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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 4 Recap

Gao Shan took the place of Deng Li to send information to Lin Wo. Lin Wo acted decisively and lied to Mr. Zhou that Gao Shan was her assistant. Lin Wo showed Mr. Gao Gao’s investment plan to Mr. Zhou. After Mr. Zhou read the information, Mr. Da was impressed. He planned to take the investment plan back. Lin Wo was very grateful for the plan made by Gao Shan, which made the meeting so smooth.

Seeing that Lin Wo’s legs and feet were inconvenient, Gao Shan stepped forward to pick her up and drove Lin Wo to see the client. After the meeting with Wo, Gao Shan bought her a pair of flat shoes, and asked her to change it back to the hospital with herself. Lin Wo couldn’t help but feel touched by the flat shoes.

Gao Shan hoped that Lin Wo could talk to the reporter well. Lin Wo felt that the salary of Nanke deducted the employees’ wages. She was responsible to the recommended candidates and had her own position. When she was interviewed by the reporter, she was afraid that Li Wei would be retaliated. Li Wei’s name, Gao Shan feels that this is an industry rule she needs to follow as a headhunter.

After the interview, Lin Wo saw the news that Xinnan was peacefully solving the problem with the troubled employees, and felt very puzzled. At this time, Li Wei called Lin Wo and said that Mo Zi was bought by Xinnan. Lin Wo suspected that this was something. What Gaoshan did, so Wu Dongna drove her to Gaoshan’s home. When she was not sure about the truth of the matter, she indiscriminately scribbled Gaoshan, feeling that she was cheated.

Gaoshan wanted to explain to Linwo, but Linwo Don’t believe me, Wu Dongna thinks that Xinnan has a professional team of lawyers. Even if things get messed up, it can be delayed for two or three years. But for those employees, they can’t wait that long, and things are not that simple.

Lin Wo was very sad and felt that he could not help Li Wei. Gao Gao took out the parts of Xinnan, saying that the parts produced by Xinnan were likely to have problems. Due to the problem of the capital chain, they used defective products to fill the holes. The layoffs are also to save expenses, but he didn’t expect things to get worse. Gao Shan wanted Lin Wo to leak the news and let the situation ferment naturally. In this way, Xinnan would naturally give Li Wei and the others satisfactory compensation in order to put out the fire. Lin Wo guessed that Gao Shan did this to make the project yellow as a gift to Wan Jiahe, while Lin Wo needed to send the parts to the quality supervision department so that Gao Shan could also stay out of the matter, so as not to catch the fire.

Lin Wo thought for a moment and felt himself He was the most suitable candidate and was willing to act according to Gao Shan’s plan. Sure enough, one group had an accident. The company decided to abandon the case. Gao Shan was secretly happy. Wan Jia and praise Gao Shan handled well, but Meng Hui was expelled. Very angry, he rushed to Gaoshan and punched him severely. Gaoshan went to the bathroom to treat the wound. When he met Sun Li, he handed Gaoshan a piece of paper, which Gaoshan accepted.

Wu Dongna first congratulated Gao Shan for winning Wan Jiahe, and persuaded him to come to Ding to help herself, and promised to let him sit on the position of vice president within two years, but Gao Shan refused to cooperate and Wu Dongna’s love.

Lin Wo was worried that if Xinnan were to know that the person reporting was her, Fangda might get into trouble and even be maliciously blocked. At this time, Deng Li received a debt collection call from the property, and the other party said that he would give him another five days at most. .

Zhao Xiaomo, general manager of the investment and research department of Jinshi Group, came to Fangda and wanted Lin Wo to help find Wan Jiahe from the Skyscraper Group. Lin Wo felt that Zhao Xiaomo was very strange. Vivian had already left, plus the recent incident of Xin Nan. It is impossible for him to not know. Deng Li felt that Lin Wo was suspicious, and persuaded her to take Zhao Xiaomo’s order to solve the rent problem. Lin Wo felt that if she wanted to dig Wanjia and he would definitely meet Gao Shan, but she didn’t want to see Gao Shan. She is very tangled.

Wan Jiahe was not feeling well and was about to take medicine. When he met Sun Li, he didn’t want Sun Li to know about his illness, so he hurriedly packed the medicine. Wan Jiahe let Su Yuan and Gao Shan go with him to conduct field investigations in Shenzhen. Gao Shan showed Wan Jiahe the research plan and Wan Jiahe praised him a lot. Wu Dongna cried to Lin Wo drunkly, Gao Shan refused her courtship, Lin Wo had to take her broken-hearted on a business trip. Before Lin Wo approached Wan Jiahe, he confirmed with Deng Li that Gaoshan would not follow Wan Jiahe, so he was relieved.

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