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The Stage 装台 Episode 15 Plot

Shunzi asked Sufen for advice, and of course she listened to Shunzi. Shunzi said smoothly to bring Yang Bo a meal, after all, he saved his life. After returning home, Shunzi looked at Tan Zong, who had thanked him, and wanted to recognize the child. Chrysanthemum kicked the door to stop him, but Shunzi felt that Mr. Tan could consider what he said. It is true that Mr. Tan, if the child is born with Chrysanthemum and does not want to be with himself, then he will take the child back to Sichuan to raise it by himself, leaving all the money he has made in his lifetime to the child. In this way, things seem to have a solution.

Uncle Scar became friends with the diligent blind date of the eighth aunt. The lack of an opponent made him feel a lot more comfortable. Han Mei brought Man Cun to pay homage to his parents. The two people full of love are regarded as the most heartwarming couple in this family. Sufen stewed chicken soup and served Chrysanthemum to replenish her body. Chrysanthemum asked if she had any children. Sufen’s original husband must also be a scholar with advanced thinking. He does not advocate having children think that it will affect the world of the two. Chrysanthemum’s knife mouth ridiculed such a selfish person, no wonder they would commit murder.

Sufen didn’t want to be entangled with Chrysanthemum, and after listening to Shunzi’s words, she gave Yang Bo food. Yang Bo couldn’t bear to like Sufen anymore. He kissed Sufen’s face and confessed to her. Of course, Sufen hated him very much, but all this was bumped by the chrysanthemum that followed.

President Tan came to look for Chrysanthemum, and he suggested that as long as they walked around the village arm in arm, the matter of this status would be over. The second generation had trouble with his father, and the noodle shop was forced to close. Shunzi and others pointed to the second generation noodle restaurant to eat and work, which made them very uncomfortable. The cheered second generation broke the door lock and cooked for Shunzi and the others. Shunzi and others paid for the second generation as a kind of heart. The cooks who were fired by his father also came back and were willing to continue to work with this kind little boss. The second generation usually talked about the contacts really played a role at a critical time.

Chrysanthemum took Mr. Tan to the noodle shop. She wanted to return the insults she received from the rich. Looking at the arrogant chrysanthemum, the second generation only wiped the table silently. Shunzi, who doesn’t know why, can only tolerate her daughter’s childish behavior. Just forget what Chrysanthemum tells him, but Yang Bo on the opposite side will have a snack.

Uncle Scar brought breakfast to Basao. He kept caring for Basao and spoke sweet words. Chrysanthemum lifted the curtain and called Uncle Scar out politely. She was no longer suitable for raising a dog after she was pregnant, so she wanted to entrust Xiao Hei to Uncle Scar’s care. Uncle Scar’s anger didn’t disappear, and he stretched out and kicked Xiao Hei, but he had no choice but to agree to Chrysanthemum’s request.

There was nothing to do for a period of time, and Shunzi took a fat job for Shunzi and the others. It would take ten days to sing a big show and eat at the running water table. Seeing that the auditorium where he once performed is already in descent, it is also sad to recall the old iron button. But he also watched. The play sang as long as someone listened to them, regardless of whether he was in the auditorium or in the field. Zhang Dahu, who asked someone to set up a table, is also a filial son, thinking about making a final scene for the old man. A group of people were busy getting to work, but Dun Dun looked at a girl who was preparing for a banquet next to him and looked right.

Chrysanthemum wanted to use Mr. Tan to stimulate the second generation, but she didn’t realize that the second generation completely disconnected from her, and her heart became confused again. Han Mei was disturbed by the white dragon horse played by the chrysanthemum, making a phone call as if full of grievances. When chrysanthemum rushed over, it was a slap in the face, saying that this is Diao’s house again.

The people under the iron clasp lived in Zhang Fei Temple. Sufen and him lived in another room with the bedding. Yang Bo swayed away in front of them again. Shunzi watched Yang Bo take him back to the place where he was an installer. Yang Bo said frankly that he had done this for Sufen, and Shunzi was upset with such a person.

Han Mei was driven out of the house by Chrysanthemum, so Shunzi asked her to find herself and Sufen. A family of three sat for three rounds and ate the chestnuts brought by Manchuk. If there were no chrysanthemums, they would be really happy. Han Mei is about to graduate, and she promised that her first month’s salary will be used to buy gifts for Shunzi.

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