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The Stage 装台 Episode 12 Plot

Yang Bo chased it out and asked Sufen Shunzi what was wrong. Sufen was not angry at him, Shunzi came out and blasted Yang Bo away. Sufen was angry that he had become husband and wife with Shunzi, but he still kept the word from himself, untied his apron and turned away. Shunzi couldn’t tell, so he had to let the two villagers take themselves to the supermarket in the village, and he stubbornly couldn’t speak to a little girl. The old man in the house came out to listen to the meaning and knew him Is to buy feminine products.

Going around and buying things, Shunzi is very painful because of hemorrhoids. While there was no one in the room, Sufen found Shunzi’s sanitary napkin hidden in the bedding. Shunzi sneaked out in the middle of the night, and Sufen, who had been pretending to be asleep, followed him out. She jokes and said smoothly that she can use her own. This is hiding.

Shunzi lay on the bed and rested, but her mouth didn’t stop. She kept talking to Sufen about the difference between watching an actor’s performance and an actor watching the performance. The builders came in anxiously and complained to Shunzi. They worked so hard for so many days, and they couldn’t even look down on a performance. When Shunzi heard this, she got up and brought the dresser to find an explanation. The security guards in white uniforms were arrogant. They only recognized tickets and work permits. Rao Shi Shunzi, and they will fight hard based on reason, but they won’t work.

Riding on the motorcycle shunzily, he carried Sufen to the back mountain of the stage, sitting under the big tree, and the performance on the stage was also unobstructed. Except, it’s a little far away. The couple just sit together like this, the romance and happiness of middle-aged people are sometimes simple. As night fell, the performance officially began. Yang Bo is like installing a radar, he can follow Sufen wherever he goes. He lied that he was also watching the show, but his eyes kept drifting towards Sufen. After a while, all the Taiwanese builders found this place, and a group of people watched the performance secretly under the big tree with applause that only they could hear.

The people on the mountain looked vigorously, but the audience at the foot of the mountain was not satisfied. The villagers only came for the gimmicks of stars. The performance was like a grass stage troupe. Of course, the villagers didn’t buy it. Someone rushed backstage and found that there were no stars at all. The light sticks in his hand were thrown up one by one. After the panic, only a shattered mess was left.

Even the actors and staff were left on the scene, and even the iron buckle was turned off. Such a large number of people still have casual workers, where can I get the wages? Da Que’er asked Shun Zi to go back to the city to look for the iron buckle.

Shunzi has to ride three rounds, Sufen wants to help him, but a bunch of people eating is also a problem. Yang Bo offered to accompany Shunzi, and he would not rest assured that Shunzi stayed here. Shunzi is far more magnificent than he thought. Settle him to work well and don’t always be lazy. When the casual workers and the two villagers saw this situation, they were all chasing after the monkeys for fear of not getting the money. Seeing Shunzi riding three rounds away in the distance, the two villagers hurriedly followed.

Shunzi came to the teahouse to look for Sister Dan, but Sister Dan waved her hands and blasted her away. The villagers who had been squatting outside looking at Shunzi saw the iron buckle sneaking around on the opposite side. The iron buckle is actually a victim. I originally wanted to invest in this performance to earn money to buy a car, but whoever thought that the money was not made, now there is no money left for food.

The husband and wife were on stage and offstage, but they were in tears. Although Sister Dan has a short temper, she is sincere and sincere towards her husband. The iron deduction is going to ask the contractor for wages and is determined to get back the capital. Sister Dan took out the money she earned from singing in her pocket and stuffed it into the iron clasp, and put on sunglasses for her husband to cheer him up.

The Taiwanese builders sat together worrying about the wages. Of course, the brothers who had been following Shunzi knew what Shunzi was, but it was not a way to spend it here every day. Shunzi stood up and insisted on finding the iron clasp, but the hemorrhoids attacked and the pain made him unable to stand up even when he bent down.

The hospital informed of the operation tomorrow, Sufen completed the hospitalization procedures for Shunzi, but Shunzi was gone after turning around. Shunzi came to the regiment to find Captain Qu. Sister Dan also came to Captain Qu and cried out that she hoped to give herself a role, so that she could earn more. After getting rid of Sister Dan’s entanglement, Shunzi came again, and Captain Qu was also unhappy that day.

On the other side, Tiekou was pulling the bellows of the stove with a bitter face, and two villagers standing beside him tied him up with iron chains. Iron deduction was completely kidnapped.

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