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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Ji bowed down in front of the city gate, and the waiter came to pass on and let her and Ying Zheng enter the palace immediately. Zhao Ji was very happy to hear that, facing Yangquan Jun Qian who prevented her from entering Qin, she also harbored a grudge.

In Xianyang Palace, wearing hemp and filial piety, Ying Yiren knelt on the main hall. Winning Xi first met Ying Zhu and Mrs. Huayang, and brought Zhao Ji mother and son by the way. With a call, Yingying walked up to the two people outside the hall. Ying Yiren looked at his wife and children whose figure gradually became clear, with tears of excitement, but he quickly regained his senses and reminded Zhao Ji and Ying Zheng to visit their parents.

Madame Hua Yang saw Zhao Ji with disdain and disgust in her eyes. She felt that how could a dancing girl become the prince’s wife and even have children. However, Ying Zhu was extremely interested in this rumored grandson, and then he brought Lu Lujian, but he did not expect to be recognized on the spot by Ying Zheng and pulled him out.

Ying Yiren was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat and scolded Yingzheng for breaking his rules. How dare he draw his sword in front of Yingzhu, but Yingzhu didn’t mind at all. Instead, he smiled and asked Yingzheng what famous weapon he knew. Shen Yue has taught Yingzheng a lot of knowledge. In addition to knowing the famous swords handed down, he also knows everything about the Four Books and Five Classics. In the face of Yingzhu’s questions, Yingzheng has a good answer. Zhao Ji and Ying Yiren were touched a lot by this situation, and Zhao Ji burst into tears. At this moment, she didn’t know how many years she was looking forward to. This reunion was a perfect start.

Ying Zhu bestowed Lu Lujian as a reward to Yingzheng, and Mrs. Huayang hurriedly blocked it, because Lu Lujian was a token of the King of Qin from generation to generation. If it were passed on to Yingzheng, it would mean that he would be the future candidate for King of Qin. Yingzhu insisted on giving the sword to Yingzheng, because in his eyes, Yingzheng was the iron-blooded man Daqin needed.

The next day, Qian Chen visited Mrs. Huayang. He was still worried about preventing Zhao Ji’s mother and son from entering the Qin Dynasty outside the city gate, so he planned to go to the Prince’s Mansion to make an apology. Mrs. Hua Yang scolded Qian Chen for not doing his job properly, and made him worry about state affairs for Ying Zhu, and informed Ying Zhu that he had left the position of prime minister to Qian Chen, and Wang Chen quickly bowed down and thanked Mrs. Hua Yang.

Yangquan Monarch’s Mansion held a big banquet to celebrate that Qian Chen will be the prime minister in the near future. When Lu Buwei heard about this, even if it was not feeling in his heart, he could only swallow his teeth in his stomach. At the Prince’s Mansion, Zhao Ji faced Lu Buwei with no gratitude in her eyes. Instead, she was full of anger and resentment. The abandonment of her mother and son in Handan as a hostage was all his Lu Buwei idea.

Ying Zheng was practicing swords in the yard, and happened to run into the Yangquan Jun Qian who had come to visit before. Ying Zheng General Mi Chen stopped in the yard, taunting the things that prevented him from entering the city before, and insidiously taunting him before and after being respectful. end. Mei Chen showed off his life experience to Ying Zheng, but it attracted Ying Zheng’s disdain. Under the conflict between the two sides, Mei Chen cursed Ying Zheng as a wild species, and the completely enraged Ying Zheng raised his hand and drew his sword to stab him to death.

Upon learning of this matter, Ying Yiren hurried to block and persuade peace, leaving Lu Buwei and Zhao Ji alone in the interior. After Ying Yiren left, Zhao Ji asked Lu Buwei why he abandoned their mother and son. Lu Buwei did not dare to look at Zhao Ji. Now she is the prince’s wife. Now it is different from the past. Lu Buwei reminded Zhao Ji not to mention the past.

Ying Zheng is very alienated from Ying Yiren, and he can’t listen to his own education. Back in the house, Ying Yiren’s loss was beyond words. He asked Lu Buwei to teach Ying Zheng more. Lu Buwei got up to say goodbye, and walked outside the courtyard but was stopped by Ying Zheng. He thought that Ying Zheng and Zhao Ji generally blamed him, but he didn’t expect Ying Zheng to agree with Lu Buwei’s actions, and thought he was wise and admired. The two rode to the wilderness outside Xianyang City, and Ying Zheng drew their swords to pay tribute to Shen Yue. The youngsters will continue to change along the way.

Zhao Sheng was very concerned about the news of the Yan Kingdom’s war. Not only that, but his purpose of entering Qin this time was to negotiate with Ying Zhu. Unexpectedly, he saw Ying Yiren sitting in the car of Prince Yan, and seemed to be very close to Tai Fu Ju Wu. it is good. The envoys of the six countries of Shandong gathered in Xianyang, and the national funeral was on schedule. In the snowy winter, thousands of people in the country weep together, and the old Qin has gone through the national disaster together.

Since Lu Buwei accepted Yingzheng as a student, he went to Yingzheng room every day to teach Yingzheng. Lu Buwei’s ambition is to assist Mingjun, and Yingzheng’s ambition is to unify the six countries, so that the people can live and work in peace and contentment, and no longer abandon his wife and children and be displaced.

Lianpo defeated Yan Jun, Zhao Dan believed that Zhao Sheng returned to China immediately and could not make good relations with Qin. Lu Buwei believes that such news must never be known to Zhao Sheng, so he suggested that Xianyang City block the news to avoid leaking the fans. In order to prevent future troubles, Mrs. Huayang detained all the temple maids in the hall, and no one was allowed to let them go without her order.

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