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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 33 Recap

Guan Zhenlei resented the world and blamed him for divorcing Li Bei. He threatened to let Guan Yuqing support him for a lifetime. Guan Yuqing was speechless. Xu Qingfeng analyzed Li Bei’s psychology from a psychological perspective and advised Guan Zhenlei to find him as soon as possible. Li Bei reconciled, otherwise it would be too late to regret, Guan Zhenlei hurriedly went to Li Bei, Guan Yongnian and Guan Yuqing were able to sit down and eat at ease.

Xu Qingfeng wanted to postpone the wedding date, Guan Yuqing did not want to make sacrifices for anyone, insisting on holding the wedding according to the original plan, and the two discussed the details of the house decoration. Guan Zhenlei came to the company to look for Li Bei. Knowing that she had asked for leave, Guan Zhenlei hurried to look for him at home. Li Bei turned her door away. Guan Zhenlei had to wait downstairs until it got dark. Li Bei refused to see him, Zhao Mei I couldn’t bear to see Guan Zhenlei blowing the cold wind downstairs, but couldn’t persuade Li Bei to move, so I could only ask Guan Zhenlei for warmth.

Zhao Mei called Li Bei to help in the kitchen, deliberately letting her see Guan Zhenlei shivering downstairs, and Li Bei felt grief. At this moment, Guan Zhenlei received a call from the police station and learned that Dazhi had been arrested. Guan Zhenlei immediately rushed over. Li Bei came downstairs to see Guan Zhenlei. He was long gone.

After the unremitting efforts of the police, Dazhi returned all the money and the car to Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei immediately called Li Aiguo and asked for his forgiveness. Li Aiguo also received a call from the police. He was very sad about Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei was unwilling to give up. Guan Yongnian turned over all the gifts in the family’s collection, and took Guan Zhenlei and Liu Shuqi to the door to apologize, but ended up shutting the door.

Guan Yuqing called Xu Qingfeng to eat barbecue. The two of them feasted on it. Guan Yuqing admired Guan Zhenlei. His parents always spared no effort to help him solve his troubles. Xu Qingfeng promised to meet any of her conditions. Guan Yuqing let him go home with his back. Having fun, she bounced home with Guan Yuqing on her back.

There are more and more orders for closing cloudy. In addition to delivering light meals, writing a public account, and also taking time to exercise, she is very busy every day. She made a detailed schedule and posted it on the wall and sent photos to Moments. , The days of Guanyun are full and peaceful. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing told the staff of the decoration company in detail about the requirements for the wedding room. They looked for each other everywhere, and the staff agreed to follow suit.

Guan Zhenlei came to the company to pick up Li Bei from get off work. When she learned that she suddenly fainted during a meeting, Guan Zhenlei rushed to the hospital and saw Li Bei being infusion alone. Li Bei was about to call him. Guan Zhenlei was very excited, and Su accepted the procedure. Taking care of Li Bei, Li Bei wanted Su Cheng to go first. He insisted on staying. Guan Zhenlei saw this scene, and his thoughts were lost, and he ran away crying sadly.

Guan Zhenlei wandered on the street alone, passing by the restaurant where he and Li Bei ate, he couldn’t help but think of the sweet moments of them being together, but things were different before him. Guan Zhenlei’s heart was like a knife. He sent a message to Li Bei on the spot and agreed to next Monday When he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures, Li Bei burst into tears when he saw this message. He wanted to reply to the message and cursed Guan Zhenlei, but finally gave up. Su Cheng saw this scene from afar.

Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei came to the Civil Affairs Bureau on time on Monday and quickly completed the divorce procedures. Li Bei reminded Guan Zhenlei to stay alive and stop worrying his family. Guan Zhenlei smiled and wanted to have a meal with Li Bei. Li Bei flatly refused, Su Cheng Bring Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo to pick up Li Bei. He publicly announced that he was serious about Li Bei and promised to treat her well. Guan Zhenlei wanted to return the car to Li Bei. Li Bei asked him to keep it. Zhao Mei hurriedly took Li Bei. Pulled into the car and left.

Guan Zhenlei opened the car door and saw a passage from Li Bei to the passengers, which was full of her love for Guan Zhenlei. He also marked her husband with a love heart. Guan Zhenlei saw things and thoughts about people, and broke down in tears. Until two o’clock in the afternoon, Guan Zhenlei hadn’t gone home to eat. Guan Yongnian insisted on waiting for him to come back. Guan Yuqing suddenly heard something outside, and she came out and saw Guan Zhenlei sticking the divorce certificate to Xu Qingfeng’s door. Guan Yuqing desperately blocked and complained. He shouldn’t cast his anger on Xu Qingfeng, and Guan Zhenlei was even more angry. He spoke harshly to Guan Yuqing, and Guan Yongnian was angry that he would take Guan Zhenlei to move back to the old house.

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