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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Wo and Deng Li repeatedly confirmed that Gao Shan did not follow Wan Jia He, and they came to him with confidence. But the news was wrong. Gao Shan and Wan Jia made peace. Lin Wo mistakenly took Gao Shan in the bathroom for Wan Jia He and treated him. After some persuasion, I hope that he can go to Jinshi, and promise to win him the position of director of the investment department. Within two years, he will be promoted to general manager according to the level of his performance. Even if the salary and treatment are not raised, I believe that he will get it in Jinshi. With more authority and space to do more things he wants to do, I hope he can seriously think about it.

Gao Shan didn’t know how to respond for a while, so he opened the door and felt that Lin Wo had dug into the bathroom. Surprising and pleasantly surprised, Lin Wo was embarrassed and wanted to escape, but Gao Shan stopped her and told him that Wan Jiahe would not go to Jinshi. After he finished Lotte’s case, he would be promoted to director and then locked her in the bathroom. She also reported her identity as a “female hooligan” to the front desk of the hotel.

Gao Shan returned to the room at this time and found that Wan Jiahe ran out in a hurry. It was understood that something went wrong in Wan Jiahe’s house. Her daughter had acute appendicitis. She was in Shenzhen just after she was sent to the hospital. Wan Jiahe’s wife was also an investment banker. Yes, but after giving birth, I was anxious to go back to work. I didn’t recover and the root of the disease fell. Wan Jiahe was also busy at work and didn’t have time to take care of them. Therefore, Wan Jiahe and the mother and daughter have been living separately these years. Said that Wan Jia and his family had something to do, so they had no worries, and he called a car for Wan Jia and his family.

Wu Dongna didn’t wait for Lin Wo and Deng Li for a long time, so she planned to drive to eat first. At this moment, he found Gaoshan who was taking a taxi, and helped take him and Shang Wanjiahe away in a hurry.

Wan Jiahe and Gao Shan arrived at the hospital. Wan Jiahe’s wife had a fierce quarrel with him, accusing him of not appearing immediately. Fortunately, his daughter’s operation was successful, but fortunately, it was fine. Lin Wo was very angry that Wu Dongna had just said that she was broken in love, and she turned her head and saw Gao Shan and posted it again, so that she can do it for herself, and stop crying to herself when she is broken in love.

Lin Wo and Wu Dongna talked about Mr. Zhou who intends to buy a stake in Fangda, but Mr. Wu said that Mr. Zhou, who she wants to introduce, did not agree. Lin Wo felt that there was something strange. After the time he paid for Nan, this holiday week had a little reaction. No, it doesn’t conform to common sense, so I asked Deng Li to make a more detailed back tone. Mr. Luo urged Wan Jiahe to ask for Lotte’s offer. Wan Jiahe could only leave Shenzhen early. Before leaving, he thanked Gao Gao.

Sun Li made an appointment for a morning run at Gao Shan, and asked him if Wan Jia and the other side are progressing smoothly, and if there were any special gains during the business trip. It turned out that Gao Shan had previously deliberately joined Sun Li’s team and wanted to use his experience and record to show off. Conditions, Sun Li asked him to sneak into Wanjiahe’s team to prevent him from competing for a seat on the board.

Now Gaoshan has gained his trust and can participate in Lotte Technology and Xinnan’s projects. Sun Li believes Lotte is the most important thing in Wanjiahe’s hands. One card, other items are not important. It is worthwhile to exchange Xinnan and Meng Hui for Wan Jiahe’s trust. Right now, Sun Li wants Gao Shan to help Wan Jia and complete the work, which makes Gao Shan very puzzled.

Sun Li has been trying to figure out what medicine Wan Jiahe is taking. Gao Shan said that they are only painkillers for headaches, but in fact he knows that Wan Jiahe has depression and has been taking antidepressant drugs. He suspects that Sun Li wants to take antidepressant drugs. This threatened Wanjiahe to resign, so Jinshi might be the best way out for Wanjiahe.

Lin Wo figured out that Mr. Zhou was actually commissioned by his father, and was very angry, but investors felt that Fangda had investment potential. However, Lin Wo believed that Fangda was facing a life-and-death situation and had to race against time and did not want to fall into the present. Embarrassing situation.

Lin Wo came to the boxing gym to stop Wan Jiahe, hoping that he could consider becoming the director of the investment department of Jinshi Group. Jinshi will also give him more space to display his strength and provide a more generous salary. At the same time, he promised to help his daughter enter Shengli In elementary school, Wan Jiahe plans to think about it.

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