Wife is not tired of fraud: Lord Lou, I was wrong!

Wife is not tired of fraud: Lord Lou, I was wrong! (Novel)
Other Name: 妻不厌诈:娄爷,我错了!

Genre: novel, Modern Romance
Author: Lu Ci
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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“The Wife Is Not Tired of Fraud: Lord Lou, I’m Wrong! “The powerful business emperor Lou Tianqin got married, and his marriage partner was still an unknown paparazzi. On the wedding night, the man turned into a demon: “When you kidnapped me, did you think that there would be such a day?” Five years later, the little woman snuggled into the man’s arms: “Husband, this month, I’m almost doing something, can you help me do something crazy? News?” “Who do you want? Just say it.” One day, the business tycoon roared: Lou Tianqin, your wife not only fears me, but also slanders me as a scumbag on the Internet. I will sue her now. A certain man calmly: Stop suing, I took the photo. The business man was stunned: Why? Lou Ye: Helping his wife to make a difference

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When Lu Qinglong stepped into the office, he saw Jiang Xiaomi sitting on the sofa with his fingers around.

A hint of surprise flashed under the gold-rimmed glasses, because it was so short that even Wei Shaoyong didn’t notice the change in Lu Qinglong.

“Mr. Lu!” Wei Shaoyong patted the sofa to help his arm, and stood up.

Lu Qinglong naturally shook hands with Wei Shaoyong calmly.

Seeing Lu Qinglong carrying a briefcase in his hand, Acheng thought about it and felt that he was not suitable here. He said to Jiang Xiaomi, “Mother, I will go downstairs and wait for you.”

Jiang Xiaomi hummed: “Go ahead!”

A Cheng passed by Lu Qinglong, and Lu Qinglong looked at Jiang Xiaomi naturally: “Mr Jiang is here too!”

Last time, Lu Qinglong dragged her on the main road. Jiang Xiaomi always wanted to find a chance to thank her. However, one thing after another, he forgot everything in the end.

Jiang Xiaomi spit on her own ungratefulness in her heart, and smiled like a flower.

“Why are you here?”

Lu Qinglong said: “Talk about business!”

With an intriguing smile at the corner of Wei Shaoyong’s mouth, he pointed to the sofa: “Sit down!”

At this time, anyone who has a little bit of vision will find a reason to leave.

But our classmate Jiang Xiaomi… has a thicker skin. Instead of leaving, she sat down next to Wei Shaoyong. Wei Shaoyong squinted and moved aside without a trace.

He moved, and Jiang Xiaomi also moved.

Wei Shaoyong stared at her: “What happened to Mr. Jiang?”

Jiang Xiaomi held his hands, with a special expression of charity: “I’m fine.”

“The sofa is very spacious!” Wei Shaoyong lifted her chin and motioned her to go a little aside.

Jiang Xiaomi immediately patted the sofa under her body: “If you don’t tell me, I forgot, where did I buy this sofa? It feels very grand, I also want to make one for my office.”

Wei Shaoyong: “…”

“Don’t be stunned, you talk about yours.”

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