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The Stage 装台 Episode 11 Plot

Shunzi originally wanted to find tools to repair the road, but no one brought the tools to repair the road, so he had to direct people to push three rounds from the grass on the side. The monkey is going to find someone to build a road, but no one wants to lend him money. The monkey had a mouth. When Mr. Hei moved out, he said nonsense that the demolition could give a few more acres of land, which really tricked the two of them to build the road. Shunzi looked at him full of nonsense, but the monkey waved his hand to relieve Shunzi.

Not only does the big queer do the hard work well, but the technology of the stove is also very good. Sufen lit the firewood and tried the stove, Yang Bo walked over and stared at her, but Big Que’er called him away to collect the firewood. The road was repaired, and the material car drove in, carrying the director and the developer. The developers talked to the people about their plans to dig artificial lakes and build wetland parks. The monkeys built temporary dormitories and carefully partitioned Shunzi and Sufen a “single room” with wooden boards. The two villagers who were deceived by the monkeys didn’t even get a bite of their food after their work. They still wanted to come to help tomorrow.

Sufen made a good meal, and the men who had finished their work squatted aside and ate the spice with the bun in their hands, mumbling about the one hundred thousand that was given to them this time. Regardless of whether it was 100,000 or 1 million, Yang Bo, who was sitting in the distance, didn’t care at all. He asked for an extra spoonful by going to Sheng Lazi in order to take a look at Sufen.

Da Que’er and Shun Zi suggested that some money should be allocated to everyone first. Thanks to these days of work, you have to get some. But in this industry, you can only earn money after you finish the work. Da Que’er suggested that you pay for the money in the name of food.

Sufen was washing the dishes and chopsticks in the evening, and Yang Bo walked up to him again. Yang Bo felt very distressed for her to do such hard work as a teacher. Life is to enjoy the blessings, the hardships and hardships. Sufen can meet Shunzi and get the certificate. There is a place to live and eat food and is very satisfied. When Yang Bo heard that Sufen and Shunzi were married, his anger rushed to his head. Sufen told him not to call her teacher anymore. Yang Bo was so angry that she should also call her the nickname Bai Sister-in-law that everyone gave her. Sufen poured a scoop of water on his face, only said one word, get out.

Shunzi hugged the bedding and laid it out in the tent. Sufen was ashamed, but she could only lie beside Shunzi in full view. Yang Bo slept on the other side of the board, listening to the conversation between Sufen and Shunzi, his eyes were full of jealousy and hatred.

Shunzi and Tiekou talked about paying for a meal first, but Tiekou threw the mineral water in his hand, and said that there is no such rule to check out before finishing the work. Seeing Tiekou standing in front of Master Pi Zonghe and Ding with a smiling face, Shun Ziji thought, he knew that if Tiekou was asked for the meal in front of the leader, Tiekou would definitely not refute his own face. Sure enough, in order not to allow President Pi Zonghe to make suggestions, Tie Kou had to open the purse and draw out a wad of money to Shunzi.

Yang Bo stepped on the scaffolding to install the lights, watching Sufen, who had bought a lot of vegetables in the distance and pushed for three rounds, was distracted and wanted to help Sufen. Shunzi asked Youbing to help Sufen push the car to a spacious place, and urged Yang Bo to quickly install the lights. Seeing that the stage shelves are getting higher and higher on the ground, everyone finally hopes that they can sleep and rest at night. Yang Bo came all the way to find Sufen from his hometown, not to put on such a wooden board and watch Sufen sleep beside other men. He kicked the tree to relieve his anger, but he was helpless.

The iron buckle brought a cart of boxes. Shunzi and the others moved down and opened them. They were all light sticks and clapping toys. This time, the big names in Beijing are coming to perform, and the atmosphere cannot be bad. Sufen looked at things fun, and came over to play twice, but saw that Shunzi’s complexion was not good, as if she was uncomfortable.

Shunzi staggered and walked back to the dormitory. Sufen worried that he would come over, patted his medicine and asked him where he was uncomfortable. This shot made Shunzi grin in pain, he only said a word, and Sufen reached out to untie his pants. At this time, Yang Bo followed in again, and Shunzi quickly blasted him out.

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