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The Stage 装台 Episode 10 Plot

Sufen explained that Yang Bo was just her own student, and she just said a few words to him. Chrysanthemum asked her what she was doing in the opposite room, Sufen held her breath, that is, after a few words, she turned her head and went out.

Shunzi went to the photo studio. He thought that he still had to make a good wedding with Sufen, and it wouldn’t be wasting to follow him seriously. Chrysanthemum asked Uncle Scar to ask him to ask Yang Bo. Uncle Scar came to the house with his hands behind his back and let Yang Bo squat on the ground. This serious interrogation made Yang Bo tell the whole story.

Shunzi happily returned home with three rounds, Juhua went downstairs and pulled him out. Sufen’s ex-husband was sentenced for murdering a man. Chrysanthemum pulled the shunzi and ordered food again. He said uncleanly that maybe it was Sufen’s adultery that caused his life. Shunzi lowered his head without saying a word, just drinking by the glass. The chrysanthemum pretended to be filial, and delivered the dishes to the Shunzi bowl. But Shunzi couldn’t let go, she knew her own business, and didn’t want to talk to Chrysanthemum.

After returning home, Sufen had already packed her luggage. She told Shunzi about her relationship with Yang Bo and her previous marriage. However, I didn’t mention a word about my ex-husband and the detailed reasons for leaving. She insisted that if Shunzi stopped asking, she would live together, and if she asked, she would go. Shunzi saw the diamond ring on the bedside and took it out to Sufen. In the past, he didn’t ask any more, after all, it was important for Sufen to live with him in the future.

But even though he said that, Shunzi was still up and down. He frowned and walked around in Chrysanthemum’s room. He was stunned by Chrysanthemum. He himself did not dare to make a decision. Now he pretended to be very pretentious in front of him. It is said that her daughter is the lover of her father in the previous life, but Shunzi has not received much comfort in Juhua, only hurting constantly.

He was upset and went out after riding a tricycle before eating. Sufen also knew that he was always awkward. Seeing Yang Bo who was peeping the series on the other side, Sufen told him aloud that if he did this again, he would blow his pillow and let Shunzi drive him away. Chrysanthemum sneered at her. The opposite was paranoid Yang Bo, and the shrew Chrysanthemum behind him. Sufen was destined to be difficult to calm down this day.

Shunzi was sitting on the side of the road, listening to the Qin Opera of the old people’s entertainment and singing. This enjoyment is not much worse than that of Sister Dan’s teahouse. Sister Dan played vigorously on stage and sang, but she really had a good voice. There were a lot of people in the audience who made her red. When the iron buckle came in, they made 30 red. Sister Dan reprimanded him for making five dollars by putting up a red. Why is he so proud. The iron buckle really loves his wife, he married Sister Dan just to make her live a good life. Tie Kou took out his savings over the years and invested in a large-scale commercial show. After all, wealth is all about risk.

Shunzi was about to stand in front of the people and sing a few words, but when he buckled a phone call, he rode away on his tricycle. The iron buckle is now a big project, and the labor cost of just installing the station can be 100,000. Shunzi is happy, drinking and flattering, so she coaxes the iron clasp to find more work for herself.

Shunzi called out all his brothers, including Yang Bo. This time it was a big deal, and they didn’t have enough staff, so they had to find more people. When Yang Bo heard that there was not enough manpower, he quickly asked Sufen if he could go, so Sufen went by himself. This made Shunzi feel uncomfortable when he heard this. He turned his head and told Yang Bo to have a team spirit. Since the job was taken over, he had the final say whether to go or not.

People in the 20s also have to take care of their meals. Instead of letting others earn the money, it is better to give it to Sufen. Chrysanthemum watched the two people downstairs filling a car full of things with a smile, holding Xiao Hei downstairs and making fun of it because they were going to elope. Knowing that Shunzi was going to go for several days, Chrysanthemum grabbed the money in his pocket. Anyway, money is more important to her than her father.

Shunzi carried Sufen, with a group of brothers riding three wheels behind him speeding on the dirt road in the suburbs. Sufen rarely showed a smile, and the feeling of the breeze blew her mood. Seeing that it was almost at the destination, the road was washed away by the flood.

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