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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 34 Recap

Wei Chunhua wants to stay in Yangzhou and cannot do without Lichunyuan. Wei Xiaobao puts out fifty thousand taels of silver to let Wei Chunhua buy the Lichunyuan and let her be the proprietress. Wei Chunhua bitterly asks the origin of the money, and Wei Xiaobao takes it. The pair of dice was tested by Wei Chunhua on the spot, and the results were all hits. Wei Chunhua believed in Wei Xiaobao’s ability to win money. He was full of praise and reminded him to pay attention to avoid being chopped off.

Wei Xiaobao was about to return to Beijing to return to his life. He knelt goodbye to his mother and took a large group of troops forward. When he came to the fork in the road, Wei Xiaobao sent Zhao Liangdong to take the team back to Beijing. He went to the dealer from another road. The carriage had just walked out. I saw two groups of people fighting in the woods. Taoist Xuanzhen recognized that one of them was brothers from the Tiandihui, and Xu Tianchuan recognized that Wu Liuqi was killed. They followed the third group of the second master. A killer is here, but the opponent has achieved martial arts, and they are gradually lost.

Wei Xiaobao explained that Wu Liuqi was an undercover undercover lying next to Wu Sangui. The killers knew that Wu Sangui had been fooled and were willing to give Wu Liuqi his life. Wei Xiaobao persuaded them to join forces to kill Wu Sangui. They wanted to kill the emperor and then get rid of Wu Sangui. Desperately defending the emperor, Xu Tianchuan invited the three-dimensional killer to Wei Xiaobao’s residence. After Chen Jinnan arrived, everyone discussed a proper solution. Wei Xiaobao was embarrassed and worried that the emperor knew that this matter would be troublesome, but it was inconvenient to refuse.

Wei Xiaobao arrested Wu Zhirong. Mrs. Wu Liuqi reprimanded him for his crime. Wei Xiaobao asked him to break it on her own. Wu Zhirong went out to find a place to commit suicide under the pretext that there were no beams in the room. As a result, he wanted to escape when he was unprepared. He died of anger.

Wei Xiaobao and his party returned to the capital and moved directly into his mansion. Chen Jinnan, Mu Jiansheng and others rushed to the palace. Wei Xiaobao wanted to return to the palace to return to the emperor. Chen Jinnan stopped him and wanted to discuss with everyone the way to kill the emperor. No longer have to serve him. The three killers under Gui Erye took the initiative to ask Ying to assassinate the emperor. Some people suggested that Wu Sangui and the emperor could kill each other. They were both fighting for the benefit of the fisherman.

Zhong Er is grateful for Wu Sangui’s goodness. Wei Xiaobao saw the white tiger skin on Zhong’er and knew that it was given to him by Wu Sangui. In order to express their heartfelt, the Gui family forced Zhong’er to take off the white tiger skin and was cut off by others. Wei Xiaobao advised They should not act rashly. The palace is like a labyrinth. The emperor has no fixed place. They can’t find it at all. He wants to go to the palace to explore the way and lead the emperor out of the palace in the name of visiting the cannon.

Mu Jiansheng once sent someone to assassinate the emperor. He knew the complexity and mystery of the imperial palace. The dozens of people he sent were trapped in the palace. Thanks to Wei Xiaobao’s rescue, they were able to escape. The Gui family was not convinced and insisted on entering the palace. During the assassination, Chen Jinnan asked Wei Xiaobao to tell them the form of the palace. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t understand it for a while, so he drew a map of the palace on the spot.

Wei Xiaobao wanted to report a letter to the emperor and sent Shuang’er to secretly call Zhang Yong. He drew a picture and asked Zhang Yong to send it to the palace immediately. The Gui family came to urge Wei Xiaobao to draw a map and ran into Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong claimed to be the servant of Wei Xiaobao’s family. They had no doubts, and Zhang Yong hurried away. Wei Xiaobao deliberately delayed time. He painted houses one by one. It was too slow to return to his wife. He urged Wei Xiaobao to paint as soon as possible. Wei Xiaobao had to change his painting method, but he could not write and could not mark on it. Prompt to mark the location of each palace.

The Gui family took the map and entered the palace. Chen Jinnan guessed that they had gone or not. Wei Xiaobao was helpless. He wanted to go back to the palace and say hello to the emperor, so as not to send someone to the palace to ask him. Chen Jinnan agreed to return to the palace and remind him come back earlier. The Gui family flew over the wall and entered the palace. They followed the map to find the place where the emperor lived. They didn’t expect Zhong Er to follow, but forgot to take down the weapons. Three eunuchs passed by, and the returnee’s wife stopped them and replaced them with a family of three. Eunuch’s clothes.

Wei Xiaobao hurried to the palace. The emperor had received the pictures he wanted, and when he learned that someone wanted to assassinate him, he killed Wu Yingxiong in anger. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t help being taken aback. The civil and military officials prevented the emperor from killing Wu Yingxiong, but he was determined, and Wei Xiaobao gave the emperor. An invulnerable amulet.

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