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The Stage 装台 Episode 9 Plot

Sufen put on the new clothes Shunzi bought for her, and the army urged him not to bring any money. This meal was for his sister-in-law to eat. Shunzi, who was going to get in the car, looked at her daughter’s stern gaze, and was so scared that she would be dizzy after sitting in the car. Then she rode a tricycle and Sufen to the hotel.

Dajun saw that Juhua and Shunzi were not dealing with each other. He used Engels’ famous saying that “marriage without love is immoral” to persuade Juhua that Shunzi and her biological mother are the tragedies of the times. Chrysanthemum knew it well, but she couldn’t get past this hurdle in her heart. Sufen went to wash her hands, how could Chrysanthemum let go of this opportunity to be alone. She stopped Sufen and reprimanded Sufen that it was a meal for the Diao family. She was an outsider who occupies the house. What should she do when her mother comes back?

Chrysanthemum threatened Sufen with her intention to leave. Sufen felt uncomfortable, but she had no choice but to take the initiative to leave. Shunzi came out to find Sufen. Shunzi, who was educated by the army with a stick since childhood, had a very small temper. He begged Chrysanthemum not to make trouble in front of the army. The army called them to go back to the house for dinner, and kept persuading Chrysanthemum during the dinner that no one has the right to interfere in this free love. Chrysanthemum has always been a spoiler. Sufen is very embarrassed by breaking the bun and talking about her biological mother.

After the meal, in front of the army, Shunzi pulled out the DNA test of the Public Security Bureau, and the army who mistakenly thought it was a paternity test panicked. Shunzi comforted her eldest brother and told Juhua that the blood on the tongs was on her head. It was her mother who hit her with the tongs and followed others. Juhua didn’t know where she was. She wanted to use this to deceive herself. She tore up the identification report and left the hotel angrily.

Sufen came back to help Shunzi rub her back, and the diamond ring on her hand made her feel uncomfortable. Shunzi took the diamond ring and drew it on the glass, and it really made a mark. He put the ring on Sufen’s hand, and wanted to go to Sufen to make up the marriage certificate. Sufen felt helpless when thinking of Chrysanthemum’s attitude. Shunzi dragged the antique wooden chair out of the room, watching and sitting again, unhappy.

When the army returned to the south, Shunzi hummed a little song to paint the chairs, and chrysanthemum kicked the door and came in, saying that she could not live in a good place, but she just wanted to guard the house for her mother and not let others enter the room. Chrysanthemum, who was unclear and grumpy, went upstairs, glaring at Yang Bo, who was looking across the room and yelling.

Tiekou’s daughter-in-law has to go to the teahouse to sing to earn money. Tiekou feels ashamed to stop her, but Sister Dan dislikes that Tiekou makes little money in the Qinqiang Tuan. When can she buy a car with that little money. Shunzi came to see Teacher Dou again with a pot helmet. Teacher Dou hummed Kunqu opera, feeling that there are too few people who can play Kunqu opera in Xi’an. Shunzi helped to fill the flowers. He asked why Teacher Dou had not renewed the string. Teacher Dou ate the pot helmet and said with a smile that he could never find someone better than his wife. Shunzi and Teacher Dou talked about Sufen, and Teacher Dou was happy for him to finally find a good wife to live a normal life.

Shunzi rode three rounds to pull Teacher Dou. With his encouragement, Shunzi strengthened his belief in living with Sufen. The two were eating mutton soup noodles and drinking wine and chatting on the side of the road. What Shunzi admired most was those in the regiment who had formal jobs, who could live a leisurely life every day after being laid off. But this day will never come back in the past, and will not be expected in the future. Only the bowl of mutton soup noodles is the most real.

Yang Bo came to Shunzi’s door to see Sufen, but was bumped by Chrysanthemum. Yang Bo told Juhua Sufen that she came here because something went wrong at home, and he didn’t worry about coming over to do the stage decoration work. Chrysanthemum has grasped Sufen’s handle, yin and yang belittle her, because she wants to regain her life by relying on Shunzi. Sufen drove Yang Bo away, but she vaguely felt that the shadow that followed her would be the culprit that swallowed herself.

Sufen thought about it back and forth in the house with her heart in mind, and made up her mind. She packed her things into the refrigerator and opened the door to the opposite house to find Yang Bo. As soon as she walked in, she knew that this was a house specially selected by Yang Bo. Since Yang Bo knew that Sufen was married, he dropped out of school and went home to work as a farmer.

Later, the County Public Security Bureau posted a notice that Sufen’s love had something wrong. He had been looking for Sufen because of his love for Sufen. Sufen told Yang Bo righteously that the court had already made a verdict on what happened at home and that he did not want to live in the shadow of the past, and his new life had nothing to do with him. Yang Bo stood up excitedly, Sufen will always be his teacher in his heart.

Sufen stood up frightened and ran back home. She went upstairs to explain to Chrysanthemum, but felt that she didn’t need to explain to her. Chrysanthemum locked the door of the room to block Sufen’s way, unceremoniously calling Sufen the vixen, and asked her to clarify the matter with Yang Bo.

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