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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 33 Recap

Tang Ping made an appointment with Shen Zhuo and Bloomberg to introduce their identities. Tang Ping originally thought that the two rivals were competing for herself. But who knows the identity of the two is only to help Tang Ping check. Tang Ping realized that neither of them really liked him. One is the friendship between friends, and the other is the love between fans and idols. Tang Ping, who had learned the truth, took the bag and left in anger. Leave the two people facing each other.

Lu Fangning received a notice from the person in charge of the park that the company responsible for the park was unwilling to let Lu Fangning’s brand settle in, otherwise it would increase the rents of all businesses. On the other side, Shen Zhuo was threatened and forced by the punks in the park, and even scratched his hand.

Lu Fangning learned that the company in charge was the familiar Mingcheng, a partner of Luming Company, so he clarified the idea. Unwilling to mix with anger, Lu Fangning went straight to Luming Company and broke into Galfan’s office. He scolded his head and covered his face. But Gao Erfan refuted Lu Fangning’s mistakes. Lu Fangning accused Galfan of living in painful memories for not fulfilling his sister Lu Yue’s wish. Hearing Lu Fangning’s words and the pace of leaving, Galfan frowned and remained silent.

The next day, Ling Rui prepared another table of good dishes, but when Fang Ning was about to pick up his chopsticks, Ling Rui made three requirements: the two of them will not hide secrets from now on and be honest. Soon they went to collect the certificate together. Fang Ning easily agreed to the first two requirements, but when he waited for the last request, Ling Rui confessed to Fang Ning with a serious face, and said sincerely: “I love you”.

Fang Ning’s eyes were red. Fang Ning’s lips trembled when thinking that no matter how long Ling Rui had waited for him, he had always treated him with such eagerness and sincere love. Just as Ling Rui was about to give up hearing Fang Ning’s response, Fang Ning hugged Ling Rui and gave an equally sincere response. Yo-yo on the side narrowed his eyes with a smile when he saw Ling Rui and Fang Ning still in love.

Lu Yiyao found Cai Siyu’s house. Cai Siyu is tired of Lu Yiyao’s endless repetition. But who knows this time Lu Yiyao came to take the initiative to take advantage of him. Cai Siyu became interested as soon as he heard it, and quickly analyzed the plot for Lu Yiyao. Lu Yiyao watched Cai Siyu entangled in the direction of the novel, prepared to take advantage of the trend, and took Cai Siyu in his arms. When the two were about to face each other, a express delivery disrupted Lu Yiyao’s rhythm, and Cai Siyu realized that he had almost fallen into Lu Yiyao’s “temptation” again. Can only rush Lu Yiyao out in a hurry.

Tang Ping came to the set. It was originally an emotional drama that was about to start filming, but Tang Ping suffered from the sadness of being “lost in love” and couldn’t show it for a while. Bloomberg, who was anxious on the side, thought of a way and could only find Shen Zhuo, and the two of them came together to perform a scene of pursuit and let Tang Ping feel the feeling of love again.

Seeing Shen Zhuo and Bloomberg chasing for herself together, Tang Ping regained her mood at once, and shot them one by one. When the filming was over, Tang Ping found Shen Zhuo. Under Tang Ping’s question, Shen Zhuo began to talk about Bloomberg’s good intentions to help Tang Ping. Listening to Shen Zhuo’s words, Tang Ping thoughtfully, watching Bloomberg’s back holding flowers, was chased up, and announced to Bloomberg that he was willing to accept Bloomberg’s news. The two were so confused. Become a couple. Seeing Tang Ping’s happy expression, Bloomberg struggled.

Ling Rui found Lu Yiyao and Bloomberg to plan a birthday surprise for Lu Fangning. Ling Rui was about to propose on his birthday to wash away Lu Fangning’s bad memories of his birthday. Ling Rui, who was still entangled, became even more confused when he heard Bloomberg and Lu Yiyao’s proposal of “Fiction Bridge Section”, but Bloomberg and Lu Yiyao quarreled endlessly, Ling Rui looked at the two The appearance of people vying for each other and completely forgetting what is going on makes me feel helpless.

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