Zhang Jiayun with love in his eyes. This woman is also worthy of him to love for a lifetime. QE Night was a great success and set a new record of previous physical sales. The board of directors also praised Mr. Shen. Mr. Shen Proud to say that this is plan B he prepared.

Although Yuanyuan has left Rui, she pays attention to Rui’s every move. When she leaves, she encourages Qian Xixi, the harder and harder, the more he should work hard, be the person she wants to be, and believe that Qian Xixi will succeed. .

Mr. Shen asked Duan Ran privately, hoping that Mr. Duan could support him on the board of directors tomorrow to cancel the physical store and turn it into catering and entertainment. In Mr. Shen’s view, those people would not agree, but Xiao Duan would agree if he agreed. Duan Ran did not comment, but at the meeting the next day, Duan Ran suddenly proposed a joint entity and live broadcast plan instead of a one-time cancellation of the entity. Duan Ran’s proposal was unanimously approved by the board of directors, and the plan was produced by Duan Shengyun from.

When Duan Shengyun was fishing, President Shen came to him. President Shen admired Duan Shengyun’s plan. He felt that if Duan Shengyun could put forward a plan before, he would not target Duan Shengyun, but Duan Shengyun thought it was because he was kicked out that he wanted to perfect the plan. Duan Shengyun proposed to let President Shen continue to be in charge of QE, and the two of them were Meng Bu defocused.

Ding Ding was beaten down this time, and he felt very angry and always felt that he could not win Duan Ran anyway. He had already hit Duan Ran and Qian Xixi to the bottom, but he didn’t expect that the two could still come back, but Duan Ran thought that this industry There are great variables, and it is their love for this industry that supports their ultimate success.

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