Chinese Plot

The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 33 Recap

Wei Xiaobao came to the cell to visit the six pessimistic women. Su Quan stuck his neck tightly. Wei Xiaobao repeatedly begged for mercy. Su Quan refused to forgive him. He fisted and kicked Wei Xiaobao. Both of them stood up to protect Wei Xiaobao and Su Quan. After a big fight, other people rushed to help, and there was a mess in the cell, and Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stopped them.

Zhao Liangdong and Zhang Yong came to mention people, Wei Xiaobao asked him to put Su Quan and Fang Yi first, Zheng Keshuang was locked in another cell, he begged Akko to save him, Wei Xiaobao sent someone to watch Zheng Keshuang, if any woman wanted to escape, he would take Zheng Keshuang’s arm With the leg cut off, Zeng Rou couldn’t understand Wei Xiaobao and scolded him as a traitorous official.

Wei Xiaobao thought twice and decided to let Fang Yi go, let him go to Liu Yizhou, let Ake go to Zheng Keshuang, and Aqi spontaneously went to Geerdan. In the end only two children, Mu Jianping and Zeng Rou, were willing to follow Wei Xiaobao desperately. . At this moment, Lord Hong sent someone to find Wei Xiaobao and wanted to exchange Guldan and Sang Jie for Su Quan. Wei Xiaobao sent Su Quan out and asked Lu Gaoxuan and Fat Toutuo to send her back to Shenlong Island. Su Quan and Wei Xiaobao bid farewell.

Wu Zhirong hurriedly came to Wei Xiaobao. He arrested Mr. Gu Lao, Mr. Huang Lao and Mr. Lu Lao, and found not only a collection of poems, but also a secret letter, which contained many verses that were disrespectful to the Qing Dynasty. Wei Xiaobao did not understand words, but Knowing that he had reported Shi Kefa to Obai at the beginning, Wu Zhirong took out the letter, which was written by Wu Liuqi to Mr. Huang, and Wei Xiaobao agreed to report it to the emperor.

Shuang’er couldn’t understand Wu Zhirong’s face and wanted Wei Xiaobao to kill him. Wei Xiaobao was afraid that he was the imperial commander, so he wanted to save the three people first. The three people were rescued in the name of arraignment, and they were sent to Lichunyuan for a while, and the four of them followed suit.

Geerdan and Sangjie were rescued. They came to see Wei Xiaobao the first time, and Aqi came afterwards. They all thanked Wei Xiaobao for his life-saving grace, and Wei Xiaobao asked them to help with something. Qian Laoben and others rescued the three old gentlemen and sent them to Lichun Academy. Wei Xiaobao later came to visit them, and wanted to save Wu Liuqi again.

Wei Xiaobao took out the letter that Director Wang handed to him, and they knew Wu Zhirong’s true face. Wei Xiaobao asked them to write a letter to Wu Sangui in an important tone. Wei Xiaobao took this letter and gave it to the emperor, so that he could get rid of it without knowing it Drop Wu Zhirong. Wei Xiaobao sent the letter to the capital, and the emperor sent someone to inform Wei Xiaobao that he could enter Beijing, and then sent someone to build the Martyrs’ Shrine.

Wei Xiaobao concluded that there was something urgent for the emperor, and he did not dare to delay. Local officials Mu and Ma came to see Wei Xiaobao and revealed to him Wu Sangui’s rebellion. Wei Xiaobao finally waited until this day. He lied that Wu Zhirong was going to arrest them and persuaded him. Wei Xiaobao took refuge in Wu Sangui, and the two of them made an idea to call Wu Zhirong.

Wu Zhirong was ordered to see Wei Xiaobao and saw that Mr. Mu and Mr. Ma were also there. He was puzzled. Wei Xiaobao deliberately set down Wu Zhirong. He repeatedly claimed that an official surnamed Wu wanted to rebel, and also took out Wu Liuqi’s letter to Mr. Huang. Master Mu and Master Ma determined that it was Wu Sangui who was going to rebel. Wei Xiaobao promised to report to the emperor, and then wanted to convict Wu Zhirong and take him to the capital for trial.

Wei Xiaobao wanted to take her mother back to the capital, but her mother flatly refused. Wei Xiaobao claimed that he had a lot of money to allow her to live a life of worry-free food and clothing, but Wei Chunhua didn’t believe it.

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