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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 14 Recap

Xia Ranran moved back to the Xia family, and Xia Hongyuan went to the hospital for physical therapy. Xia Ranran said that he wanted to change his plan and doctor. Peng Jing said that it depends on Xia Hongyuan and disagrees. Xia Ranran took Chenchen upstairs and brought him a small gift. Peng Jing asked the servant to prepare porridge for Xia Ranran, saying that they would let the past events pass, and they would be a family.

But Xia Ranran didn’t come back this time to make peace with her. Peng Jing kept saying that everything he did before was for the children, and Han Yun would do the same. Xia Ranran denied that Han Yun would not kill other people’s children for her own. Peng Jing said that she wanted time to fight, but Xia Ranran didn’t have much time, and Han Yun was missing for four years in a week, and she could apply to the court for death. Xia Ranran was unmoved, she would spend a lifetime to find Han Yun.

Xia Ranran went to the egg roll shop to choose a set of beautiful clothes. She didn’t choose stable clothes. She couldn’t let others be wary of herself. It’s best for everyone to treat her as a silly rich second-generation. Xia Ranran wore this outfit and went to Hongyuan Group. As soon as he came in, he yelled and looked for Chen Luo. Chen Luo was very angry because Xia Ranran was late. Xia Ranran is now the chief assistant intern, and others. The treatment of interns is the same.

Chen Luo took Xia Ranran to the restaurant for dinner, and by the way introduced the bosses of the company’s various departments, Hongyuan Group is a corporate management, unlike Shaw’s family business. Then Xia Ranran went to Xia Hongyuan’s office, and Xia Ranran recalled what happened when she was a child. Xia Ranran directly asked Chen Luo, which of the people just now belonged to Peng Jing, Chen Luo did not answer directly. The egg roll helped Xia Ranran analyze it, and felt that they were all wise men, but Xia Ranran felt that Peng Jing’s IQ couldn’t do so many things. Someone must help her.

Shao Mingzhe is here to help Xia Ranran narrow down the scope of the people who helped Peng Jing. This person must be Xia Hongyuan’s company after the accident. He can access the affairs of various departments without being monitored. Xia Ranran thinks the director of the finance department is very suitable. , But he has been in the company for seven years. Shao Mingzhe feels that Peng Jing’s accomplices are as old as hers, they are not hostile and cautious, young and capable. Xia Ran was stunned, does the company have this number?

Omelet said that Chen Luo was the one, Xia Ranran naturally didn’t think he was Peng Jing’s person, after all, he had been helping himself. Shao Mingzhe confirmed that Chen Luo was the correct answer, and told Xia Ranran to stand still, and said that she was going to install a surveillance system. The province’s person was framed at home without knowing who it was. Eggroll firmly believes that what Shao Mingzhe said is right, but Xia Ranran is unwilling to agree, feeling that there is no evidence.

Xia Ranran received a phone call saying that there was news from Han Yun and asked her to meet. Shao Kai brought Su Mo and Lin Xiang’an to see Shao Yunping. Shao Mingzhe came in halfway. Su Mo was stunned for a moment, but immediately said that they knew each other before. Seeing Su Mo’s extended hand, Shao Mingzhe chose to ignore it, but Su Mo insisted on mentioning the part-time job in his company before. Shao Mingzhe heard that Su Mo would be invited to be the spokesperson, and she was asked to stand in the middle to look at her figure.

Shao Kai and others hurriedly stopped, but Su Mo said it was his own job and did it according to Shao Mingzhe’s words. Lin Xiangan gritted his teeth on the side, and Shao Yunping quickly interrupted the embarrassing situation and asked Shao Kai to send them away. Shao Mingzhe didn’t forget to say that being a model must stand up to others’ comments, otherwise he would change his career as soon as possible.

Shao Kai flattered away Lin Xiang’an and Su Mo, and invited them to dinner together in the evening. Lin Xiangan was very angry that he did not want to cooperate with Shaw, but Su Mo insisted on signing this contract. Lao Ma found Han Yun, and Xia Ranran saw the bloody photos in the kit. Lao Ma said that Han Yun died in a car accident four years ago. At that time, the hospital did not find her identity information and the police had no one on the body.

The body was cremated when it was claimed. Xia Ranran would not believe it, after all, this matter has not been confirmed. Shao Kai came back and settled accounts with Shao Mingzhe, saying that Su Mo was a star, and asked her to fancy her other identity. Shao Mingzhe disagrees, and even proposed to postpone the launch of the Fei series by two weeks. Shao Kai almost quarreled with him.

Shao Yunping said that the time to market was as originally planned, and after sending Shao Mingzhe away, he told Shao Kai to have a good relationship with Su Mo. Lin Xiangan sent a few additional conditions, which were very harsh, and obviously wanted to talk about it. Shao Kai’s attitude towards Shao Mingzhe is very bad. He feels that he has been tricked by him. If he provokes Su Mo, he has to wipe his butt.

Eggroll cried and called Shao Mingzhe and said that Xia Ranran had borrowed a car from herself just now, and she looked in a bad mood, and she never made the phone call. Xia Ranran drove to the place where Han Yun had a car accident. The doctor told her that the person who died in the car accident was Han Yun because her feet impressed him.

Xia Ranran suddenly became stupid. She had been looking for her mother for four years, but in the end she only got such a result. Shao Mingzhe hurriedly followed the location to find him, Xia Ranran cried in his arms for a long time. Su Mo dressed up for a long time, but Lin Xiangan said that Shao Kai could not eat together in an emergency, and the kitchen equipment had arrived. Lin Xiangan could only leave Su Mo and go to the store to pick up the goods, but Su Mo called Shao Kai with Lin Xiangan on his back. .

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