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The Stage 装台 Episode 13 Plot

Tie Kou’s cell phone rang, and the villagers saw Qu Tuan on the caller ID. Tie Kou lied that this was his brother-in-law and now serves as the head of the Armed Police Corps. The two villagers were so scared, they squatted in front of the iron clasp and kept saying good things. In the final analysis, they were also for everyone’s wages. Shunzi and Captain Qu listened to the phone call from the iron clasp, and the people pretending to be an armed police coaxed the villagers. They turned around and quickly found a way to rescue the iron clasp.

After returning home, Shunzi saw Sufen sitting alone on the stone lion in front of the door, and Chrysanthemum changed the door lock. Shunzi wanted to overturn the wall, but because of his hemorrhoids, Yang Bo walked up to the yard and opened the door. Shunzi explained that he did not dare to overturn the wall of other people’s house. When Chrysanthemum came back and saw Sufen washing clothes alone, it was a strange way that a thief could become a housekeeper. Sufen no longer tolerated it. A basin of water was poured on Chrysanthemum’s shoes. Chrysanthemum asked her what she wanted to do, and Sufen asked her what she wanted on the front bar. Such an attitude made Chrysanthemum feel weak. Sufen turned around and returned to the house. Chrysanthemum reluctantly followed up. Sufen turned around and took toilet paper out, squatting down to polish Chrysanthemum’s shoes. Seeing Sufen squatting down to polish her shoes, Chrysanthemum seemed to be touched, and Sufen’s eyes were surprised and childishly shy.

Shunzi didn’t want the operation, so she went to the small clinic and put on the so-called special ointment first. He ran all the way to the café to meet Captain Qu. This time, the cost of Tie Kou was only half returned. The 100,000 wages originally promised was no good, but Tie Kou also decided to pay half of the capital to Shunzi and the others. With Commander Qu coming forward to reconcile, Shunzi finally paid the brothers who worked. Having taken such a job for them, he has no face to take the wages. When Dun Dun heard this, he threw one hundred yuan from his wages, one word round, so that each of the brothers would give one hundred to the straight. The two villagers eldest and second also drew a hundred yuan to Shunzi, and Shunzi was upright and they decided to follow suit together.

Shunzi returned to the door, and Yang Bo, who came back together, said that he didn’t count Sufen’s wages, so he had to give Sufen the money. Shunzi reluctantly took a hundred yuan as his wish, and warned Yang Bosufen that he was now his own, and he didn’t need to think about some of it. Sufen saw Chrysanthemum coming down upstairs with her clothes. She wanted to take it and wash it by herself, but Chrysanthemum looked contemptuous, and she felt that Sufen’s hands were dirty. Sufen’s heart is really tormented by treating each other coldly every day.

Uncle Scar found a place for Basao’s blind date, and there is really no way for the other party’s house to be reserved for his son to get married. After being so contrived by Uncle Scar, the eighth sister-in-law took off the shoes that the other party bought. This marriage can be regarded as a blow. Uncle Scar patted the other person on the shoulder and told his friend’s wife that they should not be deceived.

Chrysanthemum, who was putting clothes in the laundry room, suddenly felt abdominal pain. Shunzi and Sufen rushed to the clinic in a hurry. When they arrived, they were told that Chrysanthemum was pregnant. Shunzi slumped on the ground with soft legs. The news of unmarried pregnancy spread all over this small village in the city.

This kind of thing is inconvenient for a man to speak up. Sufen stayed and did not speak. It was rare for Chrysanthemum to tell her about herself. She knew it well. She wanted to ask for her father why Sufen’s ex-husband was shot for murder. . Sufen didn’t want to mention it again, but her escaped past had to be stripped away again. Sufen’s ex-husband treats her wholeheartedly and is very kind. But the boss of the company where the ex-husband worked had Sufen’s idea. The ex-husband liked this job very much and did not want to resign, and Sufen couldn’t explain it clearly, and it was difficult to get caught in the middle.

But there is no impermeable wall, the ex-husband still knows. He went to the boss for the theory but it became a tragedy. Sufen looked at Shunzi honestly and wanted to have a place to stay, but she was too sad to live a life like this. Shunzi really treats Sufen sincerely. He doesn’t care about the past. If Sufen insists on leaving, then he will get rid of all this and follow her. The tears that Sufen kept in her heart finally stayed, and her life was harder.

The chrysanthemum just got pregnant, and Mr. Maodan’er had a brood of little white boys. This Uncle Scar swears on the street at the time, that Xiaohei will treat him as much as Maodan himself. This is really a misunderstanding. Even Basao looks contemptuous in the eyes of Uncle Scar these days. The poker friends who came to play cards in Uncle Scar’s Mahjong Hall said that Uncle Scar was not. This could make Uncle Scar angry, but no matter what he explained, no one really believed him.

Sufen yelled Shunzi early in the morning, and the door of Chrysanthemum was locked, and no one inside had agreed. This frightened the couple. Shunzi took the key to open the door, but there was no one inside. Of course she knew which child Chrysanthemum was pregnant. Standing in front of a high-rise building, Chrysanthemum knocked on the door of the second generation house.

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