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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 30 Recap

Lan Qiaoqiao didn’t want to miss Xu Qingfeng, and wanted to rely on him to take root in this city and live the life she wanted. Xu Xiulan begged Lan Qiaoqiao to let Xu Qingfeng go, and also for the sake of those patients who made appointments online for Xu Qingfeng’s surgery. , She knew her with reason and moved with affection, Lan Qiaoqiao refused to forgive her, grasped Xu Qingfeng’s failure of surgery that caused her father’s death, insisted on marrying Xu Qingfeng, Xu Xiulan was willing to agree to all her conditions, as long as Not to mention marriage, Lan Qiaoqiao just doesn’t let her go. Xu Xiulan would rather not let Xu Qingfeng be a doctor, nor would she allow Xu Qingfeng to marry a femme fatale like her. Lan Qiaoqiao will be ruthless before leaving, and she will pursue Xu Qingfeng to the end.

Xu Qingfeng personally came to the airport to pick Guan Yuqing off from get off work, and gave her a large bouquet of roses. Guan Yuqing was very happy. She specially bought Xu Xiulan aromatherapy and spices, and wanted her to get rid of her pain as soon as possible. Xu Qingfeng didn’t want to be idle at home. He wanted to go to Africa to participate in the international medical assistance project. He went to Gao Jianling for consultation at the first time. Gao Jianling saw that he had decided and agreed to contact him immediately.

Xu Xiulan was not willing to go to Africa for Xu Qingfeng, but in the end she supported his decision. Guan Yuqing promised to come with Xu Xiulan whenever she had time. Guan Zhenlei and Li Aiguo have been waiting for Dazhi to take the profit from today’s shoe-making. Dazhi did not respond. Guan Zhenlei called him to urge him. Dazhi was dealing with it. He asked Guan Zhenlei to take the money to Li Aiguo first, and promised to transfer it to him once it was handled. Guan Zhenlei had to follow suit.

Guan Zhenlei didn’t wait until Dazhi transferred the money, so he called him. His mobile phone was turned off. Guan Zhenlei realized that the situation was not good, so he hurried to the company to find someone. When he saw that there were many debtors around the door, he knew that Dazhi had already taken the money. Qian absconded, and the security of the building claimed that Dazhi was a liar, and Guan Zhenlei was immediately dumbfounded. When the police arrived, Guan Zhenlei filled out his situation in detail.

Guan Zhenlei did not dare to go home to face Li Bei, Li Aiguo and Zhao Mei. He sent a message asking Dazhi to pay half of his investment. Unexpectedly, Dazhi blacked him out. Guan Zhenlei was completely desperate. He went home in despair. Li Aiguo saw it at a glance. He has concerns, and Guan Zhenlei lied that it was because of the transfer of the house, and Li Aiguo had doubts.

Chen Zhijun was eating alone in a restaurant and suddenly received a message from his colleague. The colleague found Lan Qiaoqiao’s account in Xianyu. Chen Zhijun opened the website and saw that Lan Qiaoqiao had all the gifts he gave him hanging on Xianyu to sell. Sun Xiaobai’s friend was very interested in Guan Yunyu’s article on light food, and wanted to ask her to find time to discuss cooperation. Sun Xiaobai hurriedly called Guan Yunyu to inform him.

Gao Jianling called out the surveillance video in the corridor of the cardiac surgery ward. He deliberately found the video from the night before Lan Shuanzhu’s operation. She found that Lan Qiaoqiao had violated the doctor’s instructions to feed Lan Shuanzhu. Gao Jianling hurriedly found the nurse on duty that day. I know that Lan Qiaoqiao is feeding her father. Xu Qingfeng came to Lan Qiaoqiao’s hometown and found that there were panax notoginseng powder and ginseng tonic on the table. She suspected that Lan Qiaoqiao had fed Lan Shuanzhu soup with these tonics.

Grandma Lan suddenly coughed, Xu Qingfeng hurriedly went over and asked for warmth. Lan Qiaoqiao heard the news, and sweared at Xu Qingfeng, calling him a murderer. Xu Qingfeng only wanted to know that Lan Qiaoqiao had fed Lan Shuanzhu the night before the operation. What kind of soup, Grandma Lan suddenly fainted, Lan Qiaoqiao forced Xu Qingfeng away, and even threatened that Xu Qingfeng would never be a doctor in her life.

Guan Zhenlei lost his money, so he had to come to his father for help. His father was not at home. Guan Zhenlei went out and saw Guan Yuqing coming back with her parents. Without saying anything, she took Guan Yuqing to the transfer house, and Guan Yuqing promised to accompany him to go through the procedures early tomorrow morning. Guan Zhenlei resolutely refused to do it and forced Guan Yuqing to leave. Thanks to Xu Qingfeng’s time to stop him, Guan Zhenlei was so angry that he yelled and complained that his parents now like Xu Qingfeng and ignored him. Guan Zhenlei suddenly received a friend’s advice. Call, he had to go first.

Guan Yuqing accompanies Xu Qingfeng to go home to pack her luggage. Xu Qingfeng prepares a gift for Guan Yuqing and promises to give it to her when she comes back from Africa. The two reluctantly say goodbye. Guan Zhenlei squatted at the door of Dazhi’s company for three days, and suddenly saw a figure sneaking back. Guan Zhenlei rushed over. He didn’t expect that the person was Li Aiguo. Li Aiguo felt that Guan Zhenlei had something wrong recently, so he sneaked into Dazhi’s company. The money absconded, Li Aiguo’s life’s private money was lost overnight, and he fainted on the spot because of the anger.

Guan Zhenlei sent Li Aiguo to the hospital. Li Aiguo remained unconscious. Zhao Mei called Guan Zhenlei to be held accountable. She learned the whole story and taught Guan Zhenlei a severe lesson. Li Bei complained that Guan Zhenlei was not reliable, and Zhao Mei persuaded Li Bei to leave him. . Since Xu Qingfeng left, Guan Yuqing has often taken care of Xu Xiulan. Xu Xiulan is very grateful.

Guan Yuyun received many orders every day, she was too busy to deal with, but Chen Zhijun was bored, because Lan Qiaoqiao took away most of the customers, he could not complete the tasks assigned by the boss on time, and was in danger of being fired. Chen Zhijun Worried.

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