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The Stage 装台 Episode 14 Plot

Chrysanthemum threw the checklist from the hospital to the second generation and asked him what to do. Both of them had already obtained the certificate. Of course, the second generation wanted to take this opportunity to formally make a statement. Chrysanthemum knows the second-generation family, how can a person like herself be with others.

But looking at the sincere appearance of the second generation, Chrysanthemum still came to see the second generation’s father with a glimmer of hope. But the day was not fulfilled, the chrysanthemum was coaxed away by the second-generation father, and the family was not back, so he could only come to Wu Yingge.

The second generation came to Chayuanzi to sing operas and make fun in the midst of suffering, and was singing the opera master Zhang, holding the piano, and accompany him on stage. The second generation apologized that they shouldn’t be singing in the tea garden, but the older generation of artists believed in opera to be bigger than the sky. When Teacher Zhang opened his mouth, the audience applauded.

Such a solid singing voice has not been heard for a long time. Uncle Scar was depressed that he was being led by the neighbourhood to chew his tongue every day. He was looking for his second aunt to improve his luck, and he was looking for Chrysanthemum to make her clarify. There is really no way, Uncle Scar can only come to Auntie eight. He begged the eighth sister in a low voice, and at any rate, she would say a few words of righteousness to herself.

Han Mei led her boyfriend back home, and the familiar dad and sister were not there when she opened the door. There was only one strange Sufen in the family that didn’t belong to her. Unfamiliarity and fear made Han Mei feel flustered. He called Shunzi and learned that this was his new wife. Han Mei’s tears stayed, and she held her heart full of mixed feelings.

Hearing Chrysanthemum coming upstairs, Han Mei ran to see her excitedly and led Man Cun to introduce her. This honest person from the countryside is also sincere to Han Mei, but Chrysanthemum opened her mouth to mock Han Mei’s literacy, showing off to herself here, and viciously told Han Mei that the house name is Diao, that she and she are not a family. , The good atmosphere was embarrassed by Chrysanthemum.

Shunzi was tearing down the platform, and a loose pillar fell. Yang Bo pushed the Shunzi away, but his arm was broken. When I came to the clinic, I got a cast and bandaged. Shunzi was very grateful to Yang Bo. He drove Yang Bo home for three rounds, and told him to talk to himself when he had something to do, and yell at the window. When she was pointing at the window, Shunzi saw that the opposite chrysanthemum madly pushed the contents of the house downstairs. Shunzi ran home and heard her yelling that people from outside the house wanted to dove for three days. Occupy the magpie’s nest.

Han Mei kept crying in the room, and Chrysanthemum insisted on driving her out. With a loud voice, Chrysanthemum unobtrusively said to Shunzi that he would give birth and raise the child. Shunzi slapped him over. This made Chrysanthemum wronged and cried when she called her mother. Han Mei couldn’t stay any longer, she pushed her luggage and left with full deposits, Sufen wanted to stop them, but she was also an outsider in an embarrassing situation, so how did she do it?

Han Mei and Man Cunxun stayed in an inn. There is only one home in this city that is not home. Apart from Juhua and Shunzi, she has no close people. She lay in her arms full of storage, and she will only be him in the future. Shunzi and Sufen came to the room to persuade Han Mei to go home and live in this hotel. They paid for the room. Shunzi asked Man Cun to accompany Han Mei to pay homage to her parents. Sooner or later, he would also go to see them. But how could he deal with other girls like this?

There was no clue to a lot of things at home, and this teacher Dou was sick and hospitalized again, so he could only call Shunzi without children. Teacher Dou looked at Shunzi who took good care of himself, and he would leave when he was old, so he decided to give Shunzi the funeral first.

Chrysanthemum and Wu Yingge cried about their pregnancy and wanted to live in her house, but their pseudo-confidantes would not consider each other much. Wu Yingge told Mr. Tan about the pregnancy of Chrysanthemum, but he didn’t expect this person to find Chrysanthemum with something. Mr. Tan divorced his ex-wife because he had no fertility. He told Chrysanthemum that he could recognize the child even if he had one. Chrysanthemum lowered her head in surprise, and Han Mei entered the house with her luggage. President Tan got up and left to let the sisters talk. Han Mei confessed to Chrysanthemum.

Without a father or mother, she had only this house to live in, and she could only bow her head and wait for Chrysanthemum to forgive. Chrysanthemum also lost her breath, and her father brought back a strange woman and was at a loss for what to do when she was pregnant. She was really flustered, so he apologized to Han Mei, hoping that she would not take her heart.

Shunzi and Sufen saw a shop selling pig intestines when they were in desperation. Shunzi and Sufen went in and ordered a meal. The Diao family only had a woman named Chrysanthemum, and they were stunned in the village without a male. The village clinic doctor said that Chrysanthemum was carrying a baby boy. If she insisted on giving birth, she would simply be named Diao, and raising him as a son would block the village’s leisurely crowd.

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