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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 5 Recap

Everyone in the world is enterprising, but if you take it too far, you will become greedy. Mrs. Huayang knows this well, so she has a sense of measure. After all, based on the strength and achievements of Mi Chen, being able to grant a monarch is a great gift. However, looking at Lu Buwei again, this talent is far better than Qian Chen, he can learn about Handan’s plan to attack Qin in advance, and put forward the strategy of uniting Zhao with Yan Yan. Ying Yiren conveyed it to Ying Zhu instead of Lu Buwei. Meng Yu disapproved and volunteered to lead his army against the enemy. However, because of the survival of the Qin State, Ying Zhu thought twice and finally decided the expedient, and appointed Lu Buwei to worship Prince Fu.

Lu Buwei ordered Zheng Yi to broadcast the Prince Qin to the outside world to welcome his wife and children, and wanted to rate 500,000 soldiers and horses to unite with Yan. Sure enough, once the news came out, it was heatedly discussed by the ruling and the public, and it spread to the ears of the royal families of various countries. Zhao Sheng knew that this was a rumor, but he was also afraid that the falsehood would come true, which would cause the Yan Guo’s disciples to be evil.

After Wei Wuji’s suggestion, Zhao Sheng decided to dispel Zhao Dan’s idea of ​​attacking Qin, and under the pretext of escorting Zhao Ji’s mother and son back to the country, he took the opportunity to investigate Qin and Zhao Dongxiang, and signed a covenant by the way to avoid sending soldiers again. Originally, Zhao Dan had sent Lianpo soldiers to transport grain and grass, but considering that what Zhao Sheng said was not unreasonable, he simply agreed to test Yan Guo’s ideas first.

On the day of Lidong, Qin Chen Yao Jia arrived at Jicheng, Yandu, to explain his intentions and negotiate alliance matters. Yanxiang Lifu was ordered to send 600,000 troops to assist the Qin army. At the same time, he would send envoys to Xianyang with him to pay homage to the King of Pre-Qin. Not long after, Zhao Dan received an emergency report from a secret agent. He learned that Li Fu led 400,000 soldiers to attack Huayi, and Qing Qin led 200,000 soldiers to attack the land. The two places were only obtained by the Xianwu Spirit King. If the land is lost, Zhao Guo will not be able to protect it.

Now that the arrow is on the string, Zhao Dan has no place to throw fire. He was full of blood before, and now there are only grievances left. The grievances caused him to cry in his heart and endure the tears. The two sentences were divided into several paragraphs, and he had to die quickly. To the east, divide the troops with Yuncheng, meet the Yan army, and allow Zhao Sheng to personally escort Zhao Ji’s mother and son to Xianyang.

Zhao Ji was immediately overjoyed when she learned that she was about to return to Qin. She packed her bags and discarded her precious clothing that night, while chatting with the orphan who had been renamed Dong’er, looking forward to prosperity. Ying Zheng didn’t like his mother like this, but he only showed it to his face. He didn’t say anything. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yan led a few attendants into the small courtyard, planning to set fire to kill people. Shen Yue defended Zhao Ji’s mother and son. He was injured by a sharp arrow with one enemy. When Zhao Sheng came to stop him, he was too badly injured.

Since Yingzhu became the supervisor of the country, his mind has been much more complicated than before. Regardless of whether he is dealing with people or matters, he always has more consideration, including his loyalty to Lu Buwei. Fortunately, Lu Buwei still seems worthy of reuse, but the position of prime minister has always been the only one to do with one’s relatives. Even if he is a rare talent, his eyes and ears stay at the outer court at most, and his hands cannot reach the center.

Now that Zhao Ji’s mother and son are waiting to return, Mrs. Huayang thinks that the royal family needs to take precautions. She already dislikes Zhao Ji’s status as humble. Considering that Han Ni has already given birth to a son, she plans to let Ying Yiren help Han Ni as his wife. Allow Zhao Ji’s mother and son to enter the palace. Ying Yiren used the excuse to delay, but Mrs. Huayang did not expect that Mrs. Huayang would let Mi Chen lead the officers and soldiers to guard the city gate, not allowing the mother and son to enter the palace.

Due to repeated blockades by the defenders, Ying Zheng could only get out of the car and take out the jade pendant to identify himself. However, Mi Chen tried to pretend to be confused and refused to let him go. Zhao Ji held the identity of the prince’s wife, and stepped forward to argue with Mi Chen, but this was lost, and the other party even turned his eyes. Just as Zhao Ji and her son didn’t know what to do, he should have stayed at the border because of Ying Xi’s timely intervention. However, Ying Zhu missed him more and simply called back to the city.

Ying Liao’s reinstatement as a son must have the same status as Mi Chen. In addition, the false transmission of the king’s fate is a felony. Even with Mrs. Huayang’s protection, I am afraid that she will have to suffer some skin and flesh. After thinking about it carefully, Mi Chen hesitated a little, and it happened that Ying Zhu ordered the waiter to rush to the city gate and announced on the spot that Zhao Ji’s mother and son would enter the palace immediately.

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