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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 2 Plot

Gao Shan became an assistant analyst in the investment department of the Skyscraper Group. On the first day he went to work, he came to the company in a suit and shoes. He participated in Mr. Wan’s first project meeting-the Xinnan Energy Project. Mr. Wan plans to put all All the processes are accelerated and completed as soon as possible, but in this way all the workload will be doubled, and the completion of quality and quantity will be very difficult.

Mr. Wan and Sun Li are equal in the company, but Sun Li is very arrogant and doesn’t pay attention to their department. However, Mr. Wan spends most of his time with projects and does not have the time and energy to care about these things, but Sun Li But he was very good at flattering big bosses and easily won the Dalong listing case.

Gao Shan called Lin Wo, but Lin Wo didn’t want to pay attention to him. Gao Shan said that he could not refuse the customer’s request casually. Lin Wo said that the two-person cooperation had ended and he did not want to continue to serve him, but Gao Shan believed that Fangda’s contract terms There is a customer tracking article here, and he needs to follow it in black and white. He wants detailed information about Wan Jiahe, wants to prescribe the right medicine, and get an early promotion. Lin Wo is very angry and feels he is inexplicable.

The boss Vivian found Lin Wo and said that she was considered an old Fonda employee. She did not expect her to do so well. Lin Wo thanked her boss for giving her the opportunity to run business. Vivian told her that Fonda is a small company. Maintaining the relationship depends on this personal network.

Although her performance is very good, Tang Yaofeng has just gotten into a relationship with several fund and securities companies in the past few days. Coupled with her mistakes in the skyscraper case, it is difficult to be promoted to director. Lin Wo said that as long as it is fair competition, the promotion of directors can be put on hold, but Vivian bluntly said that Tang Yaofeng is more suitable for the position of directors. If she feels that there is something unfair, she can go directly to President Zhang.

Lin Wo feels that the boss is in the heart There is no need to engage in competition if there are candidates. Anyway, she has the final say. Moreover, Tang Yaofeng is her boyfriend, and it is a pleasure to be promoted. After saying that Lin Wo turned around and went out. The two broke up unhappy.

Lin Wo’s colleague Deng Li discovered the ambiguous relationship between Tang Yaofeng and Vivian, and was very angry. He found Tang Yaofeng and beat him fiercely, accusing him of making Lin Wo unable to be a man in the company. The two scrambled together, Wei Wei An approached Deng Li and warned him not to talk nonsense, otherwise he would face being expelled. Even Lin Wo could not stay in Fangda, so Deng Li had no choice but to agree.

Lin Wo didn’t know the real reason why Deng Li beat Tang Yaofeng. He thought it was because she grabbed the promotion spot to fight for her. He also asked Tang Yaofeng to apologize for Deng Li. Tang Yaofeng was relieved to see that the matter was not revealed.

Gao Shan came to Lin Wo and asked her to go shopping with him. It happened that Tang Yaofeng and Vivian were also in the mall. Tang Yaofeng saw Lin Wo hurriedly hide, but Gao Shan saw him. He wanted to take Lin Wo to do it. After a break, Lin Wo was very sad seeing his boyfriend and Vivian together.

In the evening, Lin Wo organized a party. She deliberately set up a situation to let everyone see the ambiguous scenes of Tang Yaofeng and Vivian, making them embarrassed in public. Tang Yaofeng saw that things had failed, and there was nothing to hide. He thought that the reason why he cheated It’s because Lin Wo always puts on an official attitude. He has never thought about taking care of him and is not gentle.

Vivienne warns Lin Wo either apologizes to her for today’s behavior or leaves Fangda. Lin Wo called Mr. Zhang. She asked to buy Fonda’s shares, so Lin Wo would become Fonda’s largest shareholder and would no longer be threatened by Vivienne. Vivian and Tang Yaofeng left in a desperate manner. Lin Wo told Gao Shan Wan Jiahe’s information. Gao Shan knew that his biggest hobby was boxing, so he came to the boxing gym and wanted to learn from him.

The next day, Lin Wo came to the company and found that Vivian had withdrawn shares. Many employees had resigned and changed jobs. Only Deng Li remained in the company.

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