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“Serial Drama W Cold Case 3 ~ The Door of Truth ~” Cast Interview

The Japanese version of the American drama “Cold Case” – 連続ドラマW コールドケース3 , which has gained worldwide popularity by depicting the activities of the investigation team dealing with unsolved violent crimes, commonly known as “Cold Case”, is the third in the series “Serial Drama W Cold Case 3” ~ The Door of Truth ~ ”will be broadcast from the 5th as a work commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening of WOWOW.

Even in this work, the main character, Yuri Ishikawa, who leads the team in the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Investigation Division, is the younger companion who supports Yuri. Ayato Nagayama as Shinjiro Takagi, Kenichi Takito as Daisuke Tachikawa, the mood maker of the team, Ken Mitsuishi as Toru Kaneko who supports everyone with abundant investigative experience, and Tomokazu Miura as the boss Hidetoshi Motoki who can rely on members. Appeared as a regular cast.

Not only the story that reveals the truth of the sad case buried in the darkness by Yuri and others, but also the hit songs at the time when the unsolved case occurred, and the guest performers of each story are attractive, and now WOWOW is one of the most popular. It is a series. Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, we overcame the shooting interruption for about 2 months, the change of location, shooting while taking necessary measures to prevent infection, etc., and the mutual respect and trust deepened. We will deliver the voices of five cast members.

After shooting for about 6 months, including the period of interruption due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Mr. Yoshida has often said, “Because of the presence of corona, on the contrary, in Season 3, we have a bond with everyone. I feel that it has deepened. “But what about everyone else?

[Yoshida] Do you think the same way?

[Miura] Of course!

(Nagayama, Takito, and Mitsuishi also express their consent)

[Yoshida] It was good! There were many moments when I felt that I was open and trusting even when I was playing. There are many scenes with Ayato-kun, who is forming a buddy, but this time, I feel that I can finally talk about anything without hesitation. There is a difference in age, so I think Ayato-kun was also reluctant, but I think he could have broken that wall. I think that is naturally reflected in the relationship between Yuri and Shinjiro.

[Nagayama] I don’t hesitate anymore (laughs). I thought that my first job after self-restraint was “Cold Case”, which was really good. While refraining from doing so, I don’t know what will happen in the future, so can I really do it even if I get a call to resume shooting? I’m worried. When I returned to the scene, there were some things that changed, such as everyone wearing masks, but as I took pictures more carefully than before I refrained from doing so, I felt a sense of solidarity in my heart. There is a feeling that the distance is getting closer, and I think that is reflected in the work.

[Miura] Mitsuishi was the only one who had co-starring experience during Season 1. I wondered what kind of atmosphere it would be like, but by the end I was fascinated by the wonderfulness of everyone as a performer. Season 2 gave me a sense of security. It’s Season 3 and you’ve become friends. It wouldn’t be good if it backfired and became familiar, but that didn’t happen, so I think everyone is professional.

[Takito] Due to the interruption of shooting, the location used for shooting in Investigation Division 1 changed, and I was wondering what would happen, but I reproduced almost the same Investigation Division 1 in another location. Please. The staff members haven’t changed, and I felt the love of “Cold Case” in those places as well. Of course, I think my love for “Cold Case” has deepened. After all, I was worried while refraining from doing so. I wonder how long I can rest. I was so far away that I completely forgot the lines I remembered.

[Mitsuishi] I also refrained from doing so, and the first site was “Cold Case”. It’s becoming a standard now, but when the camera wasn’t spinning, there were some difficult parts such as attaching a face shield, but it was also fresh. As Mr. Takito said, the shooting location has changed, but the staff were well prepared, and as if nothing had happened, I felt like “Let’s do it now” and resumed. I was grateful for that, I was happy.

[Yoshida] While I was refraining from doing so, I never felt uneasy. I believed in the vitality of this “Cold Case” and thought that I would definitely shoot it. In fact, after refraining from doing so, when I entered the scene, the staff members, who were the same as they were two months ago, were there, and I could feel the strong feeling that I would definitely be able to shoot this season 3. I think we all overcame the difficulties together and strengthened our team strength and cohesiveness. Now I am very grateful to all the cast staff for their love for “Cold Case”.

The highlight of the guest cast’s enthusiastic performance ――Please tell us the recommended episodes and guest performers that left an impression on you.

[Mitsuishi] Mr. Kasumi Arimura in episode 3 was wonderful. I’ve been co-starring many times, but this time I was performing in a past scene, so I didn’t work with him during the shooting, but I was surprised to see the result.

[Miura] That’s right! I only had the image of a cute female role, but I was impressed by the glimpse that he wanted to play various roles.

In the third episode, Mr. Arimura will appear in the role of Misa Kibune, a star of the silver screen who is said to have been dating a young actor who disappeared in 1961.

[Miura] In episode 3, when I made my debut, it was almost 50 years ago (laughs), but Go Wakabayashi and Chieko Matsubara, who were often taken care of at the scene, also appeared. Thank you. I was deeply moved by the fact that I met him for the first time in a long time and talked about “We are both old” and that he has been active as an actor for a long time.

[Takito] The scene of the interrogation by Mr. Wakabayashi and Mr. Tomokazu was numb. I can’t explain this in words, but I’m glad I was there as an actor.

[Miura] Takehara Pistol in episode 8 also saw the finished product and thought it was very good.

Episode 8 is the main episode of Tachikawa played by Mr. Takito. Guest Takehara also commented, “The scene in the interrogation room with Tachikawa played by Mr. Takito was a collision of energy and energy.” “I was able to concentrate so much that I could forget myself.” Tachikawa’s ex-wife, Yuki Manabe (Miki Mizuno) will also appear.

[Takito] That’s right. Episode 8 also has a feeling.

[Nagayama] In another interview, I said that I like the 4th episode of chasing the bomb demon, but the 1st and 2nd episodes are in the front and back, and Shinjiro’s older brother who I play appears. .. I was glad that Dai Watanabe was cast while I was wondering who would play my brother after receiving the script. The first day of self-restraint was a scene with Dai-kun, and I was relieved because I had a history of co-starring.

[Yoshida] I think that the protagonists of each story are the guests involved in the incident. I think everyone who came out in Season 3 was wonderful. Among them, in Season 3, there was an episode in which Yuri’s heart was greatly shaken as the same woman, with Sayaka Yamaguchi (a victim of the murdered rape criminal and suspect) in episode 6 and episode 10. I would like to mention Mr. Kana Kita (an episode depicting a mother and child suffering from domestic violence and abuse).

Mr. Yamaguchi reads the script while imagining what kind of play he will play, and enters the scene, but in the play beyond that imagination, he bumped into his heart and struck me himself. My heart trembled.

Due to the structure of the work, I do not participate in the shooting of the past part, so I was only with Mr. Kita in the last scene where the victim was in front of Yuri and appeared in the appearance of the day, but Mr. Kita in the actual production When I saw her expression, I naturally cried. Of course, the script doesn’t say “cry”, and it’s not a scene that makes you cry in the first place. However, tears came out as a lily. After that, when I saw the finished product, I couldn’t stop crying. I wonder if this was the case. The reason why I cried when shooting the last scene was connected. I thought it was because Mr. Kita had completed the appearance as a role, which was expressed by accurately grasping the role. I would like you to see the plays of Mr. Yamaguchi and Mr. Kita.

Broadcast information
“Serial Drama W Cold Case 3 ~ The Door of Truth ~”
WOWOW Prime: Starts on December 5th, every Saturday from 10:00 (* Episode 1 free broadcast)

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