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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 13 Recap

Shao Mingzhe came to give Xia Ranran a mobile phone, and Xia Ranran was drunk on the ground in a mess. Su Mo recalled the scene four years ago when she ran at night. She told Shao Mingzhe that her father owed a lot of money and left a thousand yuan. After their mother and father divorced, they left with a seafood boss. They all Did not bring Su Mo. They think that Su Mo is not for studying, but Su Mo doesn’t want to be like his parents, let alone the person Shao Mingzhe said. So Su Mo vowed to live a life they don’t think he can live, so Shao Mingzhe feels soft. Left her.

Su Mo was very grateful to Shao Mingzhe, so he gave him the admission notice as a gift, and it was also when Shao Mingzhe asked her to be his girlfriend. Su Mo returned to Shao Mingzhe’s house, and Shao Mingzhe changed the password back to his father’s birthday. Su Mo said with joy, you are too easy to guess. Shao Mingzhe went home and found that the light was on and thought he had entered the thief, but Su Mo did not expect it.

Lin Xiangan made a supper for Su Mo, and when she returned home, Su Mo was at Shao Mingzhe’s house. Shao Mingzhe was very excited and asked Su Mo to leave quickly, but Su Mo looked at Shao Mingzhe and said that his fiance knew that he had a person in his heart. Four years ago, she left this person because of her low self-esteem. She would not do it if she was given another chance. Su Mo hoped that Shao Mingzhe would give himself a chance, but Shao Mingzhe only gave her one word, get out.

After Su Mo got home, he asked Lin Xiangan how much money was in his bank account. Lin Xiangan answered five to six hundred thousand yuan. This time his investment was a bit over budget. Lin Xiangan held Su Mo, but Su Mo was thinking of Shao Mingzhe. Shao Mingzhe called Xia Ranran, but Xia Ranran who was asleep did not hear him, but Shao Mingzhe couldn’t sleep, thinking about Xia Ranran, and even changed the password.

Shao Mingzhe didn’t sleep all night, and Shao’s mother called and said that she had an appointment for morning tea and asked Shao Mingzhe to bring Xia Ranran over. Shao Mingzhe had to go to Xia Ranran’s house to find her, Xia Ranran refused to open the door, but fortunately he took his fingerprints when he sent her back last night.

Xia Ranran reluctantly changed her clothes and followed Shao Mingzhe to see Shao’s mother. Fortunately, it was Xia Ranran’s strength to deal with the parents and prepared a small gift for Shao’s mother. Shao’s mother was extremely satisfied when she saw Xia Ranran, and urged the two to make progress quickly and asked Shao Mingzhe to choose a good day to take Xia Ranran to see her grandfather. Shao Mingzhe gritted his teeth and agreed.

Xia Hongyuan offered to let Xia Ranran go home to live for a while. Peng Jing was obviously unwilling. Xia Ranran was living in Chenchen in the previous room. Peng Jing said it was difficult to arrange, and Xia Hongyuan said that she could do these things. After the morning tea, Shao’s mother graciously bid farewell to Xia Ranran, and did not forget to tell Shao Mingzhe that she must get married within six months.

Xia Ranran was angry. This was simply a feast for the family. Shao Mingzhe hurriedly coaxed him. The news of the marriage of the two families before dinner is estimated to spread throughout the wealthy business district, and Shao’s mother’s meal is unlikely to be a whim. Xia Ranran curled his lips unwillingly. Shao Mingzhe obviously didn’t mind marrying her. After all, Xia Ranran needed a helper. Xia Ranran took Shao Mingzhe to the egg roll shop. Although the egg rolls look unreliable, he has the dream of being a designer and he is young enough.

Xia Hongyuan asked Xia Ranran if she wanted to help with the company. Xia Ranran was delighted in her heart but still said that she didn’t understand anything. Xia Hongyuan comforted her and could teach her that Chenchen was still young and Hongyuan Group would always stay in her own hands. Xia Hongyuan said that Peng Jing said that the noisy family is the family, so he hoped that Xia Ranran moved home, Xia Ranran agreed.

Xia Hongyuan instructed Xia Ranran not to drink because she had a bad stomach. She also said that Shao Mingzhe took care of her. Xia Ranran said that she hadn’t thought about it yet. The conversation between the father and daughter was recorded by the servant and sent to Peng Jing. When she learned that Xia Ranran was going to work at the company next week, Peng Jing’s face was very ugly.

Xia Ranran returned to her room, happy memories flooded her heart, and she did not forget to call Shao Mingzhe. His phone number played a big role last night. Shao Mingzhe also guessed that Xia Hongyuan let her go home and join the Hongyuan Group. . This had just entered the main battlefield, no matter what the outcome was, Xia Ranran felt that at least he had worked hard. Su Mo decided to accept Shaw’s contract. Lin Xiangan felt that Hongyuan Group’s contract was more in line with her positioning, but the things Su Mo decided would not change.

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