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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 50 Recap

Suzhou Creek was once a small city, and many factories were stationed there. Later, the factories went bankrupt, and the nearby residents could no longer rely on them for survival, so they fled from famine and gradually turned it into an empty city.

Zhong Baiming notified the various sub-bureaus to set up cards at the intersections, and directly forced the No. 3 reconnaissance vehicle to the factory area by the Suzhou River, and then tightened the encirclement. Zhou Mingpei’s arm was injured by a stray bullet, which slowed the speed of reporting. Xia Jicheng told Gu Yaodong to take Zhou Mingpei to hide in a nearby factory to complete the last piece of intelligence content, and then drove the reconnaissance vehicle alone to attract all the firepower.

The factory was dilapidated and desolate, and there were abandoned vacant workshops everywhere. Gu Yaodong found a power source in a large machine. Zhou Mingpei resisted the gunshot pain and continued to report, but they did not know that the two were under Zheng Xin’s supervision. The sniper scope aimed at Gu Yaodong, who was half of his body exposed. A gunshot burst into the sky. Gu Yaodong followed the sound to find Zheng Xin and fell to the ground. Shen Qinghe was standing opposite with the gun.

At the same time, all the police officers rushed to the factory area and quickly blocked the front and rear intersections. Xia Jicheng was caught in a dilemma. Seeing Zhong Baiming, he was about to order a shot. He originally planned to hit him directly, but suddenly saw Gu Yaodong driving a car to the rescue. To prevent Gu Yaodong from being exposed, Xia Jicheng slammed the steering wheel and squeezed the police car from the side to rush towards the gas station.

The police car rolled over and smashed into the fuel pile, gasoline gurgled from the bottom, Xia Jicheng hit his head full of blood, and endured the severe pain throughout his body. He saw dozens of police officers slowly approaching with long guns. In the end, there was a loud noise, and the fire was overwhelming. Everyone was turned to ashes, and only a few people were still struggling in the fire.

Zhong Baiming was lucky enough to survive. He thought that the transmitter was also buried in the flames. Unexpectedly, the instrument in the interrogation car was still flashing the indicator light, and the signal captured by the antenna could be vaguely heard. Just as Zhong Baiming was anxious and threw away his earphones, picked up his spear and walked out of the car door, Gu Yaodong stood not far away and fired several shots decisively and sadly.

Even though Zhong Baiming had eaten his own evil results and ended his sinful life, Gu Yaodong’s growth was exchanged for countless people’s blood. Xia Jicheng’s heroic sacrifice also made him realize the consequences of reckless behavior. At this time, there was silence in the factory. Zhou Mingpei took off his headphones, turned off the power of the transmitter, and turned around to embrace Shen Qinghe excitedly. The secret electricity that played a huge role in the Battle of Huaihai was finally sent to the center in its entirety.

At the police station celebration party, Qi Shengping stood in front of the podium proud of the spring breeze, and said a eulogy in memory of Zhong Baiming, but he did not feel the slightest grief. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Qi Shengping will work from time to time and reduce Zhong Baiming’s strong competitor. I believe he will soon be able to secure the throne of the director.

However, when things failed, Qi Shengping received a call from Director General Tang as soon as he returned to the office. His expression gradually changed from surprised to disappointed. He was forced to accept the arrangement and prepare to welcome the demotion of Director Mao. However, after Qi Shengping hung up the phone, he stared solemnly at the party-state flag and the portrait of Chairman Chiang. He worked for him for nearly half his life and finally made a major decision at this moment.

Qi Shengping called Gu Yaodong into the office and stood by the window with his hands folded. He couldn’t see the joy or anger on his face, and then slowly dismantled Gu Yaodong’s Communist Party identity, including Xia Jicheng’s lurking in the police station for many years and bravely died overnight. If he changed to the previous one, perhaps Qi Shengping would personally send Gu Yaodong to the Observatory, but now he changed his mind and chose to open up a retreat for himself.

At first, Gu Yaodong pretended to be ignorant, but when he saw Qi Shengping handing out a portfolio containing all the information of Zhong Baiming’s investigation of Shen Qinghe, the meaning was self-evident. Two people of different class positions happen to become alliances in this troubled world. They don’t treat each other sincerely, but only need.

In January 1949, the Battle of Huaihai came to an end with the full victory of the People’s Liberation Army, and then a decisive battle with the Kuomintang heavy forces group began. In the end, the People’s Liberation Army wiped out the enemy’s five main force groups, disintegrated the Kuomintang’s rule north of the Yangtze River, and began to swallow the mountains and rivers to liberate the whole of China.

At the end of the spring, Shanghai was caught in chaotic politics. Qi Shengping impassionedly called on everyone to unite and actively fight, but turned around to pack up his belongings and arrange for his wife to take refuge in Taiwan first, and then reunite after he finishes handling the affairs at hand.

Fu’an lanes were gone, and the emptiness and desolation were everywhere. Neighbors moved to cities under the Communist Party’s administration. Even Mr. Sun moved his family to Tianjin to seek asylum. Gu Bang just came forward and smiled sadly. The usual chess table under the street lamp, originally surrounded by a crowd of people, is now covered with dust.

In the evening, Gu’s family discussed the matter and believed that the Communist Party and others would come to Shanghai soon. Since Gu Yuexi’s husband intends to resign from the shipping company, Gu Yuexi will move back to her small family in a few days. Taking advantage of Shen Qinghe’s stay in Shanghai, Gu’s mother proposes to go to the photo studio tomorrow to take a family portrait, and choose Gu Yaodong’s wedding picture. formula.

Now that the Southwest has become a major battlefield, the Communist Party considers that Shen Qinghe’s father and Sichuan army general Liu Wenhui were once close friends, so it sent a new liaison officer to truthfully convey the instructions of the superiors. It is hoped that Shen Qinghe will set off to Chengdu to participate in the work of instigating the Chuankang uprising. This task means that Shen Qinghe must be named Wei Qingwei, and all her files in Shanghai must be erased, especially not leaving anything that can prove her identity in Gu’s family.

The next morning, the Gu family set off to the Meifu Photo Studio. Gu Yuexi, mother and son, and Yang Fuduo accompanied the old couple to take turns taking pictures inside. Only Gu Yaodong waited at the door until Shen Qinghe appeared. The laughter in the photo studio faded away, and the family looked out the window. The young couple looked at each other for a long time, and no one spoke first.

In the twilight, the little yellow dog stood under the swill wheel, and could not help wailing when he saw the old man die on the street. Gu Yaodong personally sent Shen Qinghe away, and the two walked to the alley to say their final farewell. No matter who Shen Qinghe will become and how she will be found in the future, Gu Yaodong will stay in Shanghai and stay in Fu’an Alley, waiting for Shen Qinghe’s return.

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