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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 3 Plot

Lin Wo asked Deng Li to find out the phone numbers of all her clients. She contacted them one by one to see if there were suitable recruitment opportunities. Unfortunately, the results were not satisfactory. Deng Li felt that she had caused Lin Wo and blamed herself very much, but Lin Wo felt that It was Vivienne who asked to withdraw shares for cash, which took away most of the company’s liquidity, which caused the current slightly larger case to fail to function. In order to solve Fangda’s current problems, in addition to funding issues, it is necessary to take the initiative to complete one Only a beautiful case can hold Fonda’s signboard.

When working overtime at night, Gao Gao heard from his colleagues that Wan Jiahe was competing with Sun Li for the position of chairman. Once the Lotte project was completed, Wan Jiahe would be stable. Gao Shan delivered coffee to Wan Jiahe. Wan Jiahe guessed that Gao Shan had investigated his life. He advised Gaoshan to do things honestly and conscientiously.

Su Yuan asked Gao Shan to go out to sea on the weekend, but was rejected by Gao Shan. A colleague told Gao Shan that Su Yuan is the prince of Dongming Media, and he came to work just as a formality.

Deng Li told Lin Wo that his friend collected furniture and wanted to transfer the things that the company didn’t need to his friends. By the way, he would help earn some extra money and share the rent. So Lin Wo accompanied Deng Li to deliver the furniture, but unexpectedly sent it to Gaoshan. At home, Gaoshan was taking a bath at home. Without hearing the door bell, Deng Li took the key from under the carpet and opened the door. At this time, Deng Li injured his finger. Lin Wo asked Deng Li to get the bandage tape. The furniture was handed over to her to tidy up. Deng Li left. Later, Lin Wo was surprised to find the mountain.

At this time the door bell of Gao Gao’s house rang, and he found that it was Wu Dongna. Lin Wo was afraid she would misunderstand her relationship with Gao Gao and wanted to prevent Gao Gao from opening the door, but Gao Shan deliberately printed Lin Wo’s lip print on her neck. Lin Wo did not want to be threatened by Gao Gao. , She opened the door and explained to Wu Dongna that Wu Dongna believed that Lin Wo and Gaoshan were innocent.

Lin Wo left angrily, and then Gao Gao drove Wu Dongna out of the door. At this time, Lin Wo found someone was following her, so he called her father and warned her father not to send someone to follow her.

Lin Wo sorted out the information of Xinnan Energy. Wu Dongna saw that Lin Wo had received the project. Lin Wo explained that Tang Yaofeng introduced several managers to the Xinnan Energy Production Department last month. It was supposed to be a trial job for one month, but who knows the salary? Nan changed the entry contract and added a lot of inexplicable clauses, which is equivalent to forcing them to break the contract and leave. The team leader Li Wei found Tang Yaofeng and wanted to mediate the matter, but Tang Yaofeng directly hung up the phone, and Lin Wo had to clean up for Tang Yaofeng. Mess, solve the contract problem.

In the afternoon, Wan Jia and Su Yuan asked Su Yuan to go to the Xinnan Energy Plant to investigate the new policy. Su Yuan took Gao Shan to go together. On the other hand, Lin Wo and Deng Li were also on their way to the Xinnan Energy Plant, but the car broke down and Lin Wo had to get off. I walked to the Xinnan Energy Plant, hoping to run into a ride on the road, and happened to meet Gaoshan and Suyuan who were driving to the Xinnan Energy Plant. But Linwo didn’t want to have anything to do with Gaoshan, so he took a tricycle to Xinnan Energy. The factory, Gao Shan and Su Yuan came to the Xinnan Energy Factory and found that Sun Li’s subordinate Meng Hui was also there. Gao Shan and Su Yuan tried to drive Meng Hui away but failed.

Gao Shan and Su Yuan visited the Xinnan Energy Plant under the leadership of the factory director. They saw the workers fighting. Lin Wo was discussing the contract with Li Wei. They were suspended because of the workers’ fighting, and they hurt their feet instead. Lin Wo took away.

Sun Li reprimanded his subordinates for the fact that Xinnan Energy broke the contract and caused a factory fight. He also wanted Su Yuan to take responsibility. Wan Jiahe stopped the quarrel in time and felt that the first thing to do was to curb the development of the situation. He would go to the match by himself, Wan Jiahe only needed to deal with the injury, Wan Jiahe just swallowed his breath, and the meeting broke up unhappy.

Su Yuan told Gaoshan that he knew that everyone looked down on him because his father knew Sun Li and didn’t want him to do nothing every day, so he let him work in a skyscraper and exercise, but he accidentally hit and ran into the Wanjia team.

Without Su Yuan’s consent, Meng Hui took away a bottle of Su Yuan’s drink. Su Yuan was very angry, but Gao Shan discovered a big flaw. Du Fei praised Meng Hui as a great hero and the trouble he encountered in Xinnan. They arranged the workers in advance, and Su Yuan wanted to tell Wan Jiahe directly, but he had no evidence in his hands.

Wu Dongna took the injured Lin Wo to Deng Li’s care. She left first. Su Yuan planned to visit Lin Wo, but was fascinated by Wu Dongna’s beauty. Gao Shan also came to see Lin Wo. Lin Wo asked him to tidy up Fang Da’s Gao Shan agreed with the project information and investment plan.

Gao Shan and Su Yuan made a plan. Lin Wo asked Deng Li to stare at them. For Fonda’s future, she dragged her injured body to see Mr. Zhou. While persuading Mr. Zhou to invest in Fangda, he sent a message to Deng Li. He sent Gao Shan’s investment plan, but Deng Li was being held by Su Yuan. Gao Shan took Deng Li’s cell phone and saw the message from Lin Wo and sent her the information.

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