A smooth life


‘I hope you live well.’

Kim Soon-jo, 26 years old.
The life of Soonjo, who grew up in an orphanage without even knowing his parents, was not smooth at all because his name was colorless.
Every day I struggle with living expenses and tuition for 365 days.
An empty pocket no matter how much money you make.

Meanwhile, Sunjo is introduced to a’Solsolhan’ tutoring position from a junior who has become close by chance.
Two hundred per month.
The price that can be obtained by teaching a problem child while wearing a woman’s clothing.
Whether it was an unfamiliar long-haired wig or a created fake breast, it was nothing in front of reality.

‘I can’t do anything with money. I do everything except selling my body.’

I met him for the first time in such a luxurious apartment.
Jerim Cheon, 22 years old.
An atmosphere that is much more mature than his age and a strangely natural and spiteful attitude.
Despite the worst impressions of her first encounter, Sunjo finds a pathetic peer from Jerim who’had’ swimming.

“How well did you study?”
“I worked very hard. you are?”
“I swam.”
“By the way, someone threw a bowling ball over my shoulder. The bones were fragmented, and all exercise was banned until they were attached. Honestly, even with rehabilitation, I couldn’t get back to the old pace… … .”

The moment he broke the wall of his mind a little because he felt sorrowful.
Cheon Je-rim squeezed through the cracks in the broken wall and began to destroy Kim Soon-jo’s life one by one.

“I want to live comfortably, hyung. I will do that.”

At some point, the clumsy woman’s suit was peeled off and the naked body was exposed.
Soonjo realizes that Jerim was not fooled from the beginning.
I got it wrong.
When I thought so, I was already trapped in the cage.

A smooth life
Associated Names: 순조로운 생활
name Omelette
Genres: boy love, romance
Year: 2017
Status: N/A

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