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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 6 Plot

Lin Wo dragged Gao Shan to monitor Wan Jiahe’s movements. Gao Shan felt that she was worried about her temporary change of mind, so he used this trick to monitor herself in disguise to prevent her plan from being destroyed by herself. He felt that Lin Wo had become very cunning, Lin Wo Explaining that Gao Shan usually hides so deeply that he can’t figure out what he is thinking, but maybe he just doesn’t want to express his inner goodwill.

She knows that Gao Shan is willing to help herself because Nawanjia and being a friend hope he can choose from his comfort zone. Even better, although the two of them do things differently, the purpose is the same. Gao Shan’s heart is still a very soft person, but on the surface he has to pretend to be a confidant. Although he does not know what he is hiding, he still has to Thank him well.

The next day, no one in the company could contact Wanjiahe. At this time, the news broke that Skyscraper’s acquisition of Lotte had failed. The final winner turned out to be Jinshi Capital. Lotte was cut off by Jinshi. People are very concerned about whether this case will affect Wanjiahe’s promotion, but everyone has received news that the quotation of Jinshi Capital is just one percentage point higher than that of Skyscraper.

It shows that there are people from inside and outside, and the company also sent people to investigate Wanjiahe. I found the video of his meeting with Mr. Zhao of Jinshi Capital. Jinshi threw an olive branch. Lotte was Wan Jiahe’s name. He was about to quit. Gao Gao realized that all this was a trap, but I don’t know who it was. Can react so quickly.

Gao Shan told Lin Wo that Wanjiahe was framed by someone, and that the time of the photos and videos appeared too coincidental, as if they were matched. It was suspected that Lin Wo betrayed Wanjiahe for money, because there was nothing related to the whole thing except her. People, but Lin Wo thinks that besides herself, there is another key person, Mr. Zhao of Jinshi Capital.

Su Yuan told Gaoshan that the company had suspended Wanjiahe’s position and started an investigation. Wanjiahe disappeared after being called to the eighteenth floor. Gaoshan asked Su Yuan to check and monitor Wanjiahe’s whereabouts. Lin Wo also filled with indignation. Solving problems for their clients, the two searched for Wan Jiahe’s whereabouts. It turned out that Wan Jiahe suffered a depression after learning that the company’s people were suspected of being an internal rape. He jumped downstairs and Gao Shan saw him jump down. In an instant, I thought of my father and collapsed.

Wan Jiahe’s rib punctured his organ and caused hemorrhage. The situation is critical. The doctor is trying his best to rescue him. Gao Gao called Susan and asked her to inform the logistics department to go to Shenzhen to pick up Mrs. Wan and her daughter from the hospital. Outsiders contact them.

Lin Wo and Gao Gao came to the Jinshi Group. The staff of Jinshi said that they had not searched for any headhunting company to hunt for Wanjiahe. It seems that Zhao Xiaomo, who is looking for Shangda Da, is a counterfeit, and now we must find someone who really leaked the reserve price.

Gao Shan came to Sun Li. He pointed out that Sun Li wanted him to facilitate Lotte’s case because he had long thought of using this to deal with Wan Jiahe. There was an executive from Lotte who studied with Sun Li in the UK, and he secretly Collaborating with Jinshi and offering the reserve price, both took a rebate and sold Sun Li’s face. As for the so-called Jinshi Zhao, Sun Li was also single-handedly controlled by Sun Li. Sun Li warned Gaoshan not to speculate if he wants to continue working in the sky. ,

Don’t be smart anymore. After all, he is the one who helped Wanjia and complete the quotation. If he hadn’t pointed out the loopholes, perhaps no one could afford Lotte’s project. Gao Shan felt that there were reasons for pushing Wanjia and jumping off the building.

Su Yuan told Gaoshan that someone took a picture of Wan Jiahe and put it on the Internet. Now things can’t be covered, and the Internet has exploded into a ball of porridge. Lin Wo is very sorry for himself. Now everyone in the industry knows that he digs. People have dug up their lives, and nothing can be under their control.

Mrs. Wan was heartbroken looking at her seriously injured husband, but she was quite sure that Wan Jiahe would not sell the company. What he cared about most was his reputation.

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