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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 32 Recap

Xu Qingfeng asked Guan Yuqing to meet and wanted to propose to her. Xu Qingfeng came to the agreed place early and suddenly received a call from Lin Jie. He learned that a major operation was added to the emergency department. He rushed back to the hospital and called Guan Yuqing. To explain the situation, Guan Yuqing was taking a taxi and had to turn around halfway home. This was a major operation. Xu Qingfeng had done it for ten hours. He was exhausted and slept directly on the bench in the locker room.

Guan Yuqing rushed to hear the news and saw Xu Qingfeng’s haggard look. She was very distressed and asked Xu Qingfeng to propose to her here. Xu Qingfeng felt sad, but Guan Yuqing didn’t want to wait anymore. Xu Qingfeng took out her ring to show Guan Yuqing Love, the two kissed affectionately.

Li Aiguo finally woke up. He wanted to see Guan Zhenlei the first time. Li Bei hurriedly called Guan Zhenlei. Li Aiguo directly asked Guan Zhenlei to divorce Li Bei. Guan Zhenlei’s bitter pleading was of no avail. Guan Zhenlei pushed all the blame to Dazhi and Guan Yuqing. In his body, Li Bei was completely disappointed in him and forced him away.

Xu Qingfeng went home to see her mother, and invited her to Guan Yuqing’s house for dinner. Xu Xiulan hadn’t walked out of the shadow caused by Lan Qiaoqiao and asked Xu Qingfeng to go to the door to eat by herself. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi had a busy day preparing food for Xu Qingfeng. Guan Zhenlei couldn’t understand how good his parents were to Xu Qingfeng. They publicly proposed to mortgage their parents’ house to Li Aiguo. Guan Yuqing refused to agree, and Guan Zhenlei said it. The anger spread all over her, Guan Yuqing slapped Guan Zhenlei severely in anger, and Guan Zhenlei left in anger.

Guan Yongnian considered repeatedly and persuaded Guan Yuqing to transfer the house to Guan Zhenlei. Guan Yuqing wanted to give Guan Zhenlei the house to marry, but she did not agree to pay him off the debt. Guan Yuqing took Guan Zhenlei to the transfer early in the morning. Guan Zhenlei left with the real estate certificate without saying a word. Xu Qingfeng then rushed to send Guan Yuqing and Guan Yongnian home.

Guan Zhenlei took the real estate certificate and went to Li Bei. Li Bei was moving with his parents and filed for divorce with Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei claimed that everything was done for Li Bei, but Li Bei insisted on divorcing him. Guan Zhenlei told Li Bei. Stalking, Li Aiguo came to hear the news and punched Guan Zhenlei severely, and his forehead was bleeding. Guan Zhenlei hurriedly went to the hospital to bandage. Xu Qingfeng helped him clean up his wound and gave him a good word to persuade him, but Guan Zhenlei kept claiming that Xu Qingfeng was the culprit, and Xu Qingfeng was speechless.

Guan Zhenlei returned home from the hospital and found that Zhao Mei, Li Aiguo, and Li Bei were no longer there. Their clothes and daily necessities were all gone. Guan Zhenlei was anxious and quickly called Li Bei. Li Bei was out of anger, and Guan Zhenlei kept going. After calling, Li Bei just told him coldly to find time to divorce.

Guan Zhenlei ran all the way to Li’s house to beg Li Bei, repeatedly confessed his mistakes to Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo, and showed them the real estate certificate. Guan Zhenlei begged Li Aiguo to give him a way out. Li Aiguo severely taught him a meal and Zhao Mei persuaded him to go back. Calm down, Guan Zhenlei didn’t dare to leave, worrying that he would never be able to save Li Bei if he left. Zhao Mei agreed to help him persuade Li Bei, and Guan Zhenlei left in angrily.

Zhao Mei was moved by reason and sentimental to Li Beixiao, and persuaded her to think carefully before saying that Li Bei didn’t want to have such an invisible life. Zhao Mei realized that Guan Zhenlei really cared about Li Bei, so he would treat her Li Aiguo’s words followed, Zhao Mei worried that Li Bei would never find a man who loved her more than Guan Zhenlei, and persuaded Li Bei to think about it.

The number of clicks on articles about light food published by Guan Yuyi on the Internet is steadily increasing. The website must vigorously promote her articles. If you use model photos as illustrations, you will have to pay a certain fee. Guan Yuyi decides to take pictures and promote it by herself. Chen Zhijun asked Xiaowu to hang up the house to the agency. He rented a small house to settle down temporarily. Chen Zhijun suddenly saw Guan Yunyi’s light food being up and down, and wanted to get back to her.

Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing chose a wedding room, and they also chose a suitable residence for Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi in the community. Guan Yongnian was overwhelmed, but Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing had decided. Chen Zhijun ordered a light meal for Guan Yuyi, and Guan Yuyi was quickly delivered to the designated location.

Chen Zhijun asked Guan Yuyou about the cold. Guan Yuyou heard that he did not go to school to see Chenchen last week. He wanted to raise tuition for Chenchen. Chen Zhijun insisted on paying it alone. For this fee, Chen Zhijun repeatedly explained that he and Lan Qiaoqiao had no substantive relationship, regretted divorcing Guan Yunyu, and Guan Yunyu didn’t speculate with him, so he quickly found an excuse and left.

Guan Zhenlei borrowed wine to pour his sorrow and drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. He came to Guan Yuqing in drunkenness to settle accounts. Guan Yongnian advised him not to make trouble today. Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng were about to get their marriage certificates. Guan Zhenlei was even more angry. Li Bei is about to divorce him, Guan Yuqing’s good deeds are coming, and he is heartbroken. Guan Zhenlei talked about his love history with Li Bei to his parents. Guan Yuqing brought Guan Zhenlei a sober soup. He picked it up and drank it, pulled his parents to cry and laugh, and finally fell into Guan Yongnian’s arms, crying and crying. , Guan Yuqing looked anxious in her eyes.

Guan Yuqing helped her parents put Guan Zhenlei back into the room. She slept on the sofa in the living room. At midnight, Guan Zhenlei called Guan Yuqing up for a drink. Guan Yuqing had to go to work tomorrow and promised to find time to accompany him again. Guan Zhenlei refused to forgive and forced Guan Yuqing. Chase Li Bei back, or else he won’t end up with her. Guan Zhenlei poured a can of beer on Guan Yuqing’s head and kept celebrating her marriage.

Guan Yuqing struggled desperately and pushed Guan Zhenlei aside. When Guan Yongnian heard the news, he mistakenly thought that Guan Yuqing had beaten Guan Zhenlei, and gave Guan Yuqing a meal, and then put Guan Zhenlei into the house.

Xu Qingfeng brought a sumptuous breakfast early in the morning, and Guan Yongnian personally fed it to Guan Zhenlei. He just lay on the sofa and played games, and also disliked the buns Xu Qingfeng bought.

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