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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 49 Recap

In the current chaos, many people go to Haichao Temple to seek relief. Everyone can’t afford to eat, and the business of Chunfu Restaurant is getting worse. The proprietress brought out the last two bowls of congee and pickles, placed them on the last clean flat table, and then left wittily, leaving Xia Jicheng and Gu Yaodong time for conversation.

Although Zhong Baiming has been imprisoned in the gendarmerie, the forces behind him should not be underestimated and it is impossible to guarantee that he will not be released early. In order to prevent accidents during the last reporting process, Xia Jicheng decided to adopt “mobile reporting”. Gu Yaodong would drive the police station’s electronic reconnaissance vehicle to No.139 Dagu Road, so that Zhou Mingpei would report in the vehicle. , You can enhance the signal strength and avoid the monitoring and positioning of the telecommunication room in time.

Realizing that Gu Yaodong was still feeling guilty about Shen Qinghe’s affairs, Xia Jicheng took the initiative to confess his inner thoughts. Whether it was in the past, now or in the future, he still believes that Gu Yaodong’s clean background can guarantee Shen Qinghe’s happiness and make her feel as carefree as an ordinary girl. consider. Only Shen Qinghe, who lives as he pleases and is full of joy and anger, is the result Xia Jicheng really hopes to see, and it is also his selfish desire.

A visitor from Huai’an told the bad news of Mother Zhao’s death, and angrily accused Zhao Zhiyong of staying in the city for too long and had become a shameless person. After Nonghan left, Zhao Zhiyong hurriedly broke into Zhong Baiming’s office and found the most recent letter in the drawer. As the three characters “Mother died” came into view, Zhao Zhiyong was completely desperate, and then staggered downstairs, kneeling on the corner and crying.

Gu Yaodong held an umbrella and found it from home, and saw Zhao Zhiyong leaning against the door of the noodle stall. The surrounding tall buildings and the lights were beginning to make it look dark and cramped, leaving only a desolate area of ​​people going to the empty space. Zhao Zhiyong slowly sighed with emotion when he first came to Shanghai. He stood on the rooftop of the police station and looked at the bustling night scene of the city. He had a long-cherished wish to “support justice”, but he let the cruel reality crush all the goodness, even the protection. The people have also become extravagant hopes.

Until now, Zhao Zhiyong still thinks that Gu Yaodong is luckier than him. He grew up in Shanghai and was loved by his parents and elder sister. He doesn’t have to endure the trivialities of warmth, warmth, food and clothing, and he can be impulsive without restraint. If the identities of Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong are exchanged, there may be another ending. Unfortunately, it is too late. Zhao Zhiyong decides to return to Huai’an to guard his homeland and also advises Gu Yaodong to leave the police station as soon as possible.

Because of Deputy Director Tian’s mediation, the gendarmerie had to acquit Zhong Baiming. Originally, Zhao Zhiyong went to Qi Shengping with his resignation letter, but when he learned of the incident, shock, anger and resentment followed one after another, so he rushed to the rooftop before Zhong Baiming found out, buckled the iron gate with one hand, and pointed a gun at Gu Yaodong’s head with the other. .

Facing Zhao Zhiyong’s questioning, Gu Yaodong defaulted to his Communist Party status, and watched Zhao Zhiyong go from suffering to relief, and then fled under his cover. Zhong Baiming ordered Zheng Xin and others to scatter around and search, but there was no time for Zhao Zhiyong’s abnormality or even to humiliate him. In the end, Zhao Zhiyong lost his mind completely and threw his red eyes at Zhong Baiming. Even though Zhong Baiming tried his best to resist, he was quickly defeated by his crazy attack.

Gu Yaodong covered all the way, and just stepped out of the police station building with his front feet, he did not expect a loud noise to be heard behind him. The police officers in the yard stepped forward and watched. Seeing Zhao Zhiyong lying prone on the ground, with the spread of blood, he slowly closed his eyes with unwillingness and regret.

Gu Yaodong concealed his grief, turned and left, and drove the reconnaissance car to Dagu Road to meet Xia Jicheng and others. As the content of this telegram was very long and the whole journey took 40 minutes, Gu Yaodong was responsible for the delay in driving, and Zhou Mingpei sent the report based on Xia Jicheng’s dictation.

The telecommunications room quickly detected the location of the radio station, but when Zhong Baiming led the team to Dagu Road, the signal instantly disappeared, and then appeared on Chang’an Road. Frequently hitting the air several times, Zhong Baiming saw through Xia Jicheng’s strategy, and immediately called the other five reconnaissance vehicles to gather at a uniform location. Sure enough, only the No. 3 reconnaissance vehicle had not come.

At the same time, police cars scattered on various streets received news one after another and rushed in one direction. Zhong Baiming notified Huangpu Branch to block the exit of Fuxing Middle Road branch road, with the purpose of driving Gu Yaodong to the east exit. Zheng Xin carried a sniper rifle and set up an ambush in the middle of the road, coupled with the police car outflanking left and right, at this time the No. 3 reconnaissance car was already scarred by guns. Zhou Mingpei sat in the car and continued to report without changing his face. Xia Jicheng spoke clearly while shooting back outside the car.

Just as the chasing convoy became larger and larger, the police commission convoy suddenly plunged into the air, guarding both sides of Gu Yaodong’s reconnaissance vehicle like a guard. The police in the sub-station have blocked the exit of the trail with sandbags and pegboards, and set up a checkpoint at the end, with several guns aimed at the upcoming No. 3 reconnaissance vehicle.

In order to prevent Gu Yaodong and others from being exposed to the sniper’s field of vision, Old Dong drove the truck alone into the checkpoint, using his life to buy Gu Yaodong time to escape. Precisely because of the same determination to fight to the death, the police commissar trucks from behind also rushed in one after another, and then opened a bloody road.

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