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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 34 Recap

Guan Yuqing helped her parents move and clean up the house. Once Guan Zhenlei returned to the old house, she fell into bed and couldn’t afford it. Guan Yongnian looked anxious in his heart. He specially bought Guan Zhenlei’s favorite food, but he was angry that he did not eat or drink. Guan Yongnian’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Guan Yongnian had Guan Zhenlei’s precious son at the age of forty, and he spoiled him. Guan Yongnian simply lay down with Guan Zhenlei on a hunger strike, and Guan Zhenlei cried and cried in his arms.

Xu Qingfeng called Guan Yuqing as soon as she was busy and asked her about Guan Zhenlei’s situation in detail. Guan Yuqing was worried and wanted to stay in the old house with her parents for a few days. Xu Qingfeng promised to see them after the operation. That night, Guan Yongnian slept on the chair beside Guan Zhenlei’s bed. Guan Yuqing and Liu Shuqi were worried that he could not bear it, but Guan Yongnian wanted to accompany Guan Zhenlei.

After Chen Zhijun’s unremitting efforts for more than two months, Mr. Zhou finally agreed to sign a contract with him, and it was five years later. Mr. Chen Zhijun reported to Mr. Jiang as soon as possible. Mr. Jiang repeatedly explained the importance of this list. Expelled. Mr. Chen Zhijun came to sign the contract with Mr. Zhou on time. He suddenly changed his mind. Mr. Zhou claimed that his wife was the chairman of the company. Mr. Zhou heard the rumors about Chen Zhijun in the industry and determined that he was a scumbag and decided not to cooperate with a scumbag.

I had no choice but to say sorry to Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun went home dejected, and when he entered the door, he received a call from President Jiang. He learned that he hadn’t signed the order for next week. President Jiang immediately decided to let Chen Zhijun go to the financial checkout on Monday. He promised to give him the bonus for the first half of the year. Chen Zhijun’s marriage was broken. After losing his job again, he regrets it.

Guan Yongnian went to Liangpin’s shop to buy refreshing snacks. He wanted Guan Zhenlei to come out of the shadow of divorce as soon as possible. Guan Zhenlei threatened death. Guan Yongnian could only sigh. Guan Yuqing made two bowls of noodles. Yongnian ate a bowl. At three o’clock in the morning, Guan Zhenlei went to the kitchen to look for food. There was only cucumber in the refrigerator. Guan Zhenlei went to the roadside food stall to eat barbecue. The shop was closed and the ingredients were sold out. The clerk was cleaning and accidentally touched Guan Zhenlei’s foot. Guan Zhenlei spread all his anger on the clerk. The boss couldn’t bear it, so he argued with Guan Zhenlei on the basis of reason, and when the two people didn’t agree, they fought.

The police rushed to the police station to take Guan Zhenlei and his boss to the police station. The boss promised not to hold him accountable. Guan Yuqing took his parents to the police station to pick up Guan Zhenlei, and Guan Zhenlei suddenly fainted to the ground. Guan Yuqing sent Guan Zhenlei to the hospital. Xu Qingfeng checked that he was caused by low blood sugar and emotional excitement caused by long-term non-eating. Guan Zhenlei finally woke up. He was angry that he wanted to unplug the infusion tube. He wanted to die, Guan Yongnian He and Liu Shuqi desperately blocked him, but he just didn’t want to live like this.

Guan Yuqing entered the door to see this scene, severely taught Guan Zhenlei, and let him die. Liu Shuqi hurriedly called Guan Yuqing out, Guan Yongnian called Guan Yuqing not to come to the hospital again, lest Guan Zhenlei saw her upset. Guan Yuqing settled Liu Shuqi into her residence. Guan Yuqing then came to see Liu Shuqi. Liu Shuqi discussed countermeasures with them. Guan Yuqing wanted Guan Zhenlei to help her deliver the goods.

Guan Yongnian kept guarding by Guan Zhenlei’s side, and when he was sleepy, he curled up on the sofa and took a nap. Guan Zhenlei felt guilty when he saw this scene. He took the initiative to admit his mistake to Guan Yongnian and vowed that he would never cause trouble again. Guan Yongnian persuaded him to recuperate. , Guan Zhenlei held Guan Yongnian in tears, and Guan Yongnian took the opportunity to persuade him to eat.

After Guan Zhenlei was discharged from the hospital, Liu Shuqi took the time to buy a lot of vegetables to send to Guan Yunyu and cook for her. Guan Yunyu was very touched. Since her mother died, Liu Shuqi loved her as her own daughter. Guan Yunyu was very happy. , Liu Shuqi just wants her to live a good life. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing sent Guan Yongnian the decoration plan for the new house, specially designed a smart home system and bought a piano for Liu Shuqi. Guan Yongnian was very satisfied and agreed to be a supervisor in the past.

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