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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 15 Recap

Su Mo went to the appointment privately, and Shao Kai kept flattering, but Su Mo didn’t care about alcohol and work. Instead, he asked about Shao Mingzhe’s marriage. Shao Kai said he just has a girlfriend. The girl was still amazing. Su Mo became more curious about this person, but he didn’t expect that this person was Xia Ranran.

Su Mo froze for a long time and told Shao Kai that they were former high school classmates, and Lin Xiangan was still Xia Ranran’s crush. Lin Xiangan was very upset when he learned that Su Mo went to the appointment with Shao Kai privately. He didn’t want Su Mo to be hurt. Su Mo knew that Lin Xiangan knew that Shao Mingzhe was Xia Ranran’s boyfriend. Lin Xiangan was stunned because of this. Will conceal, Shao Mingzhe’s position in Su Mo’s heart is clearer than anyone else.

Shao Mingzhe sent Xia Ranran home. She needed a good rest, then cheered up and thought about what to do next. Shao Mingzhe wanted to go back and look at this information. He always felt that something was wrong. He also suggested that Xia Ranran not tell Xia Hongyuan first, because what the doctor said could not be trusted.

Shao Mingzhe sent Xia Ranran home, but he didn’t expect Peng Jing to pull her with a worried look and say that she wanted to show her something and that she should be mentally prepared. Xia Hongyuan told Xia Ranran that Han Yun had found it, but she had passed away. Xia Ranran was very excited looking at the same information as her own, and Shao Mingzhe quickly stopped her urge to speak.

Everyone attended Han Yun’s memorial meeting, and Chen Luo looked at Shao Mingzhe with complicated eyes. Peng Jing has earned a good reputation after busying herself, but behind her disguised tears is a proud face. Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe were very calm, but the egg roll collapsed, and Peng Jingjiu took the magpie’s nest and they were too late to do anything. Shao Mingzhe said he would continue to look for Han Yun. This matter was full of doubts.

Shao Mingzhe deliberately asked the doctor Tan about the situation on the day of the incident, only to find that Dr. Tan had resigned and the hospital phone could not be reached. Xia Ranran said that Peng Jing spent a lot of thought in composing the story. Xia Hongyuan trusted her, and Xia Ranran could only follow Peng Jing’s approach first. Omelet was worried that Xia Ranran would have no status if Peng Jing had another child, and wanted to do some tricks, but Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe disagreed.

Xia Ranran went to help Lin Xiangan paint the wall. Lin Xiangan was also very worried about her condition. She likes to carry everything off like Su Mo. Lin Xiang’an kept vaguely asking how long Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe had been together, and said that they were not appropriate. Shao Mingzhe looked like a self-righteous person, but Xia Ranran said that he was the person who helped him the most in the world. Lin Xiangan is a little sad, why do you all love him.

When Lin Xiangan sent Xia Ranran home, he left a sentence, if you really like Shao Mingzhe, you must hurry up and don’t let it go because of anyone. Peng Jing quietly added something to Xia Hongyuan’s medicine. Xia Hongyuan was very happy to learn that Xia Ranran had gone to help Lin Xiangan. Xia Ranran said that Lin Xiangan and Lin Xiaodong had talked about the project, but Lin Xiaodong’s temper had always been this way, so Lin Xiangan Did not help much. Xia Ranran hoped that Xia Hongyuan would change to a doctor. Xia Hongyuan agreed and gave her a key. There are a lot of Han Yun’s things in the basement. Peng Jing didn’t know what to do. Xia Ranran decided how to deal with it. Peng Jing came to feed Xia Hongyuan with medicine, and Xia Hongyuan took the changed medicine unsuspectingly.

Xia Ranran went to the basement to get Han Yun’s belongings and took them back to the room. Shao Mingzhe installed a camera in her room. Xia Ranran called him while looking at Han Yun’s photos on the camera. In her memory, Han Yun was cold. People who smile so happily in this photo. Shao Mingzhe was very angry when he learned that Xia Ranran had gone to help Lin Xiangan paint. Someone went upstairs, and Shao Mingzhe hurriedly told Xia Ranran that Xia Ranran took milk from the servant, and the servant who overheard was startled. Su Mo asked Shao Mingzhe to meet and said that he wanted to meet and talk with him about Xia Ranran.

Shao Mingzhe didn’t want to go, but Xia Ranran was involved. Su Mo said that she and Xia Ranran were very good friends, so she begged Shao Mingzhe to break up, because she was confident that any woman except Xia Ranran would take Shao Mingzhe back. Su Mo said that he owed Lin Xiangan a lot, but also wanted to face his love. Shao Mingzhe thought she was crazy, leaving a sentence that you are not as good as Xia Ranran and got up and left.

Xia Ranran heard movement in the bathroom, but when she went in, she saw Chenchen sitting in the corner with an unhappy expression because he was wetting the bed. Xia Ranran took him back to his room, told him no, tell Peng Jing about the matter, and comforted him that bedwetting is not a big deal. The two get along in unexpected harmony.

Xia Ranran sent Chenchen in the car to school the next morning. Xia Hongyuan was very pleased to see this scene. Xia Ranran said that she stayed up all night to read the company’s financial statements and also wrote a report. Upon hearing this, Peng Jing advised Xia Hongyuan not to impose her thoughts on Xia Ranran. She liked art. Xia Ranran said intimately that Xia Hongyuan was in poor health and she could not do what she wanted to do with her temperament.

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