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You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 Episode 7 Plot

Fang Hua feels that Wan Jiahe cares most about reputation and cannot do anything harmful to her reputation. Gao Shan gave her Wan Jiahe’s salary, saying that it was Mr. Luo’s intention. He hoped that this matter could be resolved peacefully within the second group, Lin Wo I felt that Wan Jia and the suicide by jumping from a building were forced by Skyscraper, and he accused Gao Shan of doing something wrong. Gao Shan told everyone that Wan Jia and had depression, but Fang Hua didn’t believe it.

Gao Shan took out Wan Jia and the medicine he often took and asked her to check it. Let Fang Hua blame herself, Gao Shan persuaded her to accept the money and solve the problem peacefully, but Lin Wo persuaded her not to take the money. Fang Hua also felt that Wan Jiahe’s treatment required a large amount of money and needed to get a reasonable compensation for this matter. Restore reputation.

Gao Shan got up and was about to leave. Su Yuan caught up with him and asked Wu Dongna about her situation, knowing that she was not only Lin Wo’s roommate, but Gao Shan’s classmate, or Fang Hua’s school sister. Fang Hua was very moved to see that Lin Wo had done his best to help her make peace with Wan Jia. Wu Dongna told Lin Wo that from a rational point of view, Gaoshan was right, but from a perceptual point of view, Gaoshan was indeed cold-blooded. Lin Wo did not want to watch Wan Jiahe’s reputation be damaged.

As soon as Wu Dongna walked out of the hospital, Su Yuan drove over to pick her up. Wu Dongna saw that she could not get a taxi, so she took Su Yuan’s car home. Wu Dongna suggested that Su Yuan seek more compensation for Wan Jiahe and find someone who really revealed the reserve price. , Skyscraper made a quotation before and was later withdrawn urgently. A day later, a new quotation was offered. The difference between the two versions is very large. That is to say, someone is helping Wanjia and sorting out data and information. As long as you find this person, You can find someone who reveals the reserve price.

The next day, Gao Shan and Su Yuan went to work. They saw Lin Wo sitting at the gate of the skyscraper holding a sign to defend the rights and interests of employees. Sun Li called Gao Shan and asked him to drive Lin Wo away within half an hour. After leaving the company, Gao Shan asked security to drive Lin Wo out, and then Lin Wo was pulled into the car by someone sent by her father’s Zheng Wanying.

Zheng Wanying said that she would help Lin Wo solve Wanjiahe’s problem with the purpose of letting Lin Wo play outside. Enough was enough to go home, but Lin Wo refused Zheng Wanying’s help. On the other hand, during the investigation and monitoring, Su Yuan discovered that the person working overtime with Wan Jia was Gao Shan.

Lin Wo had dinner with Deng Li. Deng Li told Lin Wo that he had received an anonymous email before informing the addresses of Wanjia and Xinquan Gym. The address of this anonymous letter came from Zesen Apartment, which is the most high-end apartment in the city. This made Lin Wo suddenly remember that Gaoshan lived there, so they suspected that Gaoshan was the one who revealed the reserve price.

Lin Wo went to the skyscraper to look for Gaoshan, and happened to meet Su Yuan who was following Gaoshan. The two found that the investigation targets were the same, so they acted together. They followed the Gaoshan and found that he had returned to Zesen’s apartment and Sun Li was also living in There, it seems that the two of them should have known each other long ago.

Gao Shan came to Zesen’s apartment and discussed with Sun Li about Lin Wo and Wan Jia’s peace. Lin Wo and Su Yuan hid and saw this scene in front of them. Gao Shan convinced Sun Li to let him take Wan Jia’s matter to him. Lin Wo wanted to know when Gao Shan started working with Sun Li, and Wu Dongna should know something. She discussed with Su Yuan and asked him to go to the hospital to put Wu Dongna on, but she knew that Su Yuan didn’t know Wu Dongna. After Wu Dongna likes Gaoshan, Lin Wo analyzed that Gaoshan’s cooperation with Sun Li was planned before he returned to China.

Wu Dongna mentioned to Lin Wo that she had wanted to read the newsletter that Gao Shan had cut from a financial magazine, but was angrily said by Gao Shan. This also reminded Lin Wo that she was at Gao Shan’s home and was about to draw the curtain. , Was also stopped by Gao Shan. It seems that the answer lies in Gao Shan’s home. Lin Wo wanted to sneak into Gao Shan’s home with Su Yuan to find out the truth. Su Yuan took advantage of the opportunity of Gao Shan to find Sun Li and secretly opened Gao Shan’s computer.

Sun Li told Gaoshan that Asong, who pretended to be Jinshi Zhao, called him again and threatened him. Sun Li gave Gaoshan 200,000 yuan and asked Gaoshan to go to the dock to transfer the money to Asong. Gaoshan agreed. Sun Li personally sent Gao Shan back to the second group. I want people in the second group to know that Gao Shan is his. If Gao Shan wants to stay in the skyscraper, he must hold Sun Li’s thigh tightly. He was cynic and determined that he was a traitor, but Gao Shan ignored it.

Gaoshan, but the computer can’t open, but the data in the computer will be used in the afternoon. Fortunately, there is a backup in the notebook. Gaoshan intends to go home to get the data. Su Yuan suggested to go home with Gaoshan. At this time, Linwo received the information from Su Yuan The short breath followed Su Yuan and Gaoshan, and Wu Dongna also quietly followed Lin Wo. It was really a praying mantis catching a cicada or oriole.

Gao Gao took Su Yuan home. Su Yuan pretended to take off his shoes behind the door, leaving Lin Wo quietly. Lin Wo entered Gao Shan’s home smoothly.

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