Chinese Plot

The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 37 Recap

Xu Xiulan started nagging as soon as she entered the door, picking and choosing. Xu Qingfeng was very happy to see her mother returning to normal. Xu Xiulan was carrying her luggage to move back to take care of them. Xu Qingfeng groaned secretly.

Xu Xiulan carefully prepared a large table of dishes and kept adding dishes to Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing was full of praise for her cooking skills. Xu Xiulan began to intervene in the decoration. Guan Yuqing was not allowed to invite Sun Xiaobai to the wedding, and Xu Qingfeng was not allowed to invite. My colleague Ding Zhibo made an excuse that Ding Zhibo’s wife was not filial to her mother-in-law, and even made complaints. Xu Qingfeng took the opportunity to ask Xu Xiulan to go to the university for the elderly. Xu Xiulan resolutely refused to do it and should concentrate on staying at home to take care of them.

Gao Jianling asked Guan Yongnian to meet, persuaded him to go to senior college, and revealed that Xu Xiulan would not go to class, and asked him to help persuade. The old squad leader posted an advertisement for the elderly university in the group. Xu Xiulan warned him not to post small advertisements, but the colleagues in the group were eager to try. Xu Xiulan reminded everyone not to be deceived, but they didn’t listen at all.

Xu Xiulan came to the University for the Elderly in the morning. Unexpectedly, the old squad leader turned out to be Guan Yongnian. He also informed everyone that he would take a two-day trip to Tianjin. Guan Yongnian saw Xu Xiulan and forced her out. Xu Xiulan was not convinced, so she went to the outside registration office to consult. Yongnian followed and ridiculed Xu Xiulan and used the method to stimulate Xu Xiulan to sign up on the spot. In fact, this was carefully planned by Guan Yongnian and Gao Jianling.

Xu Xiulan came to the baking class early in the morning. Teacher Zhang taught everyone to make cakes. Xu Xiulan was full of confidence. In the end, she failed because of poor temperature control. Teacher Zhang asked her to go home and practice well. Guan Yongnian was talking coldly on the sidelines. Xu Xiulan was very annoyed. When she returned home, she locked herself in her room to study. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing supervised her. Xu Xiulan couldn’t remember her, so she had to come out and eat some walnuts to enhance her memory. Xu Qingfeng assumed the identity of a parent to guide her and threatened to find Zhang. The teacher complained, and Xu Xiulan obediently followed suit.

When Xu Qingfeng went home from get off work, Xu Xiulan couldn’t wait to ask Xu Qingfeng to help her check her homework. Xu Qingfeng recorded Xu Xiulan’s learning video and sent it to the group. Teacher Zhang showed her the top five classmates. Xu Xiulan also wanted to compete for ranking and complained that Xu Qingfeng had left work. It was too late, and Xu Qingfeng suggested that Guan Yuqing succeed him as the parent, help Xu Xiulan clock in every day, and take the responsibility of taking pictures of her homework and handing in.

Guan Zhenlei came to see Li Bei, but he didn’t dare to knock on the door, so he hung two bags of snacks on the door and left. Li Bei chased them out and returned them to him, reminding him not to come again. Guan Zhenlei had to leave angrily. He went home dejected. Guan Yongnian saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart. At breakfast, Xu Xiulan proposed to let Guan Yuqing be her parent and help her check her homework every day.

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