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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 31 Recap

Chen Zhijun’s life was struggling, and Chenchen’s teacher called again to call for the activity fee of 50,000 yuan. Chen Zhijun desperately called for bank credit to mortgage the house. Guan Yuqing asked Gao Jianling about the progress of Xu Qingfeng’s incident and learned that Lan Qiaoqiao had fed soup to Lan Shuanzhu the night before her surgery.

Guan Yuqing went to Guan Yuqing’s hometown and saw that there were tonics such as panax notoginseng and ginseng at home. Knowing that Lan Qiaoqiao had fed her father the soup with these tonics, Guan Yuqing determined that the cause of the death of Lan Shuanzhu’s massive hemorrhage was to drink this bowl of soup for promoting blood circulation.

Lan Qiaoqiao didn’t believe that she killed her father. She couldn’t accept the fact and tried to conceal her inner fear. Guan Yuqing saw that Lan Qiaoqiao’s life was difficult at home and her grandmother was in bed. She also guessed why Xu Qingfeng didn’t expose Lan. Qiao Qiao just didn’t want to make her suffer more. Guan Yuqing reminded Lan Qiaoqiao to explain the truth, and also Xu Qingfeng was innocent. Lan Qiaoqiao was confused and didn’t want to continue listening to this, so she forced Guan Yuqing to leave.

Soon afterwards, Lan Qiaoqiao took the initiative to explain the situation to the hospital, confirming that Lan Shuanzhu was caused by drinking a large tonic soup containing notoginseng and ginseng before the operation. The hospital cancelled the suspension of Xu Qingfeng’s punishment. Gao Jianling thanked Guan Yuqing To help. Guan Yuqing and Guan Yongnian came to see Xu Xiulan and reported the good news to her, but Xu Xiulan was deeply self-blaming and unable to extricate herself. She regretted introducing Lan Qiaoqiao to Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yuqing and Guan Yongnian’s hard persuasion was of no avail.

Guan Yuqing called Xu Qingfeng, but couldn’t reach him, Guan Yuqing was anxious. At this time, Xu Qingfeng drove the small patient Alando to the hospital in the city for treatment. He drove through the African desert when he suddenly encountered a sandstorm and the car was buried in the sand nest. Xu Qingfeng exhausted his efforts. Only after coming out of the window, he pulled Alando out to move on. Alando gradually became exhausted, and Xu Qingfeng hurried back to him. The two of them were so dry by the sun above them that there was only a bottle of water beside them.

Xu Qingfeng wanted to call for help, but there was no signal on the mobile phone. Seeing that the sky was about to get dark, Xu Qingfeng did not dare to delay. He picked up Alando and returned to the place where the car was stranded, waiting for the rescue team to arrive. Suddenly, Guan Yuqing received a call from the staff of the Raman rescue station and learned that Xu Qingfeng had encountered a sandstorm in order to send a small patient to the city for medical treatment. The rescue team searched for no result. Guan Yuqing packed his luggage and flew to Raman without saying anything.

Guan Yuqing came to the rescue station in Raman, learned in detail about Xu Qingfeng’s driving route, and decided to find it herself. She asked her former colleague in African Airlines for help. Xu Qingfeng and Alando were trapped in the desert for more than 70 hours. The only bottle of water was about to drank, and before the rescue team was waiting, Xu Qingfeng suddenly remembered that Guan Yuqing used the reflection of the mirror to signal for help. Take off the rearview mirror of the car and place it on the roof.

An African colleague prepared a helicopter for Guan Yuqing. She drove the plane to search in the desert every day, but she found nothing. Guan Yuqing refused to give up. She flew in the sky during the day and only had a meal and rest at night. She cheered up and continued her search. The effort paid off. Guan Yuqing finally found the stranded car five days later. When Xu Qingfeng saw Guan Yuqing getting off the helicopter, his excitement was overwhelming and the two embraced.

Xu Qingfeng ended his one-month medical assistance. He left the Raman area in a helicopter piloted by Guan Yuqing, and medical staff came to see them off. After Xu Qingfeng was so innocent, he returned to work in Yanxi Hospital. Zhang Ran and Lin Jie couldn’t wait to see him and announced their marriage.

Sun Xiaobai helped Guan Yun to contact the new media. Guan Yun published articles about light food. Guan Yun’s articles were simple and unpretentious and were killed by the editors. Sun Xiaobai encouraged her not to give up. Guan Yunyi would modify it again and again, which can be clicked. Still very few, Sun Xiaobai gave many feasible suggestions to Guan Yu. As Sun Xiaobai worked hard and was quickly promoted to captain, Guan Yuqing congratulated him and thanked him for his continuous help to Guan Yunyi. Xu Qingfeng was formally engaged in intense work. He took time to go to the store to order a diamond ring and wanted to propose to Guan Yuqing.

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